Hi everyone,

I thought I would spend some time to put together a table showing all the various free Bitcoin offers I have completed over the past few months.

If you complete all these offers you will receive £165 in free Bitcoin and other Crypto :)

The offers can offers be confusing with various different fees charges for; deposits, trading, withdrawals etc. This means it is often hard to know how much of your bonus you will be left with. Therefore, I have created this comparison table to show what are the best offers around at the moment. Pretty much all of them are worth doing but some are more lucrative than others.

Some of the fees are not exact to the nearest decimal as they vary slightly but this should give you a good approximation of total profit you will end up in after completing these offers.


  • Make sure you have a passport of diving license to hand all the offers will require them
  • I would recommend a BlockFI and Celsius account. Use these like you would your bank. Transfer your Bitcoin to them upon completion of offer. This means all your Bitcoin / Cryto will be in one place earning interest and easy to access. It is also free to send from there.
  • If you have not tried any Bitcoin offers have a go. Start with Coinbase it is the easiest and most lucrative. Once you have done that move onto another one. After that the next easiest ones are Swissborg and Zumo
  • Once you have some more experience you can combine different cryptocurrencies to maximise the bonus you get. For example even Kriptomat can be made profitable if you buy another crypto other than Bitcoin. Once you get faimilar with the offers you will know how to maximize profits.
  • Set up accounts with as many exchanges as possible. They often have special offers on for new existing customers.
  • Share your referral links. If you sign up for one of the offers below make sure you share your link to get some extra Crypto.
  • If you can don't sell your Bitcoin. Many people in Bitcoin Hodl. This means that hold onto it for the long term. I am confident that in the next few years Bitcoin will be worth 10 times todays price, and not far off it will be worth 100 times. I see the £165 in free Bitcoin being worth £1,650 in a few years and £16,500 not far off. That is why I think even a £1 free of Bitcoin offer is worth doing!

Let me know if you have any questions I am super happy to help either in the comments or by DM.

Here is the table arranged from most to least lucrative:

Exchange / link to Reddit post Referral Link / Non - Referral Link Bonus Required Min Purchase / Transfer Amount Deposit Fees / Trade Fees assuming min amount Withdrawal Fees Profit in £GBP
Coinbase Referral link / Non referral $10 + £30 in extra bonuses £80 £0.80 £1 (Average) £35.80
Crypto Exchange Referral link / Non referral $50 £250 (5,000 staked in CRO) £0.50 £4.40 £35.10
Celsius Referral link / Non referral $20 + 10 free with promo code: FALL $200 Free Free £24.00
Coinfield Referral link / Non referral £11 £100 (need to buy SOLO) £1.50 Free £9.50
Bitpanda Referral link / Non referral €10 + €5 for quiz €25 €1.50 £5.50 £8.00
BlockFI Referral link / Non referral $10 $100 Free Free £8.00
Swissborg Referral link / Non referral €1-100 (Average ~€10) €50 €1 €1 £7.80
Gemini Referral link / Non referral $10 £80 £0.20 Free £7.80
Wirex Referral link / Non referral $10 £80 £0.50 Free £7.50
Zumo Referral link / Non referral Use referral code: ABC123 £7.00 £0.00 N/A £0.30 £6.70
CoinList Referral link / Non referral $10 + $5 for video $100 £0.40 £5.50 £5.20
InstaCoin UK Referral link / Non referral £5 £50 £0.80 Free £4.20
Mode Referral link / Non referral £10 £100 £1 £6.60 £2.40
Crypterium Referral link / Non referral $5 €50 £0.20 £2.00 £1.80
Luno Referral link / Non referral £10 £100 £2 £6.60 £1.20
Kriptomat Referral link / Non referral €10 €100 €2 £6.20 £0.00
TOTAL £165.00