Recovering quadriplegic is proud of his achievement.
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Humans are naturally collaborative and empathetic. We bury our dead. We take care of our sick and elderly. Social isolation is literally lethal.

It's our society that encourages endless greed that's unnatural.

"To look at people in capitalist society and conclude that human nature is egoism is like looking at people in a factory where pollution is destroying their lungs and saying that it is human nature to cough.” -Andrew Collier

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Seems like it was. She's an earthquake specialist working in a liquor store because there aren't any jobs for the quake specialist anymore.

Jill walks home every night thinking what if. What if I hadn't went to college to study earthquake expertise. What if I'd taken the road more taken and become a tornado specialist like all my friends? Would Brad still love me? Would that bitch Stacy still call me a vibration chaser? Would my parents call me up crying every night asking me why there aren't more quakes?

Jill cries every night when she walks home. But today was different. She helped someone. She was valuable.

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I remember when I was fapping and the bed suddenly started shaking for a moment I was like what?

Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Soccer Matches In Iran. 5 Girls Sneak In Azadi Stadium In Disguise To Celebrate Persepolis Championship In Iran's Persian Gulf Pro League
That's breaking Nike!
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That's some sikh dancing moves.

Gotta love The Rock. Fathers will do anything to help each other out!
This 11 year old collects diapers for those in his community that cannot afford them. This is an interaction with a woman who came to donate $200 and used to be homeless
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Yes that is the reference I used for this drawing. Unfortunately I didn't know that my drawing was being posted here.

This cosplay.
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Thank you for giving me credit! I am the original artist:)

Cristina Zenato being an absolute madlad
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Man, oh man i wasted my Silver on some other dumb post. This totally deserves a gold, for Tank! itself.

He took off his clothes to prove a valuable point. Praise this man
My girlfriends “mediocre” drawing made with a bic pen
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This guy, who was probably drafted into the war at age 18 in the late 60s or early 70s, was in middle school when the US sent troops into Vietnam.

It's unlikely that he was consulted in the decision.

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So it’s growing out her butthole?

There are massive floods in southeast Mexico right now. These guys in a boat found a good boy who was cold, frightened, and clinging to a wall. Heroes...
Making it in a single trip, final boss
This father couldn't afford a full cake for his daughters birthday and she wasn't expecting one.
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Why are Americans still not taking wearing masks seriously

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This is fantastic. You are really talented, keep it up. At this rate, I will need a reddit museum of all of this art.

Blind kid experience his first curb by himself while his parents encouraged him.
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That’s not saying much now, is it? /s

Edit: What the fuck? I don’t think it was that funny. Thanks for the platinum!