Are there introvert empaths entrepreneurs out there? How have you started?
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Have to agree n this point however , point to note introverts do not understand the “feeling” an extrovert person like this gets from being around and excited by people. It’s hard to relate as they tend to take it on and retreat as it drains them , where these types get charged up and amped up by it.

Also , a good point to work on is reacting with that statement will show you are threatened by those humble , and realize while they may be the opposite as you by nature they are your equal in customers at some point.

Are there introvert empaths entrepreneurs out there? How have you started?
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You mean like an INFJ that has a learned extroverted personality and managed to navigate feeling emotions from People while wanting to retreat from taking those on as well.

Yes, hello how are you !

Is managing growth too idealistic or should I launch an MVP and grow where the people show the most interest?
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You are overthinking a problem that does not exist yet , wait for the problem to exist before trying to solve it.

However , that being said simple solve is encourage signups anywhere but only “launch” in areas you can service today.

I.e. Limited release , coming soon to your area , “we are almost there” this is how you drive your revenue and targets with real potentials.

Where else do small business owners hang out besides Reddit?
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Let me get this right , you are creating a product tailored toward individuals and a business you have no direct networking or personal contacts in?

How do you even know the product you are creating solves a problem they have, what led you to actually try to solve whatever this problem is.

I would suggest stop trying to reach out to people online and actually make some phone calls and network directly. You seem to have a highly targeted persona you have arrived at , what is stopping you from pulling business contacts and making phone calls.

Sounds like you need to do some serious MVP work pronto before you burn cycles on a product that may not even be viable.

Can I post this in the 900K Member Entrepreneurship group?
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I will tell you the same thing all the shills and scammers that come here and preach this toxicity.

Produce a redacted K1 proving what you say, or get banned permanently. If you cannot do that, feel free to send me your info it's easy enough for me to validate.

24hr clock starts now

Testosterone Levels comparable?

This is also easily attributed to carbohydrate intake , food Intake in general is attributed to brain fog.

Quick way to test this is go fasted for 12-16 hrs for a few days before eating and pay attention to your clarity.

While Low T does have an effect on this I would go as far to say diet in general plays just as much of a role in that.

Hey Dad, I miss you. I hope you’re proud of me

Hey Son,

You know when I look at what you have become, you aren't following in my footsteps your shoes are twice as big as mine and you are leading a new part of our family now.

I never thought you would do the restaurant thing, but just the thought alone is so amazing and really makes me happy. Going into the Army, won't lie and say I am not going to worry about you, may have come across as a tough guy sometimes but deep down really just want you to be safe.

Son, I can't tell you how proud I am of you in person, I can't pat you on the back and give you that hug to remind you how amazing you are but the one thing you will never have to face is truly losing me.

I am always here, smiling, sometimes smirking at you won't lie but just remember I am always here just close your eyes...or when you are sitting alone in your car, or in your room just have a conversation with me....I have never stopped listening.

I am not just proud of you, you are doing what I have always wanted and becoming a better man than I ever could be.

Love Dad

Karen threatens to sue neighbor for posting videos her kid engaging in hate crime
Watch my soulmate fall in love with another girl

You are very welcome, glad it reached you too guess maybe my kids do tell the truth when they say to never change ;)

Love you man, thank you for saying that

-Reddit Dad

Watch my soulmate fall in love with another girl

You won't look back and see them as being stupid, you will look back and be reminded of how strong you are and that you made it through all that crap.

You feel like you missed something in life.....funny thing is you now have the power to give something to one of your children you never had when that happens

You really are doing amazing man, and if you ever need to talk or chat just reach out seriously, sometimes we just need to be reminded of who we are don't forget about dear old dad cause you are are "grown-up" now!

Love dad

Watch my soulmate fall in love with another girl

Absolutely, as much love as I have that can go around welcome home!

Maybe u/Immortalmecha needs some siblings too!

Watch my soulmate fall in love with another girl

Thank you for being part of my life!

Is Experian Boost legitimate and worth it?

Good point, I tend to find utility payments to be on the last of the "I forgot pay" but you do bring up a valid point.

As far as why they are promoting it, rule of thumb is always if it's free, you are the product.

The assumption would be they are using it to fine-tune their credit scoring algo

Watch my soulmate fall in love with another girl

As a father, and someone who raised his kids I officially Reddit adopt you, and as my newly found Reddit son I will tell you what I tell mine:

"The thing I want more than anything Is for you to look into the mirror and smile back at how amazing you have become because of who you are not what you don't have"

You are an amazing son, no man can define that only you growing up to show your's what that truly means!

Is Experian Boost legitimate and worth it?

It Cost Nothing

It Raises Your Credit Score

There is No Commitment

It happens fairly quickly, almost instantly

Why would you not attempt it, I am not sure of any other method to accomplish the above.

Hope this helps
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How much public speaking have you done ? The only relevant point I see her to an actual speaking engagement is maybe 3.

Please feel free to correct me , but I just could not see applying much of this to any engagement I’ve ever done.

BPC-157 for GERD?
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BPC-157 for GERD

BPC by itself is an anti-ulcer peptide stable in gastric juice, by nature it's also a cytoprotective agent.

Its been shown, in rats, to provide significant increase effects in esophagogastric anastomosis healing.

Another interesting study shows that with induced Sphincter failure those rats were given BPC-157 during the process which substantially stabilized the pressure drop as early as 24 hrs continuing to 20 months.

What they don't teach you in Entrepreneurship Class
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Media, Youtube, Twitter, etc have over-glorified Entrepreneurship as if it some lavish lifestyle obtainable by anyone who can code, or make a video.

This in fact is in almost all cases Wantpreneurship, and by all I mean 99.99% because it is nothing short of hustle and scam.

/u/mephistophyles Your point is exactly right, Entrepreneurship is the process and mindset and journey of building a business, not the facade that is created. I have several what I consider successful exits from companies, I also have several what I consider failures as well, some well into the XXX range others that still haunt my ego for the loss financially.


We need to continue to encourage everyone that nothing is a failure when you put in the effort, it is all hard work. There are those that hit the perfect timing, there are those that end up publicly traded and have the Sequoias of the world. What needs to be stressed is that these people are the equivalent of first-round draft picks, they are the equivalent of professional athletes as far as percentages go.

If you build a company that makes 10K, 100K , 500k, 1MM a year anyone in their right mind should feel successful and proud they have made it that far it is a journey to enjoy the ups and downs.


How much equity should i ask in a startup?
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First equity means nothing in a company with a valuation of Zero, so unless you are just wanting to go for sweat equity you need to ask for both. If you want to just work for sweat equity and you truly believe in the idea and company and there is a plan to take it to market then your risk is less.

If this is an idea for a software two people have that you are not familiar with the person leading and taking this to market, this risk is higher.

Look at it this way, if you would normally get paid $80/hr to code then suggest to the owners that you will forgo 75% of the amount toward equity in the company with a set XXXX amount of shares (equity) today as a start.

Second, when taking equity in a company identify WHAT type of equity you are getting common stock, preferred, preferred b, phantom shares as that greatly depends on when you will get paid out of the cap table.

Your value to the company is measured by the amount of time, experience, and effort you can put in. In any startup, there is a sacrifice to be made

This Apartment In Paris
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Margin Question
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Here is how I try to factor that , to keep it simple:

The moment I am putting time into something with the intent to resell, sell or create a product there is a cost to recoup.

We often times forget we are part of that equation , so start factoring that from a time THEN a materials aspect.

Now you may know your true cost for an item is $100 dollars , of that 60% is time and 40% is hard cost meaning materials that have a capital cost associated with it I.e. you had to buy paints.

When you are selling on margin , your capital cost should always be covered and ideally your time based cost as well...but to win a deal or price a product correctly sometimes we have to sacrifice our own time.

Interesting for the future , treat an employee no different than the paint (figuratively, don’t use them and throw them away lol) they are a hard cost as you are having to pay for there time and use.

Hope that helps some.

Ron Wright: Republican congressman dies after contracting Covid
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What's Phill Gramm's story, retired as a democrat to re-run as a republican in the 80's on the next term?

Does that happen a lot!

Margin Question
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The answer to your question is yes, in both scenarios.

Margin can, and likely will, always differ from product to product depending on the COGS.

However, in most businesses, you will have an average blended margin when speaking in high-level financial terms so if you have some that sell at 30% and some that sell at 60% your blended margin could be 45% give or take.

If you know your true cost, and actual margins you are doing and headed in the right direction don't get to distracted on the bigger details till you need to do a financial statement to an investor.

How to really get successful and getting away from business-gurus
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Self Promotion is not Allowed Here unless approved by a Mod or Topic Lead, please contribute to the community this is not a sales sub.

End of the Road anti-mask Karen

Have an award so people can actually find the comment we are all looking for ;)