Name Nerds' Favorite Names 2019/2020 News/Stats

I know this is what you’ve all been waiting for: Name Nerds Top names! There were 1,791 first names submitted for each gender. To compare here are the results from last year.

All Boy First Names

  1. Henry: 57 = 3.1%
  2. Arthur: 44 = 2.5%
  3. Theodore: 43 = 2.4%
  4. James: 41 = 2.3%
  5. Oliver: 34 = 1.9%
  6. Leo: 26 = 1.5%
  7. Sebastian: 21 = 1.2%
  8. Jack: 20 = 1.1%
  9. Benjamin, Ezra, Felix, Owen: 19 = 1.0%

All Girl First Names

  1. Eleanor: 28 = 1.6%
  2. Violet: 21 = 1.2%
  3. Charlotte: 20 = 1.1%
  4. Elizabeth: 18 = 1.0%
  5. Alice, Evelyn: 17 = 0.94%
  6. Lucy, Nora: 16 = 0.89%
  7. Matilda: 15 = 0.83%
  8. Caroline, Eloise, Josephine: 14 = 0.78%


  • Same as last year, there were more unique girl names submitted than boy names, which fits national trends.
  • Number of unique boy names: 659
  • Number of unique girl names: 775
  • The most popular letter was by far A. There were 77 unique boy names and 109 unique girl names beginning with A.
  • The least popular letter for boys was Y with only two unique names
  • The least popular letter for girls was Q with no names submitted
  • Our youngest members are 12 (3 users). Their favorite names are: Gabriel and Felicity, Elliot and Calla, and Julian and Laura
  • Our oldest member's (68 years old) favorite names are: Virgil and Melisende

Most popular names by region (Africa, Asia, and South America did not have any repeats):

  • North America: Henry (50) and Eleanor (21). There were also 15 Nora/Norahs. Henry and Eleanor were the most popular last year as well. The next most popular boy names were Arthur, Oliver, and Theodore each with 31. The next most popular girl names were Charlotte and Violet each with 17
  • Europe: Arthur(10) and Josephine (5). Last year Arthur was the top choice for Europeans. Alice and Matilda were tied for top, but this year Alice only received one vote and Matilda three.
  • Australia/Oceania: Theodore (6), Lucy and Iris tied with 3

Middle Names:

This was a new question this year! The most popular middle names submitted were very traditional. James blew every other choice out of the water (proving what I've always said that James is a filler middle for boys). There were a total of 1,738 boy and 1,744 girl middle names submitted.

All Boy Middle Names

  1. James- 175 = 10.1%
  2. William- 43 = 2.5%
  3. Thomas- 36 = 2.1%
  4. Alexander- 35 = 2.0%
  5. Michael- 31 = 1.8%

All Girl Middle Names

  1. Rose- 95 = 5.4%
  2. Elizabeth- 72 = 4.1%
  3. Jane- 53 = 3%
  4. Louise- 37 = 2.1%
  5. June- 34 = 1.9%


  • Unique boy middle names: 622
  • Unique girl middle names: 651
  • The initial with the most unique entries was A for for both gender. 66 for boys and 64 for girls
  • The initial with the most names total was J for both gender. 304 for boys and 213 for girls

Guilty Pleasure Names:

Another new section! You were asked your favorite guilty pleasure names- names you love but wouldn't use for whatever reason. Maybe because they're a little too "strange", perhaps too popular, too connected to a character, or not from your culture and wouldn't be appropriate.

In total, 3,513 boy and 4,442 girl names were submitted. 1,410 unique boy and 1,684 unique girl names. THIS is exactly why I limited you to only one favorite name; I knew people would go ham with no restraints😂

All Boy Guilty Pleasures

  1. Oliver- 39
  2. Orion- 34
  3. Henry- 31
  4. Caspian, Felix, Liam- 24
  5. Atticus, Fox, Noah, Sebastian, Theodore- 22

All Girl Guilty Pleasures

  1. Charlotte- 43
  2. Persephone- 42
  3. Juniper- 42
  4. Clementine, Luna- 38
  5. Ophelia- 36


  • A lot of users mentioned the names they selected were guilty pleasures because of how popular they are (like #1 choices Charlotte and Oliver)
  • 570 boy names and 670 girl names received at least 2 votes
  • Some users also said broad styles, for example: flower names, double-barreled first names, pop culture based, classic mythology, feminine names for boys, city names, 80s names, and names ending in -ett
  • The most popular first initial was, once again, A. 145 unique boy submissions and 209 unique girl submissions.

As always, I want to know what you think! Any surprises? Anything you suspected? Can't wait to hear!

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Baby name regret - help! Name Change

We have called our son “Bayden”.

I don’t know where we got the name from - but my husband and I have used it for years to talk about our future kids and poke fun at how life would change once we had them. So when our son was born 9 weeks ago we just assumed he would be the “Bayden” we were always talking about.

However, once he was born I felt so sick about it - he just didn’t look like a Bayden and I struggled to say it without cringing. He’s now 9 weeks old and I’ve spent the entire time forcing myself to get used to the name (and shuddering when anyone else used it). It finally seems to have stuck and all I see is “Bayden” now but I get the sense that people think it’s weird, and we’ve had a few “well it’s certainly unusual” comments from the older generation who are generally a lot better at telling you how it is.

Then yesterday we realised that if we opened a bank account for him he’d be referred to as “Master Bayden” which feels like a colossal fuck up .

My question is: - Do we switch around his first and middle names from “Bayden Archer” to “Archer Bayden”? I love the nickname Archie - though it seems to be super popular and I’m just not sure I can “unsee” Bayden now. - Can you think of a good nickname for Bayden that I can use to help myself fall in love with it a bit more since I find saying “Bayden” in a sentence really awkward. “Bay” also makes me cringe so we’ve just been using “B” but maybe someone a little less sleep deprived might have a better idea...

Miriam Baby Names

I named my daughter Miriam six months ago. My husband loves it and it’s a family name. I’m not in love with it though. My daughter is a happy giggly baby and I feel like Miriam is a bit serious for her. When I tell people her name, I sometimes get comments about it being so old-fashioned. It makes me wonder if I should have gone with something trendier. That said, changing her name is not an option so I want to work on falling in love with the name.

We’re calling her Miri as a nickname which I do like. I’m wondering if we could call her Emmy but we have friends with a baby Emma so I don’t know.

Any encouragement about the name Miriam or help with nicknaming would be so helpful. This feels like it is bringing down my mental health, especially while I’m stuck at home as a new mom in a pandemic.

I recently found out a celeb has the same first name as my baby and I can't stop laughing. Story

I am the proud parent of a 6 week old baby boy! Throughout my pregnancy we only ever had one name on our list for a boy that we both loved: Calvin. It didn't have any particular meaning for us, we just like the sound of it and the flow with our last name and think it will age well.

I have recently discovered a celebrity who also shares the same first name... it's Snoop Dogg. I have named my child after Snoop Doggy Dogg.

The odd thing is, my husband and I have had a running in joke about Snoop since we first met that we still reference today. It makes me so happy that our son's name now has this connection!

Grandparent Names Name List

I recently had a baby. She’s the first grandchild for both my parents and in laws so they all had to decide on “grandparent names”, hence the inspiration for this post. I just wanted to share our family’s grandparent names and see what names others like!

My grandmas: Mimi and Nonnie

My grandpas: Papa and PawPaw (very similar lol)

My husband’s grandmas: Abuela and Amah

My husband’s grandpas: Abuelo and Tutu

And now for the new grandparents...

My mom: Nana

My dad: Captain (please note: this man is not a captain in any way, shape or form; he’s just convinced he came up with the coolest grandpa name ever 🙄)

MIL: LaLa (she specifically wants it spelled with both L’s capitalized)

FIL: Lito (short for abuelito)

What are everyone’s favorite grandparent names? I’d love to hear more!

Dakota Song Culkin Celebrity Names

Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin just announced the name of their baby boy.

Dakota- honor name after M.’s late sister. I believe she passed away in 2018 at 29.

Song- mom’s last name

Is the name Fiona too associated with the Shrek franchise to use? Baby Names

My husband brought up Fiona for our baby girl who is due in 11 days. At first I wasn't super keen on it because my mind automatically goes to Shrek (he's 10 years older than me so that association doesn't exist for him). But the more I thought on it and said it out loud with her full name, I started loving it. An added bonus is that it is the only name I have ever called her that she responded to with little kicks! We've had two other names picked out for months and I have tried calling her those for a long while but she never reacted.

I quickly was able to let that association go, as there are of course other Fiona's (Fiona Apple, Shameless, etc). I just worry she would get bullied for the Shrek association (not that I think Fiona is bad in the movie or anything, but kids can be mean and say things like ogre or whatever). But also, kids her age might not even know what Shrek is on a wide scale. I'm sort of stuck, what do you all think?

Haddie Discussion

I recently started watching Parenthood, and I’m loving the name of one of the characters, Haddie. Any idea what names could get to this nickname, or if it is generally a standalone name? I originally thought her name was Hattie until I saw it spelled in an episode description, which I think is cute too.

Caroline vs. Charlotte? Baby Names

Naming my daughter to honor my mom. Unfortunately, my mother's name is Carol.

I HATE the name Carol as it sounds suburban and Christmas-y, spiked in the 1960s, and will likely never come back, so that's off my list. But I adore my mom and want to honor her with an adjacent name if I can find one that sounds more modern.

So which do you prefer: Caroline or Charlotte?

Other ideas: Cara, Clara, Clair (shout if you have any other suggestions)

Need feedback from strangers... Discussion

So my fiancé and I decided to keep any name ideas for our baby girl a secret from family and friends. early on we would throw out names we liked and would get unwelcome reactions or weird facial expressions..

baby girl is due April 30th and we haven’t FULLY agreed on a name yet. he completely axed my name choice... Graceynn.

we had kinda mutually agreed on Gianna, but now i feel as if that is more of a popular name than I would like.

so tonight we’re sitting here and I threw out Gia. short, simple and sweet.

Gia Rose (last name ends in) -ELLI clearly italian.

what do you reddit strangers think? i need some type of advice since i can’t ask friends and family without those weird reactions. like it’s my kid! you have no say...

English name that works in russian?

Live in America, but looking for name the non-english speaking Russian side of the family can pronounce and enjoy, and maybe a subtle nod to his russian heritage (his mother is native russian speaker, but being Russian is not a huge part of our personal culture, so things like Ivan or Sergei would be a little much). What are your favorite names that work both in Russia and in english? Thanks!

I want to legally change my name, need ideas Name Change

Hi guys,

It's hard to think of a name for yourself when you've always went by your normal name, and never had a single nickname growing up

Here's a picture of me:


When you see my picture, what is the first name that comes to mind?

A few things about me:

  • I like retro games
  • I'm a big foodie. I love pizza, burgers, lots of Americanized fast food lmao
  • I'm a video editor and I like computer science
  • A lot of people say im one of the most nicest people they've ever met
What name combo would you create? Discussion

My mom passed away in 2009, her name was Carolyn Jeanette. I’ve always wanted to name my babies after her somehow but hubby just didn’t like the variations. I tried Caroline, Carolina, Lina - literally my brain is fried trying to think of names to pull from these.

We just had a daughter in January and her name is Laken Olivia. She isn’t named after anyone; it was just the name we absolutely fell in love with and I feel somewhat guilty I couldn’t think of a name to honor my mama.

If we have another daughter, what would you come up with? It can be a combination of both names or just the first or middle. Give me ALL you got! Make some names up, I don’t even care at this point. I’m all ears!


Tzeitel Non-English Names

So I really like the name Tzeitel from the movie “Fiddler on the Roof”. It’s a Yiddish diminutive of Sarah. My question is, do you think English speakers would ever pronounce it right (szigh-tell) and does anyone know of anyone with this name? The character in the movie is not a bad association, I was just wondering if there is more associated with the name that I don’t know about. Thanks!

Is Holly too theme-y for a December baby? Name List

My due date is Dec 4, so I’m thinking wayyy ahead. There’s a good chance I’ll deliver in November anyway.

Names for a kitten to be nicknamed Nib Pet Names

We’d like to nickname our kitten Nib but are hoping to have something to call her as a long version. So far all we can come up with is Nebula but we’d like to see more options.

Help me name my baby boy! Baby Names

So currently I am about 39 weeks pregnant and my baby boy will be here any day now. Naming him has been a highly contested topic with my husband over the last 9 months. Our tastes in names are completely opposite but we have finally agreed on a first name but are torn between 3 middle names. All are family names but were having trouble deciding.

So just looking for opinions on which one flows the best.

Our last name rhymes with berry.

Elliott Jude (Last Name)

Elliott Robert (Last Name)

Elliott Gene (Last Name).

Thank you all in advance for your help!

I’m a writer, and I like to collect names to use for my characters. Here are some that I really like! Name List

























Slavic Names Baby Names

I am slavic, and even though I don't think I will be having children in the near future, I do want them do have slavic names. I already do have a couple listed out:

dziewczynki katarzyna [katya] nadenka [nadia] maria masha anastasia

chłopcy piotrek miłosz [i like this name but it feels weird for a baby] nikolay

i am seeking out name reccomendations based on these ones. maybe even some totally new ones :) i don't have any i totally dislike off of my head. just american names. i really hate micheal. i also can't spell it.

thank you!

Kids age 3-4 in the south USA Name List


Abigail Eloise

Abigail June “Abby”

Addison Elizabeth

Addison Layne

Adeline Grace

Adrian Elizabeth

Alianna McBride

Allie Gray

Anna Lee “Annie”

Anne-Elizabeth Ruth

Aria Alessandra (Spanish last name ending in A. So pretty!)

Audrina Elise

Bella Rae

Blair McKenzie

Cailynn Reese

Caroline Ellis

Caroline Jeanette

Cecilia Jeannine

Charlotte Amelia 😍

Charlotte Brooks “Lottie”

Charlotte Cason

Charlotte Elizabeth

Collins Perry

Collins Rose

Eden Lane

Eleanor Grace

Eleanor Helen “Ellie”

Eleanor Marie

Eleanor Paul “Ella”

Elizabeth Bryant

Ella Claire

Ella Louise

Emerson Leigh

Emma Caswell “Wells”

Evelyn Christine “Evie”

Everleigh Emerson

Georgia Eloise 😍

Hollis Elizabeth

Hollynn Quinn

Hosanna Eden

Karoline Marie

Kathryn Anne

Kensington Elaine “Kensi”

Kensington Rose “Kenzie”

Kensington Rose

Landry Cate

Landry Kate

Lane Lorelle

Leah Grace

Lily Kate

Londyn Gloriane (wonder if this is pronounced “Glory-Ann”?)

Lorelei Hope

Lydia Grace

Lyla Frances

Madelyn Kathryn

Magnolia Kay

Margaret Marie “Maggie”

Mary Chandler, goes by Chandler

Maylee Sara

Mia Claire

Mila Michelle

Natalie Elise

Nora Elizabeth

Olivia Mae

Olivia Paige

Parker Kate

Piper Meredith

Piper Reese

Riley Lynn

Ruth Ann “Ruthie”

Ryleigh Nicole

Sadie May

Sawyer Collins

Saylor Ann

Sloan Camille 😍

Sophia Kay

Spencer Katherine, goes by Spencer-Kate

Tamsyn Adelai (Love Tamsin but hate this spelling!)

Teagan Grace

Therese Aveline “Tess”

Tessa Jo

Vivienne Marie

Girls with double barrel names: Anna-Merritt

Anne-Elizabeth 😍



Chandler-Claire (so peanut-buttery!)

Cotton-Leigh (this is so awful!!)

Ella-Cloud (short for Eleanor)










Mary-Powell 😍








Boys: Anders Hart

Andrew Altman “Drew”

Asa Joshua

August Hart

August Samuel

Beckett Michael

Benjamin Patrick “Ben”

Bennett David

Bravery Reed NO! 🙄

Brayden Chase

Brooks Alexander

Brooks Campbell

Brooks Thomas

Brooks Tyler

Charles Fitzgerald “Charlie”

Charlie William

Clayton Jackson

Cohen Bailey

Crew William

Davis Howard

Davis Rhode

Edward Brenton 5th “Ward” 😍

Ethan Nicholas

Everett Noah

Finley Wilson

George Webb 😍

Graham Roger 😍

Grainger Scott

Henry James

Henry Stone

James Brooks, goes by Brooks

Jackson Edward

Jaxson James

Jaxston Francis

Joseph Duffie

Joseph Nash, goes by Nash

Kenneth Ray III “Tripp”

Knox Huntington

Liam Wyatt

Luke Rowe

Marshall Adams

Mason James

Maxwell Patrick

Nicholas Isaac

Owen Taylor

Parker Drake

Porter Hayes

Rhodes Parker

Rowan Michael

Sutton David

Tucker James

Walker Thomas

Waylon Boyd

Weston James

William Ballin “Wells”

William Charles

William Henry “Will”

William Tate, goes by Tate

Wyatt Harrison

Boys with double barrel names: James-Duke, sometimes JD

Twins Ben and Ellie (short for Benjamin and Eleanor)

August and Anders (both share the same middle name, Hart)

Maylee and Mila

Sadie and Weston

Evie and Ellie (short for Evelyn and Eleanor)

These are from a Facebook group I’m in. One of the moms is named Blaire MaidenName Blair (Blair is married surname) Wonder how she handles this in real life! I know an Ashley who married someone with the surname Ashley. She started going by her middle name.

Also, I’m so tired of first names that end with s (Brooks, Collins, Wells) I used to love Wells because my friend had a little boy who she named James Howell, nn Wells. He’s in high school now. It seems like this name is everywhere now for boys and girls, and it just annoys me!

What do you think about people changing their names to fit the culture that they live in? Discussion

Earlier today I read about a Turkish Kenyan Long distance runner named Ali Kaya except that wasn't his birth name his original name was Stanley Mukche and he moved to Turkey in 2010 and had a legal name change in 2013. On one hand you become a part of the culture you live in but on the other you turn your back on your roots.

So what are your thoughts?

Let me know which one is your favorite Name List

Names for baby girls : 1. Aurora——goddess of dawn 2. Doris——goddess of ocean 3. Iris——goddess of rainbow 4. Mandy——worth to love 5. Tiffany——sacredness 6. Flora——goddess of flower 7. Irene——goddess of peace 8. Marguerite——pearl 9. Diana——goddess of moon 10. Krystal—— purest soul

Interesting male names from graves nationwide in the US Name List

Source: FindAGrave





















































Renaming myself after abuse Name Change

I want to rename myself because I was named by my abuser. I would like to keep my current name (Jade) as a nickname but I'm not sure how. I'm considering Giada, Jadine, or Jadith.

I'm honestly lost with middle name and last name picks but I don't think I can even start figuring those out until I have a first name picked out.

Name help for baby #2 Baby Names

Hi! We just found out that baby #2 is a boy and so we are starting the name search! We have an 18 month old girl named Sunny. This time I am kind of being drawn to last names as a first name, but not 100%. Right now my husband likes Shepherd and I like Baker.

But if we ever have a 3rd kid I don’t want to have 2 with an S name and then feel like I have to have an S name for the 3rd as well.

Other names we have thrown around for baby boy are: Wilder, Edison, Jonas and Chandler.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Some sib sets Name List

*Since this was posted in namenerdscirclejerk, I edited to add a disclaimer that I do not like most of these names! 😂

Just looked through my contact list:

Ethan and Jack

Eliana and Fritz (nn for Frederick)

Cadence, Cole, Kayleigh, Evie (nn for Evelyn, she’s from the second marriage)

Easton and Andon

Jack, Will, Carson and Adelyn

Emerson and Ellis (girls)

Layne and Emery (boy girl)

Gentry and Griffin (girl boy twins)

Mallari Matti James and Jon

Jay and Oliver

Walker and Hannah

Jack, Braxton and Samuel

Knox and Gabriella

Boone and Corbin

Garner and Wylder

Kate and Abbie (nn for Katelynn and Abigail)

Liam and Kyle

Nathan, Rebekah and Hudson

Jackson, Cashton and Ashlynd

Madison, Haylynn and Case

Ella and Sami

John-Calvin IV and Vivien (boy girl twins)

Eli and Emma-Grace

Wade and Ben

Caroline and Finley (girl twins)

Myla, Liam, Sloane and Breck

Gracie and Kate

Baker, Brooks and Mabry (b b g)

Ellis-Ann, Betsy and Mimi (Elizabeth and Mary Michael)

Owen and Audrey

Connor and Erin-Claire

Isabella, Alexander and Sophia

Walker, Laura and Charlotte

Macy, Eden, Kate and Lucy

Cason, Brice and Valyn

Ashlyn and Tinley

Presley and Parker (g g)

Nathan, Maggie and Brady

Emree and Nora

Lainey, Libby, Liza and Lottie

Hunter and Charlotte

Aaron and Benjamin

Cash and Blakeleigh

Will, Ben, Luke and Max (Will and Ben are twins, short for William, Benjamin, Lucas and Maxwell)

Sam and Elle (Samuel and Elizabeth)

Ben, Asher, Perri, Judah (b b g b)

Jayden and Jeffrey

Cade, Woods and Dax

Piper and Landry (g g)

Caleb, Atticus, Sawyer, Lulu

Colt, Luke and Cambrie (b b g)

Ryder and Presley (b g)

Bry, Braxton, Beau and Bella (g b b g)

Torri and Aidan

Avaley and Bowen (g b, pronounced Ava Lee)

Oliver and Eleanor

Jackson, Mallory and Lilly

Ella and Judah

Aaron, Sophie and Sadie

Elena, Cade and Jace

Katelyn, Tristan and Stephen

Henry, Brighton and Emmeline

Tate and Tayley (b g)

Payton and Cooper (g b)

Yates and Wyatt

Mason and Madison

Matheson and Dylan (b g)

Coleman and Tucker

Preston, Emerson and Everly (b g g)

Hayes, Emma-Jane and Jordan (b g g)

Ella, Everett, Keeley and Bennett

Gavyn and Layne (boys)

Luke, Caroline and Emory (b g g) This one was odd to me. It seems like Emily would go better than Emory, but maybe they were concerned about popularity)

Louise and James

Brilynn and Blakeley, girl cousins of Brody and Brock 🥴😫

Charlee and Berkeley (girls)

Caleb, Truett, Laura-Beth, David and Marshall

Faith and Owen

Vann and Wynne (b g)

Molly, Truitt, Tucker and Townes

Lydia, Owen and Silas

Caleb and Elizabeth

Henry, John and Clara

Wyatt, Eli and Grant