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I am gay woman. I see hot girl, I go apeshit. Strong women is hot.

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Truth. They use your body’s own involuntary movements to further assault and to justify murder of “suspects”.

And all they get is an all expense paid vacation for 6 weeks, get reassigned and keep all their pension and benefits.

Quick story: I’ve told MANY stories here on Reddit about growing up poor and around this, but I made a post about a year ago, about being a kid (around 12-14) where I was jacked up and throw on the hood of a squad car, which made my knee hit that big fucking protective bumper over the lights.

It was excruciating, but I remember looking at the officers around us, and they had smirks and hands on their “hips”, as if daring us to move.

I’ll see if I can find it and post it, but maaaan, this shit been is so commonplace, it’s ridiculous. By time I was 16, I had had over 15 (easily) interactions with police. Not one time did I ever do anything wrong lol.

A lot of it was pushing my bike uphill, walking to the arcade to play Mortal Kombat, playing football in the street etc.

I’ve even been cuffed, transported, fingerprinted and had my photo taken, all while minding my business during the summer of my 15th birthday. The summer, mind you. For having “no ID” lol.

This isn’t about me, though. I’m just a random ass dude on Reddit at 12:16pm. My point is just to illustrate and to drive home the point that this shit is super common.

Talk to your friends, I guarantee that they likely have similar stories. Many of us just choose to bury said trauma and not discuss it unless asked. Until recently, finding allies has been difficult.

Can you imagine what it was like without cell phones and video on every corner? Crazy right?

Edit Updated post with “receipts” and more detail below.

Complimenting a parrot lady gets you a parrot on your shoulder Feel-Good 😊
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Look, I hear you but...some Macaws aren't parrots. Macawwy Caulkin isn't.

You don't have to ban me I'll leav--

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Idk what is it about you, but your comment is giving me cannibalistic vibes

Husky says “no” when asked to come inside Feel-Good 😊
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After an absolutely shitty week this made me laugh so hard. 🙏

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God I wish I still had awards left. This is it right here baby

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He has a Carnet which essentially is a passport for the car.

(there's alot more too it then that, but basically with a Carnet you can bring a good into the country for use and not pay Duties and taxes on it, but it must leave after a certain period of time, and you can't sell it or modify it as that would trigger a penalty.)

So this guy imported his car with a carnet to drive it. I'm not sure about local laws but I believe as long as it passes EPA and DOT he can drive it in the US. This guy paid a fuck ton for this import, because importing a car is a bitch, and getting a carnet for a personal vehicle is a bitch as well. Needless to say he had all his ducks in a row and the Cop didn't have much to hold him on.

Source: Am a US Customs Broker.

Two football players who pay their own tuition by working are given the same opportunity as their peers Feel-Good 😊
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Yea it was a wild trip. Cruise officials told us not to do anything with anyone not associated with the cruise line.

We didn’t listen.

Honesty I only remember two things: 1) some dude laying pipe doggy on a chick under a nasty bridge. And 2) going around in circles up the mountain. It was like a fucking merry go round how fast up the mountain we were going.

2.5) HILARIOUS PART!!!! So we were trippin balls real quick. And ROFL in the car because every half mile up the mountain were statues with enormous cocks. Like 3 feet long dongs! lol. Anyways, we laughed our asses off about the statues until the high ended. And swore that the penises were so big because we were trippin hard.

Well a week after we got back home my buddy group texted us and found a picture of the statue (this is an example).

LMAO there were HUNDREDS of these dudes all the way up the mountain. And we thought it was some good weed having us hallucinating the penis size the whole time.

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Sadly in a lot of porn things are real, such as tears.

If you have ever heard of exploited college girls and some of the others they operated like this:

  • They have "references" that sound like young and female and will talk on the phone, plus recent legit actresses who they meet in person who's tapes haven't been released.

  • They are told they are shooting "custom porn" for a collector in Australia and it won't go on the internet, will only be sent to him and no names sent to him. They will be paid $6,000-$8,000

  • They then find out all this is BS, and a lot of the interview they did on film beforehand they didn't realise was being filmed so they tell the truth.

  • Then the operators of the site post the video on the internet, and a briefer version on free to access sites. The company then leaked their real named to sites like 4chan, a specific wiki for 'exposing' 1 time shooters names, a geo locator that you can input your location and it will find girls that have done this kind of porn in your area (or by college, high school, workplace), and probably even reddit.

  • The girls are paid 50% to 75% of what they were promised due to their "breasts didn't look good" or some BS. These 18-19 year olds have no idea what to do and thus just hunker down in misery and shame.

But at least some fought back: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/02/us/girls-do-porn-lawsuit-award.html

"A Superior Court judge in San Diego tentatively awarded nearly $13 million to almost two dozen young women on Thursday, ruling that they had been tricked into performing in pornographic videos that derailed and uprooted their lives and led several to become suicidal.

The ruling capped an unusual 99-day civil trial that exposed the bait-and-switch tactics and false promises deployed as part of a scheme to induce young women, who would not otherwise consider filming pornography, to fly to San Diego and shoot a pornographic video.

The judge, Kevin A. Enright, ordered the defendants to remove the women’s images and videos from the pornographic websites they control or own, and to take steps to remove them from other online sites.

He gave both sides 15 days to object to his decision before it would become final.

Edward Chapin, a lawyer who represented the 22 plaintiffs in the suit, said Thursday that the ruling was an important victory for the young women who had suffered personally and professionally. Each woman would receive an amount ranging from about $300,000 to $550,000.

“They are happy with the outcome because it shows they were believed, that their story was believed,” Mr. Chapin said. “They had been shamed. These guys attacked them, harassed them and intimidated them so it was challenging to get them to testify. So it’s a vindication for them.”

But that aside, I see the internet of being a network of at least 1 billion people. Thus unlikely stuff, like 1/1,000 stuff happens all the time and with camera phones likely get filmed! Even 1 in 1,000,000 events will be filmed everyday.

Yes, a lot of stuff IS faked but a lot of stuff is the 1 in 1,000,000 thing being caught.

I can see why a young group of guys, already a little intoxicated, might try one of the
magnet fishing" magnets to pull up the beers... not to steal them necessarily, but just the "wouldn't it be funny if..!" angle!

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So for anyone who is wondering, a full athletic scholarship covers all of your tuition and living expenses (room, board, food, books, etc).
But every team that a school sponsors has a limit on how many scholarships they can give out. For instance, Division-1 football teams (which I assume this is), are only allowed to have 85 players on scholarship at any given time.

However, these teams are not limited to only the # of players on scholarship. A Division-1 football team will routinely have 100-105 players on it, with the additional 15-20 being players who are not on scholarship (they tend to collectively be referred to as "walk-on" players). Those players have to pay their own tuition and expenses just like the regular students.

So what's happening here is that the team found itself in a position where it was not using up all of its 85 scholarships. Well, in situations like that, the program doesn't get any extra benefits by not using all of the scholarships, so there is no incentive to not give out all the ones that you have available.

So in situations like this, the coach picks the walk-on players that he feels are most worthy, and award the available scholarships to them. There are a number of videos like this out, and they are all totally heart-warming.

Counter protesters call out Anti-Choicers in front of a women’s health clinic Live Video 🌎
Jeeesus Chroist!!! Viral 🗯
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Cutis verticis gyrata

Dude, you have no idea how helpful this is to me. I used to sit behind a guy in math class and he had a face in the back of his head like looking directly at me. One time me and him got in trouble because we had the exact same (wrong) answers on a test, the teacher said we cheated and I thought that fucken face-head thing stole my answers.

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I hate to see you leave but I love looking at the back of your wack ass head.

Edit: thank you for the GOLD!

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Even if it is, it's wholesome and I enjoyed it.

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K negative Nancy, some of us enjoy WHOLESOME in a world of killings , covid and depression

The surreal moment that a Trump supporter begs cops to intervene in the Capitol riots. Live Video 🌎
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It amazed me a lot of people still this day don't know how hard it is to come to America and become a citizen. Unless you find some American citizen who you can marry, the fastest process that does not require monetary payment require at least a 15 years. There is a reason every immigrant here cry when they get some thing as a green card. A green card just a permanent resident. It doesn't even grant them right to vote or half of benefit as American citizens like welfare but an Immigrant would cry if they get green card. That mean they know they got it. THey know for time being they wont get deport. I know it because I was one of them. I am a naturalized citizen. That not even count the citizenship test.

So when people say I don't loved America because I criticized some policy, I will just tell them that I didn't wasted 15 years of my goddam life and abandon everything I know to come to a country I hate. So you can piss off.

Man explains how he stopped being a Confederate flag waving conservative Pundit Report 💬
It’s a great day to bust non-maskers Live Video 🌎
Out for a morning run with a baby elephant Feel-Good 😊
86 year old mother celebrates PA going blue