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I prefer it when the toilet seat in a public bathroom is unexpectedly warm.

It’s just a nice surprise, that’s all. I get myself all reared up and ready to sit my ass down onto some cold plastic, but occasionally I’m pleasantly surprised to find someone has warmed it up for me.

The fact that people are still buying iphones is insane. Hear me out.

They have inferior software, mediocre price to performance ratios and minimal improvements annually. Not only that, but Apple charges thousands of dollars for repairs that you can fix in a couple minutes with a screwdriver and some precision.

You don't even 'own' your apple product since you can't open it or customize its internals at all. Apple has multiple times tried to fuck their customers in the holes. They invented an entirely new SCREW so people don't go poking around in the device that they bought with their own money, how's that for capitalism you hypocrites.

It's not even about the 'ecosystem' anymore. 90% of the people I know buy an iphone simply out of peer pressure. Is this the world we want to create? Where standing in line for days on end for a mediocre product is glorified, and you're supposed to cash out a thousand dollars for, wait for it, FUCKING WIDGETS.

Apple is firmly against the right to repair act because they believe you shouldn't be able to fix your own devices. I BOUGHT IT DUMMY, IT'S MINE. Thanks for reading android kings and queens.

Edit: Here's an amazing video by Louis rossman explaining how apple stores rip you off

Edit #: I love how people in the comments are saying everyone has a choice and a preference are the same people who vomit hate whenever they see a green text or a 'twitter for android' tag.

Not specifically targeted at the individual but calling out hypocrisy of numerous others who think it's funny when some 1) Can't afford a thousand dollar phone or 2) Just doesn't want an iphone.

This is merely a rant but teens regularly get bullied for not owning a luxury because their parents can't afford it. Don't bully people because they don't have iphones man.

People who give products a bad review because the shipping took too long are a**holes.

I’ve seen so many reviews on products that im looking to buy saying that the shipping took too long but the product is fine so it got a 1 star review. This isn’t useful to me because it’s not accurately representing the product itself when I’ve always thought the rating is based primarily on the product. It sort of hinders my research on the item and I can’t get a proper opinion on it. I don’t give a shit about shipping if it’s a good product!

I don’t think people understand how ratings work, or they’re just trying to be assholes by slighting the company. Like sure, take a star or two off but don’t give it a one star rating just for shipping alone! Especially during COVID times. Stop doing this! Did you like the product or not?!

Shipping should be a separate category.

Update: Wow I didn’t think this would be getting any traction. For those of you who say “how tf is this unpopular”, just remember....Just because you agree, doesn’t mean it’s popular. I wouldn’t have put this here if it was a popular opinion in my experience!

Children and their families are not responsible for not having an internet connection or equipment for online lessons.

I am from Greece and since the start of online learning, the government has not supplied students with computers or a connection. Needless to say, those who lack these essentials for the attendance of the lessons, have no way to keep up with the other students. The economy of my country is not great at all and with the pandemic, some families can't spend so much money every month for internet or buy a pc. The education system should provide whatever these families need to help children continue their studies and not fall behind, if there is a financial difficulty.

smoking weed constantly is just as bad as other vices

Just like with anything, moderation is crucial. It's not even really about quantity. It's more so about whether the thing is interfering with your life. There are definitely people who can function and smoke weed constantly, but there are a lot of people who just use weed to avoid things, which is just as problematic as anything else used for the same purpose. When people smoke weed constantly and don't get regular life things handled, then it's a problem. People seem to think that because it's weed, it can never be a problem, but I just don't see that as true.

Update: I don't think this is an absolute. I have seen people be able to smoke constantly and be fine, but I have also known a lot of people who spend crazy amounts of money on weed and then not have money for bills or smoke all day and not accomplish things because they're high.

Obviously, weed is not a physical detriment like other drugs. I am not talking about the category of people who are prescribed it or the people who use it responsibly. I am only talking about people who use it in a detrimental way to their lives. This was prompted by a personal situation (multiple actually). Not everyone who smokes daily falls into this category, and weed itself is not the problem. People just tend to have this mindset (not just with weed but other "not harmful" vices. They think because it's weed, it can't be a problem. However, my point is that anything can be a problem if you're using it in a way that interferes with your life.)

“Balloon Releases” for memorials or celebrations should be charged with littering

It is the dumbest way to “celebrate” someone’s life. You release 50/60 balloons into the air and 95% of the time they end up in a body of water or stuck in a tree. The amount of times I’ve seen these balloons miles off the coast while I’m fishing is frustrating. You can find other ways to celebrate the life of your love one without contributing to the amount of pollution we already have to deal with.

"TL;DR" should be used at the top of a post not at the bottom.

I think there's no point inserting it at the bottom if I've already read your entire post.Summarizing it at the top makes readers have two options,whether to go into details or not and saves alot of time.

Thanking military members for their service is cringy

As a current member of the military I always find it awkward when someone thanks me for my service once they find out what I do for a living. I picked this job because it’s what I want to do. I have no desire to be treated any different from anyone else working a 9-5. Most of the time people say it it feels forced anyways. I also feel like this is a small part of the military worshipping ideology we’ve been seeing lately where if you say anything negative about the military, no matter how small or true it may be, you’re immediately skewered for being unpatriotic. We’re people just like everyone else. Some of us are shitty, lazy, turds who are just here for a paycheck and do as little as possible. Some of us truly enjoy what we do and try every day to improve.

Nurses are overrated and a huge chunk of them are pretty obnoxious.

Now I been to the ER and visited my great grand parents in retirement homes and I personally think that nurses are usually more obnoxious than other people. I interact with different people from different jobs everyday. Literally 80% of the rude and obnoxious people I have dealt with were nurses. They get touted as some kind of hero but they get paid high salaries for it. I interact with people who make minimum wage and they treated me with more respect than a nurse who makes $40-$60/hour. I have had nurses who told me in ER “You should have stayed home and took pain killers” while I was in extreme paid from stomach to head. I had nurses get mad at me because they couldn’t find the spot to poke the needle in, I had nurses who were extremely passive aggressive for no fucking reason. A nurse asked if it was a house or an apartment, I said house and she said “huh you think you’re so special owning a house” like wtf? These people aren’t fucking WW2 soldier risking their lives ffs, stop treating them like one. I respect the logger, firemen, truck driver and the pizza guy a lot more than the common nurse, they actually risk their lives

Themed birthday parties for infants are pointless and entirely for the parents

Your one year old doesnt know its their birthday. They dont care about your balloons the cake or the toys. Its a celebration entirely for you and pointless. The money you spend on the cake streamers wrapping paper and all other party accesssories is better off going in the kids savings account. I'm all for people coming over and letting the kid know their loved but its absolutely pointless to give your 1 year old child a themed birthday they wont remember it.

Drive-in movies should make a come back

In light of the pandemic, and having some extra time on my hands, I was just watching F is for Family, and they’re at the drive-in. How have we not thought of this? Lol I miss going to movies, but I mostly miss the popcorn and the atmosphere, plus it’s one more date idea crossed off the list. I think it would be a good idea to open drive-in theatres, even just for social distancing reasons. Everyone can stay in their car, or just wear a mask to go get your snacks, but at least it’s outside, right? Sounds pretty safe to me.

I also heard solitary confinement is one of the worst forms of torture, and it’s no wonder myself and others are going a bit stir crazy. It would be a good way to try and bring some resemblance of normalcy back to our lives; that’s my angle for this opinion. We are still human beings with feelings and aspirations etc.

The quality of life I have now is shameful because of this pandemic, and I feel MORE guilty staying inside all day than if I were to go out and do something, especially on a nice day. I feel like I’m wasting my life trying to save my life, seems kinda pointless if there’s not much to stay alive for, if everything shuts down forever and we can’t even gather with our families anymore without getting fined. I’d rather risk it and die than live in this shit world sometimes. It’s just depressing, we can’t even go see a stupid movie because we’re told we will die if we do. Rather than turn to dictatorship, let people have their choice, and meet everyone halfway with the drive in theatre. This is only one small topic, it goes with everything that’s been affected by this pandemic. We can’t just shut down everything forever, people’s lives depend on businesses. I can’t even imagine what others are going through, small business owners, single parents etc, but I feel for you. I’m interested in your stories, so Please share and let me know what you would like to bring back, or if there’s a way it can be done to accommodate everyone’s varying beliefs best as possible. I believe where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution.

J.K Rowling is an overrated writer

Honestly, everyone has a soft spot for the Harry Potter series, I do too. But I always question myself and others and ask: Is J.K Rowling actually talented or lucky? I mean after Harry Potter, what other famous books has she wrote? I don't think anyone can name the others.

Even though J.K Rowling wrote this amazing book series, I will always question her fame.

Chess is arguably the fairest game out there.
  • No pay to win bastards. You can't steal your mom's credit card, buy thousands of bucks worth of "gems" or "diamonds" and instantly pump up your strength.

  • No luck elements. There's nothing such as "drop rate" or "hit chance". No need to freak out from RNGesus not giving you his blessings.

  • No need to worry about connection issues. We've all had that before. Your ping drops for that 1 second, you can't move, and when the signal comes back you're in the respawn lobby.

  • Better hardware won't make you better. For many games out there, having stuff like extra GPUs or a custom PC tremendously boosts your performance. You can see further, gameplay is more smooth, less lag, etc. No such thing in chess when any computer can just open a simple website.

Sure, not everyone will find a 8X8 board game to be exactly fun or engaging, but you cannot deny that no other game comes close in fairness while still having complex mechanics.

The fact that a complete stranger on the internet can bother you so much by using WORDS that you feel you're being "attacked" speaks volumes for how fucked our society is.

5 years ago if someone was talking shit to you on the internet or you detected an ounce of sarcasm, you'd simply call them a troll, or better yet, not even respond and move on with your life.

Somewhere between then and now however we've got grown ass adults literally crying because some one accidentally addressed them by the wrong pro-noun.

And this probably isn't an unpopular opinion, better yet I know it can not be. But what happened to just toughening the fuck up? What example are you setting for the younger generation? That its okay to need a "safe space"? Idk what world you've been living on to even begin to think anyone actually gives a fuck if you've had a shitty day to the point where you can go take 45 minutes for yourself on the clock every day at work because someone wasn't nice to you, but you are absolutely insane if you truly believe this is acceptable in the real world.

Society is progressing in the right direction, but has subsequently shot a little too far and now where at this weird juncture where it's now impossible to express yourself with out wearing your identity on your sleeve for the sake of feeling unique if thats what you want to call it. But the issue is with WORDS. just words, that's it. Sticks and stones. Now words do more then harm then a slap to the face. This shit is out of hand to the point that I'm stressed out just walking around because I'm afraid I might offend you for holding a door open or some crazy shit.

You can absolutely take a day for your mental health. Some days are harder then others, if you need to vent, then vent. But please for the sake of us, grow some thick skin and move on.

Actors are paid too much

So, dont understand me wrong.They learn scripts by heart and make themselves a public person. But why are they being paid several million dollars/euros just for pretending to be another person they are not?

Soda should be treated like a desert you have after meals not something you drink with meals.

With how much sugar and other shit is in most sodas, you might as well melt down a cupcake and drink it.

Somehow we were all convinced (marketing) that soda is an accessory to a meal and not the obscenely sugary dessert that it really is.

Soda should be thought of as a rarer treat.

And before you say, “Well if I have a soda with dinner and no desert, why does it matter if i have it with dinner or after?”

That’s not the point. I’m saying soda shouldn’t be treated as something you wash down your food with like it’s water.

Edit: Of course I misspelled dessert

There’s institutional sex-ism against males in America

Males are sentenced an average of 63% more than females for the same crime. 97% of people killed by police are male. Nearly 80% of murder victims are male, but no special laws or programs exist to help males the way they exist for females. Almost all state funded domestic shelters turn away men.

Country stink is better than City stink

The smell of farm animals and manure is a much more appealing smell then that of mixed sewer waste in a city. Saint Louis smells like sewer, NYC smells like garbage, but a country farm smells like summer and growth.

The paparazzi are basically legalised stalkers

I honestly feel that the paparazzi are dangerous and the fact that they are so widespread is really worrying. The idea that people can follow celebrities, invade their privacy, and contribute to public shaming and be rewarded for it is honestly nuts. How come we can generally agree that stalking is bad, but as soon as they're given a camera and a sale with TMZ, then there's less of a problem?

Rap music has gone way downhill over the last 6-8 years

most mainstream rap songs have the same generic beat and sounds these days, and mostly just rapping about sex and drugs, which is fine, but it gets redundant since it’s the subject of the majority of rap songs. Rap of 10-20 years ago was 10x better, there was more variety and more talented artists.

The emergence of supremely talented SoundCloud rappers has started a new era of rap. A dog shit era.

I’m sorry but no one can convince me that tekashi 69 or those guys are anywhere near any of the rappers from 90s or 2000s

Edit- I should also clarify that I’m mainly talking about mainstream rap, if you look harder for different music there will be better rap songs I’ll admit.

Real men don't fear marriage, they fear divorce

Consequences for divorce are at an all time high, the man never benefits meanwhile women can hit a lick and then go ride off into the sunset even if the divorce was their want/fault

My advice is its an odds game, play the game if you like your odds don't if you don't like yours

Chadwick Boseman won a Golden Globe because he's dead

(fyi: i love chadwick boseman and have nothing against him)

No, i don't mean that he won by the sole factor of him being dead, but it affected the final result of him getting it. I watched every movie from the nominees except 'The Mauritanian' since the release date on the internet is today. There is no way that his performance is better than Gary Oldman or Anthony Hopkins, let alone Riz Ahmed's extraordinary masterpiece performance that i expected to win until i figured out that it won't go like that. I won't even start talking about the level of boredom i felt from watching 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets an Oscar as well.

People that "Ooooh!" before fights should get hit too.

We've all seen it. Two people are in each other's faces running their mouths. It could end in a fight....it could end in two angry people walking away from each other...

UNTIL! ...that (usually) one person has to go "Ooooh!" and now it's like the fight HAS to happen.

I'm of the opinion that both of the people in the fight should hit that person before THEIR fight even begins.

Boneless Wings are Better than Normal Wings

Boneless Wings and Normal Wings are exactly the same. The only difference is one has an annoying ass bone in it that I cannot eat and just makes eating more tedious than it should be.

I have ill hopes for any of you absolute cretins that prefer the bones.

Bread is disgusting.

Yes, I said it. I find bread and everything related to bread nasty. Whether it be a bagel, a taco or plain bread it's bad. That also includes very doughy products like vanilla cake, vanilla donuts, and pizza (thick or average).

It's just something about the texture of it, and it feels so fucking weird in your mouth. It's also very plain and I don't get why people like it. I've always been called weird because of it but it's still disgusting. The way it smells and the way it squishes. I also hate bread crumbs but doesn't everybody? Bread has always made me sick to my stomach, and often at birthday parties I would gulp down water while eating pizza to try to ignore the bread taste. (It made it worse)

My sister also always tries to get me to eat bread, but every time it just doesn't kick it for me. Last time I ate plain bread was 3 years ago, so that should give you an idea about how much I hate it.

Point is, bread is disgusting.