Oopsie daisies
fascist sing-along
What if we replaced elected politicians with randomly selected citizens?

Have you met the GOP? Lauren Boebert, for example? Those brown cow people are already pretty much represented.

Wendy's went all in on breakfast. It's paying off

This article read like an advertisement for Wendy's. P-r-e-t-t-y sure that's what it was.

Dr. Oz springs into physician mode to help save man who collapsed at airport

"who has an enema kit in their carry on?"

You'd be surprised.

Watch FBI director debunk conspiracy theories pushed by Trump supporters

I wish the media would stop calling them conspiracy theories. They're fucking lies.

Multiple vehicle crash in Imperial County, California, leaves at least 12 dead

The Chief doctor at the receiving hospital said he believes they were undocumented immigrants.


FBI Director Wray knocks down conspiracy theory that January 6 rioters were 'fake Trump protesters'

I don't think that was a conspiracy theory. It was an outright lie.

American Oversight Obtains Seven Phony Certificates of Pro-Trump Electors

I'll bet they were tear-stained.

What are you watching and what do you recommend? (Week of February 26, 2021)

It only lasted 3 seasons total, unfortunately, but the ending was near perfect for what little time they had.

What are you watching and what do you recommend? (Week of February 26, 2021)

I just finished a show called "Travelers" on Netflix. I haven't seen this one mentioned here before - I'm probably behind the times because it's a few years old, but I found it FANTASTIC. Anyone else seen it?

I don't even normally watch time travel sci-fi because I find it annoyingly paradoxical and full of plot holes, as well as usually badly acted and full of awful CGI, but this one popped up on my Netflix recommendations while I was particularly bored, so...

Anyway, it's the characters that make this show. It's sort of understated and has a sweetness and gentle humor that I loved. It is so well done. Highly recommended!

Melania Trump is out of the White House, but she left her mark on its public spaces

That should come out with a good stain remover/odor eliminator.

Prince Philip transferred to second hospital for heart condition tests
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has mic muted at CPAC for spouting vaccine and election conspiracies

they were almost certainly doing it for his protection to keep him from making his already bad lawsuit even worse

I think you mean to keep themselves from being included in the lawsuit.

It's been a fruitful couple of years for ol' Ted.
Right wing Social media platform Gab hacked

Say, isn't that where trump ended up after Twitter booted him?

I would just like to state for the record that I hope they don't end up posting his nude Ivanka photos.

*LOL is this real?


It's crass and juvenile and I laughed.

Professor in Michigan fired after racist, homophobic tweets

He says some shitty stuff; it's no wonder media don't reprint them. Do an image search of "thomas brennan tweets" and see for yourself.


When I die, I'm probably going to be consumed by insects and bacteria. Circle of Life and all. It would be an honor to be able to feed a starving dog, for me.

Although that dog doesn't exactly look like it's starving. I guess they're feeding on dead soldier remains, per Wikipedia... must be like a buffet where they are. W says it's a town that is now part of Wuhan, China.

Oathkeeper charged in capitol riots renounces group, disbands her militia.

So I went ahead and read the Wikipedia page. That's very informative, lots of parallels there. Thanks for the tip.

Search underway for suspect in shooting of 2 deputies near Florida-Georgia border
Oathkeeper charged in capitol riots renounces group, disbands her militia.

That sounds very "Leopards Ate My Face" doesn't it? She votes and commits crimes for the man who decided her prison term was going to be torturous.

Oathkeeper charged in capitol riots renounces group, disbands her militia.

I wonder if this will limit her ability to join a gang in prison, being an oath breaker and all.

SC GOP lawmaker proposes burying Trump at Statehouse if blocked from Arlington cemetery

What the heck, did I miss a Megathread?

American Airlines pilot reports seeing 'long, cylindrical object' fly over plane

Have we considered this could be part of a gender reveal party gone awry?

Pardon Control: Manhattan DA Issues Subpoenas Aimed at Steve Bannon’s Role in ‘We Build the Wall’ Scheme

Yikes. Bannon looks like a wad of moist navel lint.