Anon needs a new job

You call it furry porn, I call it modern art

Anon is a mastermind prankster
by u/whatsup37 in r/greentext 11 hours ago

This is probably the most low-effort prank possible

Anon is a lovable person
by u/whatsup37 in r/greentext 11 hours ago

Bet that matchmaker is single

Anon's daughter is 8 years old today
by u/whatsup37 in r/greentext 11 hours ago

Bad bot

Anon has a boner
by u/whatsup37 in r/greentext 12 hours ago

Well, if his goal was to protect his virginity, he was successful

What is the worst cosmetic?
by u/whatsup37 Medic in r/tf2 14 hours ago

I forgot what it’s called but that hat for pyro that’s just a big pipe attached to the head

Anon had a cat
by u/whatsup37 in r/greentext 14 hours ago

Dogs are better anyway

Anon finds meaning of life
by u/whatsup37 in r/greentext 15 hours ago

You’ll be a flexible landwhale

by u/whatsup37 Medic in r/tf2 16 hours ago

The key to performing well is to try your hardest to stay alive

Never run ahead of your team. Especially don’t run into open areas, cuz when an enemy sniper sees you you’re their prime target

Have your back against a wall whenever possible as spies also love to go for you.

At the same time, if the enemy is pushing your team back, don’t be afraid to let one or two teammates die if it means you escape alive, you staying alive is more inportant than any other class on your team

To go further with that concept, you should always heal and overheal any other medics on your team. That buff allows you to survive a lot more damage.

Gang war
by u/whatsup37 in r/dogelore 16 hours ago

Comic sans, obviously

Le what the fuck has arrived

Le “shouldn’t share” thread #1947748274824783 has arrived


Le “I just slipped on it I swear” has arrived

Le bored artist has arrived


What are some words that are often seen in writing but almost never spoken?


Anon's troll cost a trip


Every serial killer is on a kill streak

It would just be undefined since you can’t divide by zero

Anon has a foot fetish

Hey, don’t kink shame

Anon becomes immortal



Time to cancel Dante

Anon's troll cost a trip

Anon’s teacher violated the Geneva Convention

Anon has a good time

Is this what people call “having fun”?

Child lives matter

This is a 4chan sub, sadly they’ll be racist at every chance they get

Anon explores his sexuality

Anon has a retractable cock

[Serious] Without mentioning guns, what societal or cultural changes would help America suffer from less mass shootings?

Now more criminals will manufacture them, and the black market will explode, just like how the black market for alcohol did when the US tried to outlaw that

Le normal childhood has not arrived

Of course thats a real sub...