You all loved ManChild. Now i present to you CatMan?

this image is older than some of the people scrolling by it rn

Giant lemon from the amalfi coast

In France, they call this "cedrat". In Corsica, "alimea". It's a citron with a very mild, almost woody flavor/scent.

I watched the Revenant
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Man, I'm the opposite on Leo. I want to think he's a bad actor (or even just a mediocre one), but then I watch one of his movies, and I'm so impressed against my will. The Revenant was another one I resisted till my husband got tired of putting it off, and yet again I had to grudgingly admit he's really, really good.

Why don’t people ever think about the consequences of higher minimum wage?

I was going to answer, but plenty of people already have. I also see that you're "not too afraid to ask". You think you're right and you want to argue with people explaining to you that the negative consequences you're so worried about aren't really issues if you actually look at the concept of a liveable wage from a practical perspective.

This is what is called "arguing in bad faith". If you're unwilling to accept your position may not be correct, there's no possibility of reasonable discussion.

Thanks I hate this bumpy frog.
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he is beautiful and perfect

My brother is so loud when he plays video games at night. It affects sleep with my entire family.

LOL what's "petty and asshole" is keeping your whole family awake with incessant noise. I don't see anything wrong with what you've done except that it seems it's too brief of a consequence. I'd disconnect wifi altogether at 11 on weeknights, personally.

Also, I don't understand why your parents aren't taking care of this? Why are you the only one doing anything?

Demonstration of condom usage at a public market in Jayapura, capital of Papua, 2009.
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dude on the far left in the helmet... I'm crying... that face...

anonymous letter after ghosted?

Closure doesn't come from other people... it comes from YOU deciding to close the door on that event/person/situation.

He doesn't care. Sending a letter won't make him care. Sending a letter will be another loose end you've created for yourself to obsess over. Like someone else said, I absolutely think you should write a letter so you can get all your feelings down in black and white for you to look at and process... but then you need to burn it or delete it.

Do not send.

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Doves on the parapet.

No worries. We were doing different versions of your title! "Dove", "pigeon", and "squab" are synonymous. "Parapet", "fence", and "rail" are all words that describe barriers.

"Parapet" wouldn't normally be used for this kind of barrier, and we usually call this bird a pigeon, so your title was funny to read. If English isn't your first language though, I can understand how that might not be clear, however!

Doves on the parapet.

Squabs on a rail

Is this a bug? If it is a bug, what type of bug is it?

No. This is a house.

A. House.

My hand
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Hi! So... what the fuck happened?

Chicago Never Sleeps
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I love Chicago so much. I think it's my favorite US city.

Kid tries to breastfeed baby sibling

Hahaha! "You want some?" lollllll

HMC while I show you my wicked Kung Fu moves

I love her

What do you think of the way I handled the following situation? ( context inside)

I don't know about wise, but I'm glad my perspective may have been helpful. Good luck!

"If this monthly flood of ours makes you uncomfortable, maybe I should remind you where the fuck you come from".

Oh yes. I forgot that once a word describes something, that's the only terminology we ever get to use.

See, where I'm from, we'd call you a jerk for objecting to verbiage that is perfectly clear and conveys my intended meaning, even if you'd be more likely to use a different term. Someone else might call you boring for having so little imagination that you'd be thrown by unconventional language for something you think you understand. Still others might call you ignorant for interpreting my choice of words as anything but a funny way to tell someone that their assumption that I didn't understand a process with which I am personally familiar was an incorrect assumption.

So, even though you wrote just one line, there are three of any number of possible responses you might get, and although they're different, none of them are wrong. That's how words and language work. Isn't it fun?

What do you think of the way I handled the following situation? ( context inside)

If you have to depend on someone changing to be happy, you're probably not going to end up happy. I don't ever recommend continuing a relationship when "if only they would do XYZ and it would be fine" is part of the equation. If XYZ was something they wanted to do, they'd have been doing it already.

Fully grown man kills a fish for a tiktok

Fucking gross. Don't spread this shit. Watching people kill innocent living things isn't "cringe", it's sociopathic.

My(25m) GF(20f) of 4 years just broke up with me

Nah. Men dating children don't get their hands held.

What do you think of the way I handled the following situation? ( context inside)

If you're in a dynamic where you're already trying to get back at him or even the score, you already know that you're not compatible. I still think you overthought a comment, but it also sounds like you already resent him. That's no good.

What do you think of the way I handled the following situation? ( context inside)

I respectfully invite you to examine how defensive and vindictive your reaction is to a completely innocuous statement. Obviously, no one is perfect, but in general if someone has not previously insulted you, has been kind, has been conscientious, and has been thoughtful in their interactions with you, it's best to assume positive intent in the face of a statement you find unclear and move along. This tit-for-tat mentality where you test him with his own words in an attempt to possibly trip him up is strange behavior, honestly. If you're this hypervigilant in regards to implied insults at this point, you may need to reconsider whether or not you're in a good headspace to actually be dating.

AITA for not wanting to hangout with my sister more?
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NTA. Honestly, I don't get why people think being blood relatives means people should like or spend time with each other even if they wouldn't otherwise. This is a person who is not receptive to reasonable explanations and is rude to your partner. You don't have to want to spend time with this person because you are genetically connected.

My magnolia tree already woke up

G'morning, lovely!