This seemed too fitting to not post here

Imagine how the servers feel. This is going to get bad.

Think quickly!
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Got it from here. Never been on instagram, but I'll take it. Feed me your hate!

On a depression subreddit someone outed me. As if i was going to kill myself, and I can't even take a full screenshot. Tell me your name my life is worth more than yours.
Angelic crowd flasher

I like tits, but the face is beautiful. The deciding factor is of she has an ass.


I feel empty

Think quick! Rule 10 - Removed
Queers for Palestine

It's so weird to me that they say they're against homosexuality but then dress up little boys and rape them.

I miss those times

Childhood trama and dark humor.

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Nice try.

Then this...
Quick and effective

Damn I wish I had a free award.

Diarrhea feels amazing

You obviously don't have hemorrhoids.

Bill Gates criticises world leaders for not preparing for a global pandemic

It shouldn't be political, but it is.

Ain't that a kick in The Head.

All I want is liquor and dirty whores.


I've worked at retail for almost a decade. There's allot of people I've worked with for almost as long, and we will walk by each other. They will ask me how I'm doing without making eye contact, or stopping to hear an answer. It's all semantics baby.

This, Dog fucks.

So.... Were is the rest of the video?

Omg this is so sad

This is an ad for spotify.


I loved Farcry Primal

Funerals are a complete waste of money

Yours will be.

Ain't that a kick in The Head.

Then we'll die. No one knows what the f*** is going to happen after that but hopefully nothing.


Them or us?



I'm sorry what???

Holy shit! Another! Posted one by the same artist recently.


So cops can shoot you without a purpose?