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I did a search before posting and couldn’t find anything?

Treat your mask like underwear

Kinda awkward if you don’t....

Friends dad. Wealthy guy. Really didnt think he was this type of guy. I cant believe people like this are out there.

Wealthy people are usually wealthy for a reason. Very hard to get to be incredibly rich and not have to cross any lines getting there

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Treat your mask like underwear
Listing Customised Digital Products Help

Hi everyone, can you please help me in how to list digital products that I will need to customise for a customer after they purchase it? Do I just have to list it as a physical product because I can’t upload a digital file to be downloaded if I list it as a digital product (if that makes sense)? If I do list as a physical product, how do I make absolutely clear that it is in fact only a digital file? Thanks

Please ID this little guy - eastern water dragon or bearded dragon?
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Other civilisations of intelligent beings that may exist in the universe each have their own different histories and noteworthy beings which dictated the advancement of their civilisation
(Spoilers) The scene with the little kids in the courtroom broke me

That’s exactly why it hit me so hard, very heartbreaking indeed

Even though you are the leading actor/actress in your own story and it revolves around you, you are only cast in supporting role or an extra in every other person’s story - From those who you know intimately to those you just walk past in the supermarket.
Wholesale clay maker who makes these types of small clay embellishment (1-2 inches) with flat backs.
What to say to kids instead of “Be Careful!”
(Spoilers) The scene with the little kids in the courtroom broke me

It’s not about making anyone happy....just basic humanity. Those children have been ripped away from their families and have no idea what is going on - can you imagine all the emotions they must have (and happy is far from being one of them). It is beyond cruel to just send them back - who exactly are they sending them back to? Who’s going to look after them if they’re not with their parents...parents who are still probably stuck in a detention facility themselves.

And as for their parents, I can guarantee none of them are thinking “oh, I’ll just cross the border, dump my kids there..I’m sure someone else will take great care of them...I never wanted to be a part of their life anyway. I’ll then catch a government sponsored flight back here to resume my life knowing my children are probably safe and happy”

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Opinions on Ambrose please Baby Names

Hi all, my third baby is due in June and we have ‘A’ names for our other two little ones and would like to stick to the As. We chose names that will be unique, but yet easy to pronounce (or as my sister likes to say pretentious). We have an Alessandra Lyla and Avery William. The baby is a boy and I’m set on the name Ambrose with either Quinn or Julian as a middle name. Is it too old fashioned? Too feminine? Too...? Help please

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When you portion out yoghurt to eat at home (from a multi-serve container) do you put it in a bowl or a cup to eat from?
(Spoilers) The scene with the little kids in the courtroom broke me

The brother and sister holding hands and having no concept of what was going on had me in tears. In reality, how can they even deport children? Who looks after them when they reach their destination?? And then that scene leading into Karla’s final phone call to her boys - I was a blubbering mess 😭 and had to wake up my babies to hold them for a while before I could go to bed

You have no idea how many times you’ve actually come very close to dying in your life but have avoided it by making a different decision.
The digital seamless file or original artist. I found it on Etsy and was sure I had it saved, but can’t find it now and have tried every possible search combination.

Thank you :) I’ll give that a try, but in my experience, people aren’t very happy to share their suppliers/sources in business