Man shoots and kills person who kidnapped and molested his som

You get what you fucking deserve

Shit like this is all over insta rn its horrible Removed - Politics
Rip to his lungs ☠️
Ive been thinking for ages now


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Nah the songs are good its the fuckboys on tick tok that I dont like because not many people know $uicideboy$ and when I say I like $uicideboy$ I dont want to be associated with fuckboys and shit knomesayin

RIP to my mother. She passed at 4:20 p.m. this last week. Smoking a bowl for my ma tonight πŸ˜“πŸ’¨
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Cross post because my lazy ass couldn't bother to write it out again META
Not many people seem to know this but at the 6 min mark after the silence in kys pt 2 ruby recites the poem that is at the bottom of the clouds as witnesses vid OTHER
Rule 2, The second visit.

Fr that and archer

In honor to my girlfriend who sadly has passed away...


ruby instagram
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I asked the same thing on my profile the answer is somewhere in the comments

Went to smoke by the water, dropped my full grinder
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Another one, drop yo opinions, some constructive criticism, should I post them on Instagram?

That's cool as fuck

What basses from this decade will be icons later down the line?
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Fleabass maybe

i just took a prozac and im planning on tripping today. will i be alright??
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I take prozac and trip all the time and it dosent effect it

How do I clean my pipe without alcohol ?


Bring back this bad boy - Barrett .50cal sniper rifle. This thing rips.


Maulvi from the Indian mosque falls asleep while keeping the mic ON of the loud speaker. The whole locale heard his snores.

Thank you kind sir

Wage Slave

Honestly bro I agree with ya message do whatever makes u happy thats a reason I plug it makes me happy because I make cash but fr tho don't be speekin on me calling me a junkie man I been sober off of opiods and amphetamines for about 2 years now and I went through to fucking much to be labeled a junkie still all I do is smoke weed and take tabs from time to time thats it

Anyone got advice?

I got a 2001 f150 7700 2wd and im lookin for a nice 3 or four inch suspension lift for the front and back and im having issues finding kits does anyone have any suggestions or specific kits I should use ?

What would happen if you smoked a tab Question ❔

I've always wondered if u can just smoke a tab does anyone know like I'm not sayin I want to I just wanna know if it even does anything

My Ghostemane fanart xx pls no hate I’m shy (took me (8F) five hours to draw) πŸ•·πŸ•ΈπŸŒ‘

Nobody else gonna look at this "8F" comment history?

My 15 y/o brother made this.. why.

I'm sorry

or nah
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I just want $$$2

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Is Ruby still doing his solo album?

I hope so