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Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

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Xeno Friendly SM chapter?
by u/Burnham113 in r/40kLore 5 hours ago

The minotaurs, and the high lords that control them, will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. They have no qualms about using forbidden tech.

As for the second part of your question, just before Fulgrim was possessed and turned, he nearly hammered out an alliance with Eldrad the Farseer. Horus (when he was still good) similarly was on the cusp of offering an alliance to the Interex, a multi-species empire where humans and xenos co-existed. Erebus had to goof that up though.

If the Adeptus Custodes answer only to the Emperor, why do they report into the Adeptus Terra and not directly to the Emperor himself like the Inquisition does?
by u/Burnham113 in r/40kLore 5 hours ago

They took orders from Malcador as well during the great crusade and heresy. Given that he was the first high lord of terra, they basically answer to the high lords by association now, but retain a very large portion of autonomy, similar to the astartes.

What were crews and personel told would happend if the gellar fields failed during the great crusade?
by u/Burnham113 in r/40kLore 5 hours ago

People knew about warp entities before. As the emperor himself says to Ra, one of his closest custodians:

Think on this, then. I prepared them all, this pantheon of proud godlings that insist they are my heirs. I warned them of the warp’s perils. Coupled with this, they knew of those dangers themselves. The Imperium has relied on Navigators to sail the stars and astropaths to communicate between worlds since the empire’s very first breath. The Imperium itself is only possible because of those enduring souls. No void sailor or psychically touched soul can help but know of the warp’s insidious predation. Ships have always been lost during their unstable journeys. Astropaths have always suffered for their powers. Navigators have always seen horrors swimming through those strange tides. I commanded the cessation of Legion Librarius divisions as a warning against the unrestrained use of psychic power. One of our most precious technologies, the Geller field, exists to shield vessels from the warp’s corrosive touch. These are not secrets, Ra, nor mystical lore known only to a select few. Even possession by warp-wrought beings is not unknown. The Sixteenth witnessed it with his own eyes long before he convinced his kindred to walk a traitor’s path with him. That which we call the warp is a universe alongside our own, seething with limitless, alien hostility. The primarchs have always known this. What difference would it have made had I labelled the warp’s entities “daemons” or “dark gods”?’"

As another person down below pointed out, he basically just told everyone that those entities were trans dimensional xenos that were extremely hostile towards mankind, not a very big leap considering.

How effective would sonic weapons be against slaneshi forces?
by u/Burnham113 in r/40kLore 5 hours ago

I'd imagine noise marines are slightly resistant, if not immune, to sonic attack. As they are prevalent in the emperor's children, a slanneshi legion, that could be a problem.

Does an aspirant need to be of utmost physical mind and body? Or can wounded/crippled men become fully functional Astartes?
by u/Burnham113 in r/40kLore 6 hours ago

I'm trying to write the lore for a custom chapter of Astartes, that specifically recruits from Cadians. My initial thought was to take men that were no longer fit for duty, and attempt to convert these walking wounded into Astartes, knowing the success rates.

The implants that make space marines true astartes (there are 19 for normal marines, 22 for primaris) require an aspirant to be no more then 12 years old at the start. This is because several of the implants boost the growth hormones of the aspirants, making their bones and muscle denser, and increasing their height by about a foot from an average baseline human. Keep in mind that 12 is the upper limit there, most start at the age of 10. Cadia doesn't make use of true child soldiers AFAIK, unlike Krieg for example, so I doubt a Cadian veteran would be able to take the implants successfully as they'd be too old.

At the start of the great crusade, many of the primarchs elected to have their adoptive homeplanet crews augmented into so called "half astartes". They couldn't undergo the whole process because they were too old, but some of it could be done. This wasn't without risks though, many of Leman's old posse died during the conversion. Lorgar's adoptive father underwent the process and survived though. They are still the exception to the rule though, the only reason they were afforded the opportunity to even attempt that was because they were personal friends of the primarchs themselves.

Do lost or damaged organs stay lost? Does it go so far that limbs regenerate? I know Astartes crossing the rubicon can become fully fledged primaris even when they were heading for a dreadnought, I'm just wondering if this applies to normal humans too!

If a space marine loses an implant, say one of their extra hearts, another can be grown for them and implanted by the apothecary. That being said, if a marine loses a whole arm or leg, he isn't going t the apothecary, he's going to the company techmarine for some mechanical augmentations. As far as humans becoming dreadnoughts, it is rumored that some of the dreadnoughts from the unification wars era were piloted by baseline humans.

Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

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Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

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Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

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Aren’t the Black Ships a very obvious weak point in the Imperium’s logistics?
by u/Burnham113 in r/40kLore 7 hours ago

Dont they require almost 10,000 a day now?

Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

His entire body was dragged into the drill tube in about a second. As this happens, his body hits a piece of metal rigging hanging nearby and sends it flying to the back right, which causes other parts of the drill to go flying.

Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

The thing that flys to the upper right is part of the rigging I believe, as it appears to swing back towards the tube on a chain.

Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date)

I believe this transpired in Russia. They may be less safety oriented there.

Oil Drill Malfunctions And Pulls Man Into Line Tube, Disintegrating Him (Unknown Date) Removed - R6
Oil Drill Malfunctions and Drags Worker into Line Chamber
Oil Drill Malfunctions and Drags Worker into Line Chamber Visible Fatalities
Guy claims that no outlet reported on a murder

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ISIS bride Shamima Begum not allowed to return to UK , Supreme Court rules

And how many nations have recognized the Islamic State? Does the United Kingdom?

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ISIS bride Shamima Begum not allowed to return to UK , Supreme Court rules

It is a international human rights crime to forcibly make a person stateless. But ofc the UK gets a pass, they aren't Yugoslavia or Somalia.


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[Excerpt: Space Marine Rulebook] By the close of the 41st Millennium, over 66% of all Chapters are descended from Guilliman, less than 10% from the Khan, "dozens" from the Fists, and a smattering from the others

There are also the chaos Dark Wolves warband, rumored to be a former company of space wolves.

Do you think Chapters could recognize their own harvested gene-seed?

Credit to u/KonradApologist

if its possible for a space marine chapter to have gene-seed from two different primearchs

Apparently yes, the Red Scimitars.

From Fabius Bile: Clonelord

He turned back to the body and selected an augur loupe from the tray of tools nearby. The eyepiece hooked snugly into the cranial ports on the left side of his skull. Microfilaments extended through the neural linkways inside the meat of his brain, and a free-floating hololithic projection flickered into being, projected from the side of the loupe. The lenses of the eyepiece clicked as Fabius scanned the body. He picked up a section of harvested progenoid and studied it more closely.

‘Gene-markers from… multiple sources. Curious, that.’ Fabius examined the sample more closely as the chirurgeon continued its labours, flensing carapace from bone and cracking the latter so as to expose runnels of marrow for further testing. ‘The progenoid gland displays minute deviations from the assumed source… Hybrid? Possibly. Further study is essential. If they have perfected the art of hybridisation, it may prove a welcome addition to my own research, as well as a troubling harbinger as to the current state of the Imperium.’

More samples were harvested, collected and catalogued. The body was broken down into its component parts with an alacrity that even he found startling, at times. The chirurgeon had learned well the art of bodily disassembly and performed its function with an ease and eagerness that was unsettling. The medicae harness clicked and hummed to itself as it worked, recording every moment for later study. Though whether this was for his benefit or its own, he was not entirely certain. He looked up at Kasra.

‘You are an enigma, my friend. And one I intend to unlock. Despite the pull of entropy, it appears the Adeptus Mechanicus has made certain advancements in the art of zygote cultivation.’ He gestured to the body. ‘How many foundings has it been, since the first, I wonder? How often have they changed the formula, in order to avoid watering it down overmuch?’ He paused. ‘I shall have to make a point of investigation. Perhaps there is something useful to be gained from interjecting myself into the process.’

He looked at Kasra. ‘Tell me – what founding is your Chapter? Fifth? Tenth?’

Kasra didn’t answer. Fabius hadn’t expected him to. He clucked his tongue in disappointment. ‘I do not enjoy this, you know. I find little pleasure in the pain of another. The senselessness of it offends me. Your agony is a distraction. The sooner you have accepted your limitations in this matter, the sooner we can both move on to more productive uses of our time.’

‘My – my most humble apologies for this waste of your time, Manflayer,’ his captive panted. The Space Marine grinned fiercely. ‘I am sure that I will not endure for more than another few weeks, at most.’

Fabius frowned. In truth, he was already regretting the time he’d wasted keeping Kasra alive. The Red Scimitar refused to reveal anything. He seemed no more sensitive to pain than a brute animal, and had ceased screaming, out of spite.

Confirmed: Morocco Will Legalize Cannabis Next Week

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