This is adorable, but at the same time powerful. Social experiment in which kids are told to slap a girl.
This guy...
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Cameraman must of been in tears

Telling people to “Go kill themselves” in a game is NEVER ok!

I’m very distressed right now and I feel the need to talk and get this out there. Telling people to go “Kill themselves” is NEVER ok.

In this day of age, when so many people have mental health problems, and day to day issues, they find a escape and a solution in Overwatch. Some people it gives them a release from it all, they can go home, forget about everything and just chill by having fun with the game. Some kids who are still learning the world around them love playing Overwatch with the families, with their friends etc.

So today, on a game I played, I had a guy who was the only guy voicing his opinion in team chat. Telling us how he was carrying us, trying to direct us etc. Now, we didn’t do badly, in fact we were pretty close to winning, but the second we lost the game he told everyone “Go kill yourselves, all of you, go kill yourselves”.

This is shocking. This guy, seemed pretty mature in his voice literally said the next best thing to wishing someone had cancer in my opinion. I messaged him, and told him by no means necessary should he EVER say that. He messaged back saying he “understood” but “if people take it to heart than that’s their problem”, and “people shouldn’t throw the game then”. As far as I’m concerned, if someone throws the game, then I’ll report and move on. Never would I wish someone dead, let alone tell them to suicide.

Now I know, maybe I’m blowing it all out of proportion, but it’s a issue which should be addressed by devs and taken care of somehow. I did send a “report”, but is that really enough?

TIL... that Jerry Lewis is still alive!
The Quokka, the aww from Australia
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Forgive me for saying, but for a species such as this, to be living on only TWO islands in the world and are also endangered, for you to go to one of those TWO islands for a work meeting, then complain about its locals is kinda obnoxious. I think going to a island where you'll be in the company of endangered species, you should adjust and accept

Floyd celebrated the fight, the only way he k ows how
I think you got the wrong sport...
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Will get murdered for this, but even in the NBA, Lebron James dives : http://youtu.be/4fSlLdXNzPw

Maria Doroshina
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Her body isnt actually that great. Big fake titties do not make her fit, with a good body

This girl...

Most hardbodied girls are NSFW. I mean, show me a modest workplace that allows you to be looking at women on the Internet

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Don't know why you're being down voted. Id like to see you go and touch any one of these down voters food, be it with a fork or your bare hands. I promise they will hate you for it

Emma Watson and Megan Fox merged together.....hot!
This girl
Girl on facebook just sent me this
Douglas Costa : "I have woken up at 5 am since I was 12 years old. You do not know what he told me ... but nevermind ... I apologize to all those to whom I have to ask, because I was wrong",
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Might as well be a real man and punch the guy if you’re that upset. Spitting in or at someone is just disgusting and revolting

Intense stare
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Nah man you’re right, she looks 12 years old!

The Order 1886: Then vs Now
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I agree, the quality of the bottom. Image is so low that it could of been made 15 years ago. There's no detail in it, no hard lines, and the shading is totally off. Ive seen some up to date gameplay vids, some people who have got their hands on it early and its nothing like the bottom pic at all. OP is probably a Xbox fan

Grandma gets a birthday surprise

As a lot of you are saying, yes this is sweet but it really isn’t sensible to give a dog to a elderly person as she is. Sure she’ll love it and be great around it, but in all reality, it looks as though she won’t be able to provide for it the way a puppy should be

Peregrine Falcon Breaks the Neck of a Mallard

You should open your eyes then because I see the head clearly

Just out for a stroll on my elephant......
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Me too, hear them laughing after they kill it just in time. Fuck those pricks

I’m finding all the obsession over Panam very strange and unsettling. Discussion

People are literally talking about how hot she is and how they want to fuck her in game etc. She’s,....a character in a video game !

Looking for Lost Wallet and credit card, possibly in Cherry Creek area

Friend lost her wallet last night, was at Milwaukee Tavern in cherry creek last. Black wallet with credit card and ID in with about $400 cash Allison B is the name on the ID (will say full name if wallet is found)

Thought I’d show you my collection also [Image] [Image]
Tom Green was ahead of his time in the 90s. Here is a clip from a segment called "Undercutters", where he would stealthily follow pizza delivery drivers with his own pizza, and attempt to undercut the price to their customer when they arrived.
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Difference is, we aren’t talk high end restaurant here, we are talking subway, where the employer has just been out for a cigarette, forgot to wash his hands, scratched his butt and picked his nose, all before serving you.

How anyone above 24 should look, according to this sub Humor/Meme
Kurt Cobain death investigation reopened, report says