This, Dog fucks.

So.... Were is the rest of the video?

I didn't decide the rules
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Ahhhhh, the good old days....

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Nice try.

Forget the boat, submerge us all

Didn't he bang his granddaughter....

Police in Spain assault people filming them during arrest… and are caught on film

It's only a matter of time before these Stormtroopers come for you.

Omg this is so sad

This is an ad for spotify.


Epstein island

3 years?!

Damn, they cut my shit off if I'm a week late...

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Didn't he bang his granddaughter?

This is my thinking

He's weird cause he banged his granddaughter.

Why Five Guys Always Gives You So Many Extra Fries

They are greasy mashed potatoes anyways.

Not nearly as bad as some of the other stuff on this sub but this video distressed me.

I worked at Publix and we threw away basket after basket of food a day. we even had the option to donate it but they didn't.


Wake up honey, it's time for school.

“You’re not getting any younger, stop pulling out!”
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After banging a chick anally from behind and she farts and it drips down into her vagina.

As if that commercial couldn’t get any worse.



She looks like a junkie, and for some reason I think her name would be Elizabeth.


I loved Farcry Primal

If it’s illegal to knowingly give someone aids it should be illegal to knowingly pass on terrible life altering genetic diseases

Then don't live in California.

we live in a depressing society

Maybe if I was four again...

Maybe you should stick to Podcasts, Ethan...

He should quit the podcast also. Annoying as hell and I hate his twitchy face.

we got one
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The good old days.

Nice cock bro
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I just looked behind me...



Dozens gather at a dog beater home after his address was published on Facebook

Why do we care more about animals than children? I love animals also. I just don't understand the blind eye.

Someone said she had nice melons..

Her tits start at her neck.