What suicideboys song would be heat if the whole track was just one of the boys?

Ruby in nm jc

Wage Slave

You dont no one should know how much you make or how you make it because then people might steal

Wage Slave

Honestly bro I agree with ya message do whatever makes u happy thats a reason I plug it makes me happy because I make cash but fr tho don't be speekin on me calling me a junkie man I been sober off of opiods and amphetamines for about 2 years now and I went through to fucking much to be labeled a junkie still all I do is smoke weed and take tabs from time to time thats it

Wage Slave

Bruh if ya don't wanna do a 9-5 jus hustle like the rest of us who don't wanna work 9-5s do

Wage Slave

Also if you get into a conflict 90 percent of the time its a buyer not someone your buying from because most people that sell large quantities just want the money and the shit gone

Wage Slave

It Can be dangerous but don't step on any toes and ur fine dont start beef you might have to fight and you might get shot at but for me and it sounds like u to its eathier be a bum or a wage slave or a dope boy I chose dope boy its all up to you

Wage Slave

Always be in stock with what u sell because when u run out people go to other plugs

Wage Slave

Weed and psychedelics and anything else that has demand its all about supply and demand u get somthing that alot of people do they will by like personally when I was in highschool I sold puff bars and weed because everybody vapes and smokes but not everybody has a reliable plug like I said supply and demand

Rule 2, The second visit.

Nothin like king of the hill and a joint

Slip on the banana clip

Monkey muthafuckas give'em all banana clips

Rule 2, The second visit.

Fr that and archer

Brain Blast! 🚀🚀🚀

No way I gotta bunch of that too with the gold flakes but green

2003 F150 with transmission issues.

Tranny problems are common for that gen

Correct me if you think I’m wrong but I really think that Ruby has the best flow I’ve ever heard and maybe even best flow of all time he just murders any beat he is on like seriously.

I need a pick me up so come and pick me up so I can pick me up a bout 60 bucks wortha sticky nugs then im up up and away bitch im grey take me to my fuckin grave. Such a smooth flow and that word play great I dont think ruby will ever stop leveling up

Pouya or Germ?

Neither black smurf got the best features but if had to pick one germ

What do I do

Ik I just saw thanks for letting me know tho

What do I do

I did last week no response

What do I do META

I ordered rameriez greygods merch and a hoodie off $uicideboy$ last merch drop and I still haven't got any information on shipping what do I do I payed almost 200$ and I would hate to not get my stuff

Not a cart but damnnnn😭😭😭😭

For 200 a half thats what I would expect could probably make edibles outta that

Anyone got advice?

Ok well how can I get more ground clearance without lifting it other than bigger tires that won't fit unless i lift the damn thing, the truck is so low to the ground stock and I live in a rural area where the only source of entertainment is hiking and fishing and stuff like that and I want to better equip my truck to take me places where I can hike and fish because more often then not i end up going off road into the mountains to find a nice place.

This sub has turned to shit

"Is ThIs mUhA mEd cLeAn?!?"


Why she look like ouija mac doe

Anyone got advice?

I got a 2001 f150 7700 2wd and im lookin for a nice 3 or four inch suspension lift for the front and back and im having issues finding kits does anyone have any suggestions or specific kits I should use ?

Saying ironically that you do drugs is a great way to hide your actual drug use

I actually did this throughout highschool and my teachers never found out I did pills or anything thank God I dont do that shit anymore tho

If ya know, ya know