The perfect coworker
The perfect coworker
The perfect coworker Helping Others
The perfect coworker
The perfect coworker
That would be scary
Glamrock Chica by Kazovsky (me) - FNAF Security Breach

That’s what I thought.

They changed the color of her mask

Her mask has changed so many times it’s weird...

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach - Gameplay Trailer | PS5

Looks breathtaking honestly. But you just gonna love the people literally hating on this for no reason on Twitter...


Damn he got those spider fingers...

Im going to be honest. These kinda look like fan models.

Honestly that’s what I thought! Monty looks kinda good, but Roxanne sticks out the most in “non Fnaf character”. They do look more high-tech tough, and I just LOVE what they did with Vanny’s suit.

Interesting Photos from the new FNAF Security Breach trailer in order of appearance

You forgot the sun animatronic. Also I’m not trying to be rude, but don’t the main 4 look weird? It might just be the lighting, but other than Monty, the others look like they’re not from this universe. But I just fucking love how they made Vanny’s suit.

Heres a brightened image if the hand from the end and I think its william because its bathed in purple light

Lowkey thought this was just Scraptrap.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Trailer 2

Did anyone else the music sounds VERY similar to crumbling dreams?

Some big carrots
by u/Notartboo in r/memes 2 days ago

I literally thought the same thing too. We might not even be wrong...

all my stuff from fnaf. I've read all of them so far, but I'm still waiting for my twisted ones graphic novel

Do those magazines have fan models.

A teaser pic thing I made

I literally drew a pose like this a few days ago. Get out of my head.

Serious eye test
He gets her a fantastic surprise
She gets a breathtaking surprise
She gets a special surprise
Ah yes comrade, join the thigh high revulsion!

I saw this and thought it was satire, is there something I’m missing?

Taking a bath is relaxing
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Clearly they’re both enjoying it. I wish I was them.

And thats a fact.

It ain’t much of a problem though...

Kids nowadays literally use this in every fucking sentence. Millenials aren't unique.

Exactly, literally everyone uses it in a non-insult type way. Also what’s up with generations trying to prove their generation is better? Aren’t all of them “unique” in their own ways?