She has “True” as her last name and that breaks iCloud.

TBH there's an XKCD on about everything...

Why wouldn't they just want to help her?

Here's a case study on the subject by Legal Eagle.

I dislike paying for patch cables

Bunnings for the crimping tool, Umart for the plugs.

An 18 year old Kurt Cobain practicing guitar in his bedroom in Aberdeen, Washington (1985)

Death loading. Progress 66.6%

What the ‘F’? It doesn’t get much better than that! 😎

I use Rob Brown's technique.

But if I could, I admit I'd buy a TuneBot...

007 uses smoke screens with no problem

Habemus papamobilem!

A classic bobby tables joke

Little Bobby tables...

Next level nurse

You should know that the French Post office has an international Santa mailbox. And Santa always replies (if you provide a return address of course).

People from all around the world can send mail there. It is free from France, not sure from abroad.

So I opened an old computer I figured might be able to work as a NAS

Send it to Greg Salazar for a deep clean!

The sky is missing some pixels

There's a new obsidian sky structure on the oldest minecraft anarchy server.

Mail-in ballots and voting machines banned in France

Mail in was never an option in France, because there are plenty of polling places, and you can very easily delegate your vote to someone else.

And machines ARE used. That's what they have at my polling place.

"You are the most beautiful ship in the world"

You clicked, it counts 😉

"You are the most beautiful ship in the world"

It's Ship, not Ships. Here you go: r/ShipHittingOnShip

The Way These Waves Are Formed

Is that Pipeline?

Cleaning up after sanding

Someone who wants to make a satisfying video, obviously.

Finally branching out and got my first splash cymbal! It’s so tiny! Zildjian K Custom Dark Splash.

Stupid question : the hammering marks are out of factory, or an attempt at customization?

The start of my homelab - three Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 tiny plugged into my router

It's NBN, so I guess toilet is a good analogy.

I had never seen a bass drum like this before. It looks like it melted.

I knew the Vox, never saw the other ones. They are quite... something! Well, at least the head look like they are round this time!

What the heck do I do with all my computers?

You can always give them to a charity. Or sell them if you need the money. Or sell them and give the money to a charity.

Keep the Raspberry Pis, they don't take space and can be quite useful.

I mean he got what he deserved

Reminds me of Oz, S2E01, first night of Beecher in Gen Pop. Those who know will know...

What is one thing you always wanted as a kid, but now as an adult, it seems really shitty?

Being an adult.

De quel bâtiment s'agit-il?

C'est l'Hotel d'Estrées (cf mon message plus bas).

De quel bâtiment s'agit-il?

Non. L'hôtel de Matignon a un portail à double colonnade, et le haut du portail est plat. Cf Street View.

En outre, pourquoi un drapeau autre que le drapeau français flotterait là?

Je cherche encore...

Edit: trouvé. C'est l'Hotel D'Estrées, résidence de l'ambassadeur de Russie en France.

WhAt are the best sites to buy laptop from in france

Never been disappointed by

Microsoft Word is the best Coding IDE!!

Nah, you're too far gone, your mind is too damaged to be changed at this stage