Joe Biden elected president of the United States
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TJs crew member here!

I know this may come as a shock to most, but corporate has treated us like SHIT! throughout this entire COVID pandemic.

In the beginning of March 2020, just after COVID was declared a pandemic by WHO TJs did NOT alow us to wear masks or gloves. They lied to the public saying "we never had a stance on this" once word got out about that. I had coworkers lose days of work because they didn't feel safe.

Since people in my store ha e contracted COVID, corporate waits to tell crew members until 8 DAYS after someone tests positive.

I've lost track of the number of outbreaks at my store, over 4, but we've never shut down once.

Another close store once had 8+ cases and it was all over the news in our county. The logical thing would be to close that store down, right? Well corporate took members from my store and sent them to the store with 8+ active cases. After a week to two weeks, our members slowly trickled back to our store (zero 14 day quarantine).

They've been allowing more people in the store than the county allows + have faked the square footage of the store to allow more customers.

Hopefully you get the point. Corporate paints this picture for the public to see but throws us down the drain. Please remember this next time you need to grocery shop.

All abducted Nigerian schoolgirls freed by kidnappers
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Don't blame your personal ignorance on "Western media" just because you were too ignorant to pay attention.

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-19691781 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-16462891

Those literally took me 3 seconds to find on google. these were written two years before the 2014 kidnappings.

Like think of how ignorant you have to be that three fucking seconds of googling proves you wrong, how did you not do that yourself.

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For the uninformed: Reporters Without Borders is a french organization originally (it's international these days), and, in french, it is RSF: Reporters Sans Frontières. It still uses RSF internationally.

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I mean we're pretty shit, compared to what we should be, but we're not harvest your organs alive, shit.

I'd like to pretend we're not "wage war on your country to set up our own government, shit" ,but, y'know. That ship sailed over n' over again already, lol.

But we are "might shoot our own citizens in their homes or choke them to death, then try to ignore it, shit." So, there's that.

As much as I detest the absolute power of the CCP, I sadly have to keep in perspective that we're marginally less abusive than they are.

At least we can talk shit about our government on the internet. With all the social media pressure, we're actually making changes, albeit at glacier speed, but changes nonetheless. That's somethin'

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it’s kind of hilarious that liberals in the comments are doing nothing but talking about Trump

2 women (probably more) were sexually harassed and all you can say is “well Trump did it too”. You people are children

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Weird. That pretty much sums up me and all my coworkers every day

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People have no idea the scars left by being abandoned for any child to work through the rest of their lives.

I know this, having been a ward of the state, from age 9 until joining the Army after high school.

I will not lie, the frequency of wishing I were dead was without end. Trust issues, faith in people, made me an introvert, school was an absolute miserable experience, therefore I had few friends, if any.

Made it through some very difficult times based on bad decisions, and met someone that was able to overlook my many faults and fucked up life. I am ok.

Reading about this little boy, I may not have known what his life had been, but perhaps I do know what an emotional and frightening nightmare he was going through when he realized he was not wanted. That absolutely leveled me to read that his mother murdered him after trying to abandon him. God help the children which can’t care or protect themselves.

I hope these people are put on trial and convicted. I hope they receive the maximum punishment for their monstrously heinous deeds.

I also hope the other children find loving families to take them in. If there is a God in heaven, please be gracious to these children, it is not their fault they are here.

This just hurts in so many ways.

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Where did I say that in my unedited original post?

You said:

we just get his account

The word "just" is a synonym for "only".

Checkmate, motherfucker.

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Ah yes the same Johnson & Johnson where they found asbestos in the baby powder

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If you read his twitter thread on it, they mentioned his email to the CEO as a reason for firing him. He put copies of both his email, and termination letter. When I first saw this story, I thought you were probably right, but his termination letter is what changed my opinion on it.


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yeah, this version sounds way more fun.

and apparently its more accurate too, which none of these "the yellow menace is coming for your butthole" stories dispute.

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Pre-covid, I used to go play trivia with friends once a week. The trivia host would, two or three times throughout the night, read out the list of team names to tell us our placements so far.

Now, if we wanted, we could make your team name "And in first place is". Then if we ended up in 10th place, then we would be forcing the host to read out loud "[11th place team], And in first place is, [9th place team]".

Now imagine that the host is a computer that doesn't understand that what just happened is wrong, and instead or rolling their eyes and laughing, will just set the 9th place team to be first place instead, making the team ranking just above our team the winner.

That's fundamentally what an injection attack is. You manipulate the input data in such a way that the data is processed as an instruction, when it really shouldn't be. SQL injection is just a common and widely known form of injection attack involving the database query language "SQL," of which mostly any website with a database will be using.

Family of 11-year-old boy who died in Texas deep freeze files $100 million suit against power companies
Uighurs accuse China of mass detention, torture in landmark complaint
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That it was quite profitable.

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Singin, go on, take the money Enron

edit: holy wow gold! thanks

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Hell, see my ISP while we're at it

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The system functioned as intended. This is exactly what Texas politicians wanted. They were even warned that this could happen and still allowed it. Suing for it now seems like a way they can deflect responsibility.

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FYI I built https://www.covidvaccinetexts.com/, which will text you when a slot opens up at any CVS/Walgreens/Rite and and is in all 50 states!

Little girl, 7, opens her own lemonade stand to fund her own brain surgeries
Vanessa Bryant calls on deputies who shared Kobe Bryant crash photos to be ID'd publicly
China and India to send vaccines to Palestinians
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Ari’s getting off easy on a lot of shit. He drugged Bert Kreischer a while back too.