Jason Schreier's Article About Sony's "Obsession" Doesn't Make Sense
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Jason has the ego the size of the skyscraper. Someone asked him a question regarding his nonsensical article earlier on Twitter. Instead of having a adult discussion regard that question, he simply told them they were idiots and blocked them. He then did the same to me after I called him out on it. You either agree with him and bow down to his every word, or you get blocked. He’s ridiculous

Soulstorm Discussion Megathread

I did that though and it didn’t chalk off the achievement

Can someone please explain “tap L2 to stun the slig”?! When I tap L2 Abe just stops and starts his chant. What am I missing Gameplay
Soulstorm Discussion Megathread

I don’t understand the “tap L2 to stun the slig”, when I tap L2 he just does his chant thing. Can’t someone please explain what I’m doing wrong?

Jason Schreier: NEW: In 2018, a small team of PlayStation developers tried to build their own studio to remake The Last of Us. Today, the game still exists but the studio doesn't. As we enter the PS5 era, Sony is avoiding risk and prioritizing its biggest teams. My story:
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I’m not sure what Jason’s point in this is. Does he expect every pitch to be green lit by Sony? Does he expect employers to stay in jobs forever and not have disagreements?

Hello from Crytek! We're giving away 10 Crysis Remastered Keys
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NA key please. Thank you 🙏

Feeling Playful
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Nah, for every hot girl there’s always a guy who tired of fucking her

After spending 44 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, this man says his life is worth more than $750,000
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Might get you a small house here in denver

Good guy Jackman.

That’s doctor is fucking stupid then

By the time I’ve had my dinner, flicking through Netflix trying to find something good has become my viewing entertainment


Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year
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Could also be a fuck you to Konami, as in they “Abandoned” him......... but probably not

I put the terrorist's corpse in the shelter, after which he became BT and I let him grab me.

I didn’t know there was a FP mode

Bill Gates once said his “biggest fear is that one day his brain will stop working”, what’s your biggest fear?

Alzheimer’s and dementia are what I suspect is meant by that

Bill Gates once said his “biggest fear is that one day his brain will stop working”, what’s your biggest fear?
This monitor lizard
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I can’t stop laughing

Did you guys hold your world tiers back any? Question

I’m on Tier 7 and just had to knock it back down to 5 to complete a bounty (Hannibal), I feel like I cheated, but it was just too damn hard for me

Rena Mero (fka Sable) - WWF (1999)

I’ve got this issue , still in its prime condition too

They see me rollin...
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Reminds me of cyberpunk 2077

The Possibly Wildest Trailer Intro of The Year So Far
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Well, we don’t know yet for sure. We still have a whole month before Mays ps plus mine up gets announced

Am I still fuckable for 37...mom of 3?
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In your prime!



Entire flight applauds as anti-masker couple gets thrown off plane

Lot of fuss over nothing. They realized they fucked up and obviously put their masks on. Move on, get the plane in the air

People who were born around March 2020, as well as people who came out of a coma and can’t remember anything before, Lockdown and Covid is their “normal”



If this is Jeff, I’d hate to know what his sisters name is

Anti-masker gets his ass beat at Walmart

I actually love this