Or shall we call her, Madam Seditionesse?

Awe I live there

68-year-od Man was Shot and Decapitated with Machete by his Nephew in Romania

Scoots chair a lil bit farther

Adventures with Purpose


Another Suicide.

Saw the view from a bystander in a different video



Ship sinking in the ocean.

Same question

walking on ice

Wheres this

Sexy pics from new merch line

Frr fire merch doe

Here's a photo of my Dad, Mom and Aunt. Mom is the one in black. Dad doesn't live with us anymore

Is this real or

Been a while since I've played Pathfinder and got this hilarious clip
How to make friends

My question exactly

Blursed_weapon design

Sure but my dik dont work how it used to

Got my first Bass back at Christmas and I'm loving it!!

I have almost that exact same base right now

Blursed_weapon design

I'm sorry if my previous remark sounded dick-ish

Blursed_weapon design


Blursed_weapon design

Its not that funny

The most recent acquisition due to GAS: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V.

Good bot




Yea what if I want to eat his ass

When you are sad and crying. Would you enjoy a cute cat cuddling and purring on your lap to cheer you up? Why or why not?

NO MAST- sir

The Perfect Sunrise - Crested Butte, Colorado. [OC] [1280x1600]

Huh I live right by there

being truly bri'ish
After my husband and I trying for over ten years, four miscarriages and many broken hearted tears I finally had my dream come true. Almost lost her due to a rare liver disease caused by pregnancy. Was induced at 35 wks and after 19 days in the NICU my baby is finally home. My heart is so full.


Is there a flair for “everything”?

Super old though good luck finding it it was like late 90s early in 2k

Finally, I have all the characters.

How'd u know hahaha