People still thinking that watching anime is for kids only

What's this you've said to me, my good friend? Ill have you know I graduated top of my class in conflict resolution, and Ive been involved in numerous friendly discussions, and I have over 300 confirmed friends. I am trained in polite discussions and I'm the top mediator in the entire neighborhood. You are worth more to me than just another target. I hope we will come to have a friendship never before seen on this Earth. Don't you think you might be hurting someone's feelings saying that over the internet? Think about it, my friend. As we speak I am contacting my good friends across the USA and your P.O. box is being traced right now so you better prepare for the greeting cards, friend. The greeting cards that help you with your hate. You should look forward to it, friend. I can be anywhere, anytime for you, and I can calm you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my chess set. Not only am I extensively trained in conflict resolution, but I have access to the entire group of my friends and I will use them to their full extent to start our new friendship. If only you could have known what kindness and love your little comment was about to bring you, maybe you would have reached out sooner. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now we get to start a new friendship, you unique person. I will give you gifts and you might have a hard time keeping up. You're finally living, friend.

I fucking love this pasta!

People still thinking that watching anime is for kids only

Hey Bujang Lapok is good owh

Who the fuck do i support

I don't vote, I will if there are credible candidates in the future

People still thinking that watching anime is for kids only
Malaysia to slowly reopen borders for business travellers as most states enter RMCO

Thank you 🙏

When wearing a Songkok could be the next Haircut Of The Year Candidate...

Yeah, mods probably don't want people in reddit attacking people that got mentioned in Twitter

[STARDOM spoilers] Giulia's new look

She's not fully bald

Soulja Boy speaks on the Randy Orton situation

I thought he's going to talk with Orton in online game

Love-struck woman wipes out RM418,400 of mum’s savings to give to lover in online scam

Bloody hell, that guy must be living in paradise right now while drinking martini

Don’t sleep on “the matrix”
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What are your opinions on Shaq?

He's good against Cody tonight

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Yea didn't Rogan was on commentary boob in usman vs burns? How's this breaking news

Hey look it's us!

You didn't break a law if you inventing a new one😜

Is it just me or has the production value of AEW Dynamite been going down recently?

No I don't want that happen

Aew signing speculation Wrongly Formatted Spoiler Post


Cigano retiring from MMA and moving to boxing is sad but exciting at the same time.
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Where he said he's going to boxing circuit?

Peter Yan and Funkmaster?
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I'm gonna skip nunes fight cuz I know it will be total domination

We’re not the only ones who add « la » at the end of a sentence!

Diam lah

Man fined for bottling tap water from toilet to sell as mineral water

U want to get blocked too? You got it!

Man fined for bottling tap water from toilet to sell as mineral water

You're so annoying, blocked

Educator who molested 3-year-old girl during language lesson gets 1.5 years’ jail, caning

Wtf only 1.5 years?

2021 Perodua Ativa SUV launched in Malaysia - X, H, AV specs; 1.0L Turbo CVT; from RM61,500 to RM72k


Does anyone know what happen to Zaidatul Nizam's channel? He had a bunch of classic music videos in good quality (not the bad VCD karaoke ones). I just realized the channel got removed and I feel like I lost so many things since he preserved old Malaysian music videos for the new generation.

They removed it I think because of copyright

Khamzat just got to the U.S
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Poor dude, he just want to retired

Oh well...
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So Dana broke his promise?