SLPT: Censor your boomer parents information

I block Fox News on any hotel tv that allows me to

I made a thing

Induction heater from Gilligan's Island?

So I made another recycler bong

What makes a recycler different than a bong?

Los Gatos: Former Netflix exec found guilty of taking bribes
by u/AncientAsstronaut United States in r/anime_titties 3 days ago

I suspect this happens at lots of IT departments. Too many instances of implementing things that have no purpose

May the 4th be with you. Ladies and gentleman...I give you...the Jar Jar jar...

Meesa is uncomfortable with this

The sake bong (my first go at making a bong)

I'd like to see these at a Japanese restaurant that allows weed smoking

Hash puck (first time)

Drill a small hole through the middle of it and smoke it like a pipe

What would be the smartest option for me to pass drug test?

Order overnight delivery from whoever makes Urine Luck. It'll be kinda pricey, but good for peace of mind and knowing you're not getting a possible counterfeit from a headshop

My seedling appears to be covered in small white dots don’t know if this is somehow normal or if she’s dying, can someone let me know?


Should I duct tape some hvac filters over the mesh intake vents at the bottom of my tent?

I think it should be enough, even with a carbon filter, if the tent is small enough

Should I duct tape some hvac filters over the mesh intake vents at the bottom of my tent?

Ha! Then yes, put it up and see if the air still flows decently. Otherwise, your buds might get mixed with Labrador 😉

Should I duct tape some hvac filters over the mesh intake vents at the bottom of my tent?

What are you trying to accomplish? Light blocking or ?

Heavily narcotic strains?

Afghan Kush felt like a benzo

Yea I like seeds...

How long do you think it's going to take for you to grow all of these out?

It was actually difficult to find this old Ellie Kemper College Humor video. I guess she asked people to take it down in the past. I thought it was a funny skit but her family didn't.

What are you doing, step-astronaut?

Weird Vespa builds (link to gallery in original post)

Is there a link to the gallery?

This house in Japan

Windows as sleeves, for one.

Smoking my own grow of white widow to celebrate 420. This wouldn’t have been possible without this sub. Sprinkled some trichs on top and blasted off. Cured for one month.

For what it's worth, alot of places will give you a good discount if you order everything at the same time.

they will never know

Honey why does your lamp have water in it?

Almost time to flip

How much stretch are you expecting?

Fight over seats on Tunisian airplane.
by u/AncientAsstronaut Absolute verbalist in r/fightporn 3 weeks ago

Damn Khloe!

Woman arrested in connection with multiple explosive devices planted across Trinidad Colorado

I stayed in Trinidad a couple of years ago. Nothing going on there but tons of weed stores (I'm guessing for people coming from New Mexico, which will no longer be necessary in the near future).

this moving sculpture

That's the work of Anthony Howe. I stumbled across his studio on Orcas Island, WA. He has a backyard filled with a bunch of his works. Great great stuff

Screw sweat bad posts, how do you guys organize your inventory

Throwables, long distance weapon, medium, short, then heals

is it worth buying the battle pass

It's worth it to considering all of the extras you get