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It's like they are getting a glimpse at another life.

u/AerThreepwood 2.16K points · 15 hours ago 🔗

Nah, most cyberpunk stories start with massive wealth inequality and exploitation of the working class by corporations. The tech is almost ancillary.

"Plastic Wars" (2020) - PBS' FRONTLINE looks at how the plastic industry has abused misleading recycling marketing tactics, as we inch closer to there being more plastic in the ocean than fish.
u/MSProgressBarDev 350 points · 1 day ago 🔗

Thank you, Tom! Finally acquitted!

Quite possibly the most badass live action trailer to be ever released for a video game.
End of Evangelion in 5 Minutes (Mega64)
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I can only afford a silver (got the coins for free)...

Take it

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Fun will now commence
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Love that part at the end when they pop their helmets back on.

Man, I so enjoyed the Halo universe and the promotions for them back then. From Halo 2's I Love Bees radio play, the Halo 3 Believe ad campaign, and this ODST trailer.

I was so enthralled with the Halo world and lore at the time. There's something so romantic about the idea fighting for your species' survival. I sort of consider it to be my "Star Wars," I imagine it filled a similar niche for me as Star Wars did for young people in the 70s and 80s.

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French fry.

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Guy on Omegle asks Harry Mack to rap about his fiance who died of Covid.
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when she slowly pulled a object out of her pocket I thought at first it was a glock pistol

I hear the police are hiring. I'm sure you'd get the job in a heartbeat.

Jim Cramer admitting to how he manipulated the short selling market back in 2006. This needs to be seen by all! Video Deleted by Youtube/Owner
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Mushroom hunter hears crazy sound Staged
u/schiz0yd 4.24K points · 2 days ago 🔗

that noise is originally from another show


edit: in my opinion, it was an entertaining video, even if deceptive. i have come across another comment claiming that clip above is edited: https://youtu.be/gYe3r-wH_1s?t=1902 you be the judge idk where this is going anymore

u/DRACULA_WOLFMAN 358 points · 2 days ago 🔗

Tenacious D's Time Warp cover has become one of my favorite songs, but I've no idea if American Idol goes for rock or not. Either way, Jables and Rage Kage are genuinely very talented musicians.

Few things feel as great as receiving a birthday surprise
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Here's the really weird part. The clip of the Dinosaur video has also had its audio replaced.

I had this Dinosaur documentary on VHS, I have watched it like 4,000 times. Here's the real clip https://youtu.be/gYe3r-wH_1s?t=1902

u/Mursh 618 points · 2 days ago 🔗

It's a hoax. The sound is from an old dinosaur show. Here is the proof.


u/DJDevon3 7 points · 2 days ago 🔗

Maybe, just maybe, because people don't want to look at an ugly teenager with bad teeth trying to impart false wisdom on viewers while actually doing nothing but complaining about why he isn't worth a million dollars.

Some people just capture attention better and for longer duration... and "duration watched" is a MAJOR part of the YT algorithm because it's most useful for advertisers to insert ads periodically while knowing the viewer will still wait through the ad to watch more content.

His video only serves as a great example of someone crying foul who cannot grasp a basic fundamental understanding of economics... probably because he spent more money on his gaming chair, AMD Ryzen based PC, 120Hz gaming monitor, reticulating microphone, and RGB LED's than... his education or hygiene.

u/gsxr_ 174 points · 2 days ago 🔗

Why does the Norwegian navy have barcodes on the sides of their ships?

So when they pull into port they can scan da navy in.

u/hodlmort 127 points · 3 days ago 🔗

I spent 300 days alone in a small apartment in Idaho

u/WorldTravelBucket 1.36K points · 3 days ago 🔗

I know he's joking about it in this clip, but many people don't realize that Paul Rudd is actually a pretty amazing linguist. He went on television and was actually able to pronounce (and even explain) the word in the different regional Norwegian dialects: nordnorsk, trøndersk, vestlandsk, and even østnorsk.

In case anyone is interested in checking out the explanation he gives, it's available here

Earlier this year, my dad didn’t qualify his usual pole position due to “technical” issues so he had to start the race from the back. This was lap 1.