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Blackened salmon, roasted potatoes, and broccoli

Nice! Just cooked salmon for dinner. I was hesitant about the skin left on but it came out good with some pink salt and pepper.

Just got a 2018 Kia Forte LX! Any mod suggestions?

Just got some of these myself. Taking care of cars is a lot of work but it’ll pay dividends.

Super fun ark server I’m on

It’s dead tho

Source: tried it

My take on how the ‘Spotify deal’ has impacted the show ... 100 mil tho...

I agree that his show has lost a lot of the vibe we all loved at first, but I’d have a really difficult time refusing a deal like that. Things change. No longer subscribed to his channel - still watch his older stuff though.

Thoughts on CWCO for long term play?

Thank you!

Thoughts on CWCO for long term play? Advice Request

I’ve been doing my own research for a couple of years now on stocks and finances to help achieve financial independence later in life. I’m 23 and trying to buy stocks that I know offer great value and will return great numbers down the road. I’m in it for the long haul - I’m talking 20-30, maybe even 40 years. CWCO seems to be doing very well. It has more cash than debt, it pays a dividend and its potential for new investments seems promising. Thoughts?


Commodity: water Dividend: yes

Are there any good, no wiping servers out there for PvP?


To the guy who said this, here's another one for you. Suck on them. Lmao jk .. had to show another back shot before my rolls are gone lol (21F. CW:154lbs/70kgs GW:I don't really know yet just wanna lose some fat.)

You’re looking great! Stay with it! Patience is the hardest part. No Mountain too tall and no ocean too deep!

Free styler

What causes this? Drug psychosis? Can anyone for real explain please

Firefighter administers CPR while climbing down ladder

Thats amazing! Tell your step dad that I appreciate him. Truly a hero in action. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

Firefighter administers CPR while climbing down ladder

You’re right. Thank you.

Firefighter administers CPR while climbing down ladder

See you at the top.

master of the wind
Firefighter administers CPR while climbing down ladder

she survived.

Firefighter administers CPR while climbing down ladder
[image] Do not play it safe.

The grass is green where you water it, friend.

[image] Do not play it safe.

Happiness is more important than marriage, a house, kids and all the other expenses/ responsibilities people think they need.

What’s one thing you regret not doing sooner?
[image] Do not play it safe.
Kysten Sinema mockingly voting “no” to raising the minimum wage.
by u/TheParliament in r/trashy 2 months ago

I see, thanks for explaining