I prefer it when the toilet seat in a public bathroom is unexpectedly warm.

It’s just a nice surprise, that’s all. I get myself all reared up and ready to sit my ass down onto some cold plastic, but occasionally I’m pleasantly surprised to find someone has warmed it up for me.

The fact that people are still buying iphones is insane. Hear me out.

They have inferior software, mediocre price to performance ratios and minimal improvements annually. Not only that, but Apple charges thousands of dollars for repairs that you can fix in a couple minutes with a screwdriver and some precision.

You don't even 'own' your apple product since you can't open it or customize its internals at all. Apple has multiple times tried to fuck their customers in the holes. They invented an entirely new SCREW so people don't go poking around in the device that they bought with their own money, how's that for capitalism you hypocrites.

It's not even about the 'ecosystem' anymore. 90% of the people I know buy an iphone simply out of peer pressure. Is this the world we want to create? Where standing in line for days on end for a mediocre product is glorified, and you're supposed to cash out a thousand dollars for, wait for it, FUCKING WIDGETS.

Apple is firmly against the right to repair act because they believe you shouldn't be able to fix your own devices. I BOUGHT IT DUMMY, IT'S MINE. Thanks for reading android kings and queens.

Edit: Here's an amazing video by Louis rossman explaining how apple stores rip you off

Edit #: I love how people in the comments are saying everyone has a choice and a preference are the same people who vomit hate whenever they see a green text or a 'twitter for android' tag.

Not specifically targeted at the individual but calling out hypocrisy of numerous others who think it's funny when some 1) Can't afford a thousand dollar phone or 2) Just doesn't want an iphone.

This is merely a rant but teens regularly get bullied for not owning a luxury because their parents can't afford it. Don't bully people because they don't have iphones man.

Nurses are overrated and a huge chunk of them are pretty obnoxious.

Now I been to the ER and visited my great grand parents in retirement homes and I personally think that nurses are usually more obnoxious than other people. I interact with different people from different jobs everyday. Literally 80% of the rude and obnoxious people I have dealt with were nurses. They get touted as some kind of hero but they get paid high salaries for it. I interact with people who make minimum wage and they treated me with more respect than a nurse who makes $40-$60/hour. I have had nurses who told me in ER “You should have stayed home and took pain killers” while I was in extreme paid from stomach to head. I had nurses get mad at me because they couldn’t find the spot to poke the needle in, I had nurses who were extremely passive aggressive for no fucking reason. A nurse asked if it was a house or an apartment, I said house and she said “huh you think you’re so special owning a house” like wtf? These people aren’t fucking WW2 soldier risking their lives ffs, stop treating them like one. I respect the logger, firemen, truck driver and the pizza guy a lot more than the common nurse, they actually risk their lives

People who give products a bad review because the shipping took too long are a**holes.

I’ve seen so many reviews on products that im looking to buy saying that the shipping took too long but the product is fine so it got a 1 star review. This isn’t useful to me because it’s not accurately representing the product itself when I’ve always thought the rating is based primarily on the product. It sort of hinders my research on the item and I can’t get a proper opinion on it. I don’t give a shit about shipping if it’s a good product!

I don’t think people understand how ratings work, or they’re just trying to be assholes by slighting the company. Like sure, take a star or two off but don’t give it a one star rating just for shipping alone! Especially during COVID times. Stop doing this! Did you like the product or not?!

Shipping should be a separate category.

Update: Wow I didn’t think this would be getting any traction. For those of you who say “how tf is this unpopular”, just remember....Just because you agree, doesn’t mean it’s popular. I wouldn’t have put this here if it was a popular opinion in my experience!

Getting a groom a stripper at his Bachelor party/stag-do is weird as fuck.

I don’t know if this even actually happens in real life, I just can’t see why an engaged man would want a stripper ever, let alone the night before their wedding. If you like someone that much that you’re going to marry them I don’t think a stripper would be very enjoyable.

Source - am man with girlfriend and wouldn’t enjoy it.

Edit - if you sort by controversial you can see me getting called a low testosterone simp by the real alpha males. I am completely wrong and pledge my allegiance to their sexual superiority. /s - most of these have been deleted now unfortunately, they were rather funny.

Edit2 - please please stop calling me a gay man. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Please I pray you don’t meet my girlfriend as I know your infinite lust will draw her in. You are too alpha for me, I apologise for being such a weak beta. lol get a grip, this is Reddit.

Edit3 - fact I’ve actually got people going out their way to message me abuse privately is hilarious

u/biseln 356 points · 1 day ago 🔗

“I’ve run the gambit.” Fun fact! It’s actually “run the gamut.” According to a quick google, a gamut was the full selection of musical notes on an instrument. To run the gamut is to play through all the notes in quick succession, which is where we get the modern phrase.

I think this is really cool!

If Will Smith had cheated on Jada the internet would crucify him, but since it was the other way around people are making fun of him. Top Alltime

It is disgusting. If Will had cheated on Jada the entire internet would turn on him and crucify him. Except because he is a man he is the one being mocked and memed.

Firstly, we don't have a reason to be involved in their relationship, and if they choose to make it work then good on them.

However, that doesn't mean Jada should be proud of her actions. She abused the trust of a great man. I'm kinda surprised the internet isn't backing Will on this to be honest.

FYI the mods have banned me from posting.

u/Informal_Hat_7813 3 points · 1 day ago 🔗

Yes you will. Hi.

Twerking looks idiotic

It looks like a stupid chicken dance. It’s like a chick had a spider on her pants and frantically tried to shake it off or if she had to fart and couldn’t get it out.

In my opinion there’s nothing sexy about it and it just looks ridiculous.

Unless done during sex it’s a complete turn off.

Edit: how people need to make this a race thing is beyond me and just shows how moronic your average woke Redditor is

Edit: as for people saying twerking is from Africa, the Caribbeans or anything like that, NO IT‘S not and your petty little Google searches even say “could originate from“ or “likely comes from“ meaning it is NOT A FUCKING FACT. Just because it has some semblance with African dances doesn’t mean it is an African dance! Just because some westerner saw an African dance and mimicked it doesn’t mean it’s an African dance!

Go to anyone in Africa doing this and tell them they a twerking, they‘ll give you the finger.

Caribbeans will ridicule you if you tell them their whine is a twerk.

And even if it were all facts, the dance looking stupid would have nothing to do with it being African. It would look stupid because it just does. You people making this a race issue are absolutely fucking pathetic. Bunch of white kids projecting their misplaced guilt and some black ignants projecting their minority complex onto a post that has nothing to do with race, drawing schemes and making stretches like crazy to have some nonsense to type with their greasy fingers.

You disgust me 🤦🏽‍♂️

Edit: as for all the people believing this one person that my post supposedly was racially motivated because I supposedly made ignorant comments, here read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/lt0wf6/twerking_looks_idiotic/goxb64i/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

Edit: Lol, whoever reported this for su1c1de to get the post removed, your mom’s a hoe

Edit: as for racism y‘all accusers should maybe check yoselves, because you’re the ones coming in here saying ”lol you‘re white obviously you don’t like it, you‘re an incel probably“, I ain’t white and it has nothing to do with the color of my skin whether I like twerking or not as for the incel part: who’s cussing at someone online even being horribly racist at times for an opinion? People also call me gay in here as an insult, like I would fucking care if I was gay, at least I‘m not a trash person using someone‘s preference as an insult 🤷🏽‍♂️

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"You can determine if someone is the AH just by looking at which awards they got"

Sorry I spooked you in the middle of your sentence.

People from "the hood" who "make it" and get out owe their old neighborhoods NOTHING

I was raised in an American "hood", i.e., a low-income, mostly black and Latino neighborhood with a high crime rate, poor-ish schools, etc. I don't say "ghetto" because ghetto is a mentality, not a geographic location. It is possible to be born and raised in such a place and not have the mentality of many of the low-life scumbags who stay there because they made bad choices. Likewise, plenty of people come from money and make bad choices and are more ghetto than some of the people in the hood.

And that is why most adults stay in those neighborhoods: choices. Although many refuse to believe it, choice is real. Everyone, no matter how poor or how difficult the situation they were born into, can decide not to get involved with crime and drugs and can decide not to have ten kids by ten different people before the age of 23. I was one such person who left "the hood" because I didn't make poor decisions.

I got a job, got out, and it wasn't that hard. Now I'm a published author ( a few short stories, one of which landed in an anthology for which I'm proud) and I'm working on doing the Amazon Kindle thing and moving to Thailand or India, where the price of living is a lot less and my US dollars from writing will go a lot further and I can do the digital nomad thing. And how am I going to "give back" to that awful, wretched, blighted neighborhood I grew up in? Simple: I'm not

Why do so many people think that anyone owes "the hood" anything? What, should I help out those people who jumped me when I was a kid for no other reason but that they were bored and I looked like an easy target? Should I track down the scumbags who bullied me for having the nerve to be a poor black kid who liked to read and give them my hard earned money? Should I help out the crackheads, gang bangers, and dealers who never did Jack for me?

I can't stand how so many people, almost all of whom have never lived in neighborhood like the one I grew up in, act like anyone who leaves owes those lowlifes something. Those of us who do keep our noses clean and work to better ourselves almost always have those ghetto scumbags try to hold us back. Why should we feel any obligation to help them? I'd rather donate to help Tibetans, Uyghurs, Rohingya, and other actually oppressed people than I would give a dime to people who CHOSE to drop-out and CHOSE to deal drugs instead of getting a job and CHOSE to make my childhood hard.

Edit for clarification: I got out of the hood not by being an author (which doesn't pay the bills as of now) but simply by working at a restaurant. I got a job as a busser and was promoted to server and me and another server became roommates at age nineteen. That's all it took.

Second Edit: Wow, this post blew up so hard that one would think I used a quantum computer to hack the Reddit servers and pack them full of antimatter. I was awarded more medals on this post than your average Central American dictator has ever even awarded himself. Thank you all so much!

Just so you know I'm not currently a full-time author but I am launching my series of fantasy novellas later this year. Right now I just drive for a logistics company and do a little freelance writing on the side. But hopefully in a few years I'll make enough from writing to live in India for a year or two while I study the Tibetan language and research for a Himalayan themed fantasy novel. Or I'll live in Thailand and research the beach. I'd rather be a digital nomad than a ghetto barbarian.

We Europeans are hypocrites about our attitude toward the USA

I'm from Italy. In Europe is really common to meet anti-American sentiment. I think those people are hypocrites.

We live under the protective wing of the USA. We don't have to watch our asses because everyone knows that declaring war to any European country would mean also having to deal with our American buddies.

American efforts are what allowed us to reduce the damage brought by WW2. Historically, the USA has always been friendly toward us (well, beside during the revolution, but that was a legitimate and necessary passage to become independent). Of course they are not doing out of the goodness of their hearts, since Europe represents an excellent business opportunity to the USA, but no statesman worthy of respect would waste his nation's resources on a project that wouldn't benefit his own people.

Americans do the dirty work for us, by meddling in foreign affairs, and by doing so they create fertile ground for European interests to prosper as well. Yet, while we enjoy the fruits of such work, we hypocritically blame the USA for all the evil in the world.

We like to think that we don't need the USA and we love to consider ourselves culturally superior to our overseas brothers, and maybe there are indeed things that we do better (like public healthcare and education) but it doesn't remove the fact that what we have nowadays has been greatly developed with the support of a power that allowed us to dedicate our efforts in those civic pursuits.

Edit: I'm not saying that the USA are above any criticism and that they're perfect, I'm just saying that many Europeans conveniently forget the benefits we reap from our relationship with the USA.

Edit 2: I never said that ALL Europeans are Anti-American. I wrote "In Europe is really common to meet anti-American sentiment.". It's a very different statement.

Edit 3: thanks for all the awards. Now stop it or it will stop being an unpopular opinion! 🤣 Well, let's say that this opinion is generally unpopular in Europe. Surely in the USA I ensured myself a few drinks on the house 😁.


I'm not saying that Europe wouldn't survive without the USA or that European countries are defenseless , but if we can afford to spend less money on our military and invest on other endeavors, it's because the USA spends a fuckton of dollars on theirs.

We don't really owe everything to the USA, since we all know that they are just defending their own interests, which just coincidentally happens to benefit us, but at the very least, we could be honest about it and be thankful for what benefits we got from their actions.

As we criticize what's wrong with their politics, we should have the intellectual honesty to not take advantage of the situations they create. Since we do, instead, it would be wiser to take a more moderate position about them.

u/Timtime24 0 points · 1 month ago 🔗

I agree. Just saying that being a teacher in an urban area still pays enough to live better than most.

If I say I don’t want to be in a picture then fuck off

I’m not sure how unpopular this is but I personally hate taking pictures.

A big pet peeve is when I’m on vacation with my family or girlfriends family and everyone wants to stop every 5 minutes to take some fuck ass picture in front of something that looks cool. Why can’t we just enjoy it for what it is and cherish that memory in idk?! OUR MEMORY?!

It’s also such a waste. My grandmother has probably a TON of photos and i mean that in weight. They just sit in a box collecting dust.

I also hate portraying a fake smile when I’m having a mediocre time. Yes I’m having a good time but i’m not ecstatic and jumping in joy about it.

Hopefully I don’t sound like a party pooper but it is genuinely annoying.

edit: i didn’t really think this was unpopular. apologies to the triggered.

Drake is ass

I don’t like drake, his voice is terrible, only some of his songs have pretty good meaning, but I can’t keep up with him he just doesn’t connect with me, maybe his best song is Crew Love, but only because The Weeknd is there tho.

I feel like he is a boring rapper and has no connection. The only thing good about him is the instrumentals in his songs

Thoughts? Ps. Rap is about writing skills Drake doesn’t write his own stuff.

Heroin should be legalized

My reasons why: 1) taxing and regulation could provide money to help people addicted to it 2) without a black market, price would become competitive on a free market scale, reducing the financial consequences that come from heroin addiction. Would likely reduce homelessness, or dysfunctional addiction by a significant margin. 3) regulating it would not only reduce overdoses because of consistent purity, but also by eliminating more dangerous adulterants such as fentanyl 4) legalizing would reduce stigma associated with it would likely reduce overdoses by decreasing societal isolation, and people feeling more open to discussing their use.

Edit: For point number one, I mean taxing and regulating the sale could provide funding towards social programs to help people who struggle with addiction. I think that industrialized production of heroin, paired with taxes on the purchase and distribution of heroin to state and federal governments, could still be cheaper than the cost of black market heroin. But once taxes are collected on sales, they could directly benefit by providing funding towards things like safe shooting galleries, detox centers, and free narcan

It should be illegal for a company to list an entry level job as requiring 3-5 years experience, the very definition of an entry level job is no experience needed

Graduates and school leavers already have an extremely hard time finding work in todays economy, most of which are forced to do jobs that had nothing to do with their fields because companies are too lazy to train and too cheap to offer training, they always want some other company to train them. Also if you require 3-5 years experience then the salary of those jobs should be considerably higher and NOT the basic entry level salary, they just want more for less. So long as your qualifications meet the required job they should be considered.

u/planvital -8 points · 2 days ago 🔗

I mean if they’re not following protocol they should be fired, no? What’s the point of rules if they’re not to be followed when nobody is watching?

If you bring someone to a party where they don’t know anyone and they are being awkward and off to the side. That’s all on you.

I stand by that anybody can feel comfortable in a new setting around new people. They just need to be introduced to the new people officially. Bringing along an old friend or significant other and just throwing them to the sharks just won’t work. I’ve been “the outgoing friend” all my life and there are still moments you just need to be introduced.

Vanilla is not “plain.” It IS a flavor, and it’s a damn good one too

I hate always being teased for ordering vanilla ice cream or buying a vanilla cake. No, vanilla is not plain. It is a flavor, and there is such thing as plain ice cream (nasty btw). If anything, chocolate is more plain than vanilla since literally everything can be chocolate.

EDIT: Wow didn’t expect so many people liked vanilla. It’s been brought to my attention that in some cases, vanilla actually is plain. Most of the time however, it is just called vanilla, and doesn’t actually have any vanilla flavoring, which doesn’t help vanilla’s reputation at all, so I’m referring specifically to vanilla flavored things.