All the homies rep G59
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Hell ya thats my tag to G*59

This song is so underrated SOCIAL MEDIA
Shit like this is all over insta rn its horrible Removed - Politics
How do I get aristos to notice me?

He dont fuck wit life forms of the planet bitch you outta luck

I got the best mom no cap she gave this to me as a gift today Image
Not many people seem to know this but at the 6 min mark after the silence in kys pt 2 ruby recites the poem that is at the bottom of the clouds as witnesses vid OTHER
My heart’s a-seizin

God i hope so

Does this mean that Ruby shot up meth?

Ya man he said he used to smoke crack I wouldn't be surprised if he shot meth

The spot for today Image
Anyone know why KYS II is 7 and a half minutes long on Spotify?

Ruby says the poem that is written at the bottom of the clouds as witnesses vid

Slip on the banana clip

Monkey muthafuckas give'em all banana clips

Please help i have no idea what to do. Haunting

People of reddit im currently in my bed cowering under my blankets like a pussy I belive there is somthing in my house and here's why. 2 weeks ago i heard a whistling down the hall wall in my house when no one was home it clearly sounded human later that day I heard it again but what confermed it was real is my dog noticed it . About two days later it was pitch black on my room I turned on my flashlight to grab a power aide by my bed when I got up I first faced the wall that is in front of my bed I saw a clear human shadow. After that it started consistently pulling on my blanket and I know its no my dig because I have wood floors and I can hear him move. Then tonight I go to bed and it starts pulling on my blanket then I start hearing wierd noises that could've been my house settling but im not sure as it sounded very different then usual then my lamp turns on its an led lamp that changes colors I usually have it on an electric blue color and when I turn it on it has a button with a spring with a loud click to turn it on but it suddenly turned on and it was red and also there was no click and here i am now cowering under my blanket like a puss. What do I do? please help .

This sub has turned to shit

"Is ThIs mUhA mEd cLeAn?!?"

Am I slow or is this typo unnoticed 🧐 Trais Barker a decent name too
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Imagine its not actually travis barker on the tracks its just a guy with a very similar name

Man reviews dank vape cart and starts tweaking 😂😂
Fuck off

For trailer park boys it should either be no or till the day I die

Rule 2, The second visit.

Nothin like king of the hill and a joint

And to those i love


Cross post because my lazy ass couldn't bother to write it out again META
Not many people seem to know this but at the 6 min mark after the silence in kys pt 2 ruby recites the poem that is at the bottom of the clouds as witnesses vid OTHER
Found her

Where in the world is Carmin Sandiego

Taken from a parenting group I’m in.

Ya but thats only if they aren't taught portion control i remember when I was little my grand mother taught me table manners and she would always say clear your plate and then wait ten minutes and if you still feel hungry eat a little more of the salad or rice and my dad always said eat till your satisfied not full he used to be 500+ pounds 6'9 and he's now down to somthin like 220 so I always trusted him

Newest pick up I’ll let you guys enjoy since r/oilpen are a bunch of A Holes 😂😂

I've never seen that brand before those domains seem fire

More artists like Ghostemane

I agree

Scoot gang crash

I think you might have the wrong sub my fren this bout the $uicideboy$

Maulvi from the Indian mosque falls asleep while keeping the mic ON of the loud speaker. The whole locale heard his snores.

Thank you kind sir