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Most people only care about a cause when it's trendy and they've been socially pressured to care about that cause.

Hence why literal genocides have been going on in China for years now and yet most people in my day-to-day life have no idea whatsoever. Even when I tell them, they barely give it more than a seconds thought because IT ISN'T TRENDY and there's nothing for them to gain socially by pretending to care.

But you better believe they're radical followers of whatever Tik-Tok and their television screen is pushing at the moment.

Also, where are all of those young people who were suddenly civil-rights revolutionaries last summer? The trend died down and I haven't seen them post anything about any of that ever since... It's back to non-stop selfies and photos of Starbucks coffee.

What's up with that?

Children whose parents lose custody should not automatically be placed with grandparents because they are often part of the reason the parents are so messed up

I'm a social worker and, so far, every grandparent I've met has been horrible and I can absolutely see why their kids turned to drugs, violence, are mentally unstable, etc. There are tiny children in the world who want to commit suicide because their grandparents' ability to parent is so poor that they think beating their asses over a small slight is reasonable (obviously I report this but it still happened). There are kids whose grandparents are racist toward them because their children dated outside of their race. There are grandparents who talk about their grandchildren and children like they're the scum of the earth...in front of those kids. In front of 6 year olds. Don't even get me started in their horrific worldviews that all seem to be "everyone in poverty is just not trying hard enough/no one should receive public help except for me." This stuff is not uncommon. In fact, I haven't met a single GOOD guardian who was a grandparent. I'm sure there are many, but maybe let's consider more than finances and immediate safety while placing kids so these awful grandparents can't mess up ANOTHER generation of humans.

You cannot be offended on behalf of somebody else

Offense is always taken, not given.

The reason we have so much cancel culture in this generation is because people take offense because other people take offense, not because they actually have a problem with it.

This is just stupid. If it doesn't affect you, then it doesn't affect you.

Just cause something might be offensive to a small sample, doesn't mean you should hop into it and claim its offensive to you too, because it isn't.

Truth is that a lot of newer generation aren't offended. They just go off of what everyone else says and it just becomes a huge echo chamber, leading to the generalization that the entire generation has an issue.

The reality is that they are often forced into taking offense, because if they don't, the echo chamber has become so large that they would risk getting cancelled too

Introducing a Dislike button on Facebook or Instagram is healthy for the society.

Contrary to the popular belief that this will shatter fragile egos and bring about loss of self confidence. If your confidence is shaken by a virtual dislike meter, you need toughening up and not more false protection. Also this would mean people would think twice before posting random content. Less selfies, more memes. Of course, this would be bad for business and people would flee from those sites in droves if they feel 'unsafe' by getting disliked. But hey, one can hope.

We need to normalize absent/abusive mothers.

I grew up with a single father. My mother left us when I was 9, and was emotionally abusive when she was with us.

Society celebrates mothers, and while I am sure a lot of mothers deserve it, a lot of mothers also don’t. Growing up it sucked to be on the receiving end of comments such as “Mothers don’t do that. They don’t just abandon their own children,” thus making me feel like it was my fault that she left, endlessly wondering and rationalizing why my mother did that when mothers shouldn’t do that. It’s fathers who leave, right?

The isolation you get is crazy. No one seems to understand why mothers would ever leave their own children. And for some reason the concept of being a single father is more incomprehensible than being a single mother. Being a single parent, regardless of gender, is difficult no matter what.

Whenever I met someone whose mother abandoned them, there was almost always some shame we held on to – shame for a mother who left whom we were told wouldn’t, and felt that it was somehow wrong to not have a mother growing up who isn’t dead, but just left.

EDIT: While I meant otherwise, my title can be misleading to some. I do not mean normalizing the behavior of mothers leaving and/or being abusive, but I mean normalizing the idea that absent and abusive mothers exist in this world.

EDIT 2: Yes I acknowledge that the phrasing is off, and unfortunately we can’t edit titles so… if I could revise the title it would be, “We need to normalize the existence of absent/abusive mothers.”

ASMR videos are disgusting and I hate them

My boyfriend is a huge fan of ASMR. As far as this goes, I can understand that some people need it in order to sleep better/earlier or get rid of anxiety and stress. That is completely fine. However, through him I saw some really weird and actually creepy videos which I simply found disgusting and disturbing. Some of them have titles such as "I eat your face and turn you into soup", "The VSCO girl sits with you and turns you into one" and these are only a few of the many more which have really weird narratives. I simply don't understand how people can watch these. I don't know whether they are ironic or not (at least after checking the first video it turns out not) but I find them mildly disturbing and annoying, especially because there's people even in the comments who fetishize them. It's probably only me though, idk lol.

Redditors are the dumbest, most aggressive people on the internet.

Honestly redditors can be so stupid with their inability to understand comments and can be much more aggressive than the average Facebook Karen. Of course, I am pretty dumb myself as a redditor, but other social media platforms seem to have more intelligent and passive user bases. Of course, there are many intelligent people on Reddit, but most of what I see here are hive mind mobs of people getting angry at people with other opinions.

Edit: Since I have been seeing a lot of comments saying that Twitter is actually worse than Reddit, I would like to defend my view on this. Twitter is often seen for specific individuals being dumb or aggressive because Twitter just has louder dumb or aggressive individuals. Reddit, on the other hand is composed a large base of dumb or aggressive people who don’t pull too much attention toward themselves, unlike those on Twitter. Basically, Twitter has louder stupid while Reddit has more stupid.

You have the right to smoke weed, but I have the right to not want to smell it. So smoking outside should be common courtesy.

You could tell someone you don’t like weed and weeders take it like it’s a personal attack and go “but my rights! Also it has health benefits!” Yes it does have health benefits. But it smells so bad, and not everyone wants to smell it so you should smoke outside and not take offence to us saying smoke outside.

I hate the smell of weed and my two friends wanted a smoke but they respect that I don’t, so they smoked outside and came back in after. Not a big deal.

Your desire to smoke weed should never supersede another persons desire to not want to smell it. I think it has great health benefits but it also has a heavy smell that I don’t like. I know it’s not cigarettes but if you’re smoking just go outdoors.

Same with perfumes. You shouldn’t wear extremely heavy perfumes. It’s rude and tacky. You’re forcing others to smell some scent that is very strong and it’s always the people with the worst perfume taste that pile it on.

When it comes to scents or smells of any nature, we should be self aware of the people around us. It’s just the polite thing to do and shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack to ask someone to spoke outside.

As a woman, I somewhat enjoy watching videos of women who physically assault men be put in their place

This is somewhat controversial topic and I know it may upset some people especially in the current state of society. However, I think it is truly unfair for women to physically assault men and men not be able to defend themselves without judgement. I know some will say that men are physically stronger than women which in some cases it is true, however, there are some women who are built like Brock Lesnar and possess more physical strength than men.

When I come across a video that depicts a woman violently hitting a man, I always immediately think to myself, "just hit her back"! But society is very one sided towards men who hit women even if it is in self defense.

I've seen multiple videos on one particular subreddit of this nature and no matter the situation, people will (most of the time) defend the woman; even though she is the perpetrator. So when I witness the guy just become fed up and give a good slap or punch, I do smile and say, "she should have kept her hands to herself".

Having big boobs is annoying.

It hurts when doing sports (even in a sports bra), it's hard to find fitting clothes, because most bras i like are too small, and in my experience guys prefer girls with smaller boobs. I also often get looks in public that make me feel really uncomfortable.

All in all it just sucks and i would rather have much smaller boobs.

Psychological Horror is 100x better than Jumpscare Horror

Jumpscares are just a cheap way to scare the player while psychological horror leaves you with a sence of dread and confusion at what you just saw. For example FNAF uses jumpscares (I love FNAF btw but this is just my opinion) but the jumpscares are the only consequence for losing, while psychological horror when you lose you might die but in reality you are left with lasting fear instead of the fear that last for a few minutes when you get jumpscared.

There is nothing noble about choosing to keep a pregnancy knowing it will end with a genetically disordered child.

I am a special needs parent whose son's disorder is so rare that they couldn't detect it in utero. He was diagnosed at almost 1 after, in addition to the many other problems he was having, he began to have seizures and thus genetic testing.

I am currently pregnant and on a parent forum where so many parents post about not knowing if they would do the early genetic screening and it's followed by even more parents saying it would matter what the results are they wouldn't do anything about it.

Life is hard. Life as a special needs parent is even harder. I've lived both ways and I hate the naivety and toxic positivity that dwells among these communities.

I hate that my son was born with his issues. It has taken a toll on every aspect in my life. There is no real specials needs child care. The amount of procedures, doctors appointments, surgeries, extensive therapies, equipment is ungodly expensive and exhuasting. He suffers in ways that I can't do anything about. My relationship has gravely suffered, we never get to spend time without him and when we do it's brief.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish this wasn't my life. I see too many people on instagram etc. Posting in matching clothes with inspirational quotes and nobody is being honest. It sucks. It's not fair to me or my family.

It's isolating as hell. People act like you're an amazing parent just because you're going through this when half the time I'm falling apart.

Does any of this mean I don't love and cherish my son? No. But, If faced with results of another genetic disorder or something similar, I would absolutely terminate.

Edit: I feel like people need to understand something which I've commented to another user:

This post specifically highlights the hardships I face. Which is relevant to the point I'm making. It doesn't mean I don't love my son. Loving him and treating him well is not mutually exclusive to the struggles his disorder causes myself and my family.

Being honest and candid about how hard it is instead of fairy taling myself as some noble hero and smiling my way through it all allows a space for other parents or be able to feel safe in their own challenges. Many of these parents desperately need that. Many people need to understand that it is willfully ignorant to not consider the genuine challenges they will face forever with a special needs child.

If you can't separate the fact that if I were given a crossroads choice of being a special needs parent or not, knowing what I know, that I would always chose not to be and thinking that it means I don't love my son, then you do not understand, at all.

If you could chose one way or the other I guarantee you would never chose this life. You would always chose the 'normal' way, which is hard enough as it is.

Stop basing your whole personality on you being “mixed”.

I want to start off by saying, I’m a dude who is 1/4 Jordanian Arab, 1/4 Japanese(mom) 1/4 danish, 1/4 Moroccan(dad), if that’s not a “mix” idk what it. So I know how important it is to acknowledge your background(s). But one thing I’ve noticed in the past few years is an increase in wearing this as a personality trait. The biggest thing is that it’s becoming so insanely watered down that it almost seems like an accessory. Instagram handles like “mixedgrl420”, “mixedchild” (not real ones but close). People always going into the comments and being like “as a mixed person, I can relate to...” and the person is like half Scottish half Portuguese commenting on a BLM post (actually happened). I honestly think that people who bring this up constantly are either lacking personality and/or are desperate to try to make it about them and relate to it. When someone asks me my background I would never say I’m mixed, I just list my ethnicities lol cuz obviously I’m (cringe) “mixed”. But if you’re going to ask me I’ll answer the question, not just give you an ambiguous term like that. I also certainly would never bring it up myself (barring the first part of this, but that was for perspective).

Do not get me wrong, be proud of who you are. But absolutely stop saying that you’re mixed every chance you get. It does not make you unique, it makes you look like an attention seeker and honestly nobody gives a fuck.

Downvote away, but you asked for an “unpopular opinion” didn’t ya?

Metallica is one of the most overrated bands of all time.

I can’t seem to figure out why people love Metallica so much. I’m a metal/hard rock fan myself, but can’t seem to enjoy most of Metallica’s discography.

First things first, I recognize the objective talent of Kirk and James, along with Cliff and Jason. They are all great musicians and are obviously good at what they do.

I have 2 main issues:

1) Every Metallica record pre-black album sounds utterly horrible. All the guitars sound so thin and wimpy, Jame’s singing is borderline unlistenable and usually cringeworthy. I don’t think I need to mention AJFA and St. Anger. The problems in production are pretty self-evident.

2) The riffs are pretty same-y and uninspired, in my opinion. Of course theres gems and they do have some of my all time favorite riffs, but it’s like theres no in between. Their riffs are either legendary or just plain boring.

I will not sit here and say “uGh mEtAlLicA sUcKs!!” because they obviously do not suck, otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular. Guess their less-accessible stuff just isn’t for me. I’ve tried to get into their whole discography but couldn’t do it.

It's ok to laugh at your own jokes even though your peers do not find them funny

Humor is very subjective. Like watching professional comedians. While all of their comedy is rehearsed and deemed "funny" in there eyes, it may not be funny or could potentially be offensive in the eyes of others. Same with your own jokes.

Sometimes you will say something that is absolutely hilarious in your eyes while those around you do not find it funny. Don't let peer pressure or personal tastes in humor steer you into conforming to those around you. If you find something funny, laugh. It's healthy to laugh. It's good for your abs and it's good for your soul.

If those around you find it funny as well, wonderful. The more the merrier. If those around you look at you in distaste, fuck 'em. You be you.

Saying this however does not give you immunity to saying incredibly offensive/racist things in the presence of strangers. You make your best judgement.

We need to normalize not wanting to have children.

It gets so annoying when someone asks if/when you’re going to have children, and when you tell them you don’t want children they either legitimately take offense and ask why, or tell you “you’ll change your mind”. I have many reasons why I don’t want children, but mostly for selfish reasons, and that should also be completely okay to think that way.

Shut up about influencers. Please god just shut up.

I don't care about what Jack Mcbuttfart's face looked kind of like in that Instagram photo with 100k likes! I don't care what Mimi Pissjoe said that got ThoSE DArN TwITTeR StAnS angry! I don't care that Jesse Bruhburger made a video that people debated over! And please I just don't give two shits about JellyToonsAnimationsFun46466's poorly edited TikTok where they did something cringey! I don't care! Please shut the hell up! Just stop recommending me this trash already!

People should not be expected to "educate themselves" on social and political issues that do not affect their lives.

Social media is populated with posts DEMANDING people to "educate themselves" on all sorts of social and political issues. Most of the time, these issues do not affect the lives of the general population. A lot of people also simply do not care about politics and social issues that don't affect them. While someone who cares about a particular issue should learn about it, it should not be expected of everyone. We only live once, and some people don't want to spend their short time on Earth researching and spreading awareness about negative things that they don't care about. I'm sick of being judged for not spending my time researching the sad things going on in the world when most of the people who post about them only post them to virtue signal anyways. I would rather spend my time doing positive things like spending time with my loved ones.

Stop forcing young kids to take part in sports you, the parent, like.

I work as a coach , and in every session, I have one or two kids who have no interest what so ever in playing football. When asked, they all say they are forced to play. It’s ok for kids to not like sports, instead let them take part in an activity they like so they can actually participate. I understand you have to encourage them to an extent but if they keep telling you they don’t like football then it’s wrong to keep making them play.

People are Extremely Hypocritical When it Comes to Pedophiles

Luckily, this never specifically happened to me, but the amount of people I know who were molested by their older family members that I know is way too damn high. 99% of those people had these "incidents" shoved under the rug and LET it keep happening to their own kids. They then spout off on social media about how pedophiles need to be thrown in the woodchipper and how the victims need justice.

Yes, you're right, and they definitely should, but you're a hypocrite for saying that when you know your brother decided to molest your own daughter, or Uncle Charlie's had a chance to have his hands on three generations of kids, and you don't do a damn thing because it'll fuck up your family's image, and you don't even cut them out of your life. You just let it keep happening.

You don't care about care about justice for the victims, or your kid. You wouldn't have let it happen again after you knew. You would have taken it to the police, and you would have cut the pedo out of your life at the very least because the justice system is not without its faults.

Maybe this isn't an unpopular opinion overall and really hope it isn't, but locally I can say this is very much the case.

You have to earn the title mother, you can't just be celebrated as a mom for giving birth

Ugh, with Mother's day popping up it is getting annoying seeing horrible moms post how much they should be appreciated and praised. You have to earn the title mom, you can't just expect to be loved/praised whatever on mother's day because you gave birth. My sister in law has a toddler and she hates him. She makes every excuse she can to not watch him or be alone with him at all times. She doesn't go to his doctor appointments, doesn't want to spend any time with him or take him to the park or do basically anything. She pawns him off on me or my mom any chance she gets (he's super adorable and perfect BTW). But yet she posts all this "I love my kid" BS on social media. Just super annoying

People who care about star signs are just as bad as religious nuts.

It really dosen't matter what time your dad decided to impregnate your mom. The only people who actually care about star signs are people who don't really have a personality and base their personality off of what their star sign says. It's like in a shooter game where you only choose one of the preset loadouts and never use a custom one. I know it's a bad comparison but it's the only one I could think of.

I think it is peak comedy when a man calls a group of men “ladies”

As a woman I do not find it offensive in the slightest. No matter how many times I hear it, I find it hilarious. I oftentimes wish there was a female equivalent. Calling a bunch of women “bros” or “dudes” or whatever else doesn’t have the same punch to me. Call it juvenile, I still think it’s peak comedy.

COVID is the most boring topic in the world

Please tell me its not just me that wants to claw my eyes out when anything COVID related comes up on the news... Obviously I understand its important, but not 85% of all news coverage important. Its becoming a commodity with how much its reported on rather than it being actually useful information for average people.

You should be able to "unsubscribe" from physical junk mail the same way you can for junk email.

There should be a requirement that junk snail-mail envelopes have a QR code printed on them. When you scan that QR code, it automatically unsubscribes you from any future mailings.