Hi Doodle parents and friends

Just wanted to say thanks for always making my day with pics of your pups. I lost one of my doods to lung cancer last year and I miss him terribly. Seeing your posts makes me remember all the good times we had.

Also thanks to everyone who helps keep the sub free from spammers. Reporting posts that don't belong is the best way to do this. For example lately I have been noticing a lot more t-shirt spam, but thanks to your reports we get these removed and referred to the site admins quickly.

Have a great day and thanks for being part of this community.

Our two doodles
My sweet doodles!
Our new baby Enzo! Brought him home yesterday, and I cannot believe it’s possible to love him this much already.
Help? Coat questions from a first time doodle owner.

My guy, Albert, is right at 4 months old. His coat has gotten WILD. We try to brush him at least every other day. In the last few weeks, his coat has gotten a new, unfamiliar texture. Specifically on his lower back. Instead of the unending fluff he's had, he now has grown almost a whole new layer of curls that seem insanely rough and tight. At first, I thought he was getting matted in that area. But even straight after a good bath/blowdry/brush, this area didn't improve. So is this an issue? Is this his next coat coming in? Any specific ways I should be treating it? TYIA.

We love our newest family member, Rhett! Recommendations for the best puppy food?
7 month old LuLu
Kush, a paw-trait 😂
Lola pleading to stay at the lake for one more day. She had fun splashing around with her brother all weekend long!
Brothers from the same litter
Joint supplements

I spoke with my Vet about labradoodles and joint issues being more common in the breed. He felt like it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a joint supplement.. My pup is 16 weeks. Any brands you can recommend and does anyone else give joint supplements to pups this young?

My dood isn't eating. Should I be concerned? What do I do?

My 21 week old multigen labradoodle has not been eating like usual. She normally eats almost all her food when we give it to her, but recently has been eating little bits at a time. She should be eating 3 cups a day, but some days only eats 1.5. She has also been sleeping a lot more.

I am a little concerned both why she isn't eating her food and how it might effect her growth.

Any ideas?

(also if it matters she is supposed to be 45-55 lbs and she is having the same amount of bowel movements as usual)

Edit: thanks for the help, she's eating again 😊

Preventing Ear Hematomas - Dog Doesn't like the Happy Hood

My boy just got shaved, and the mats were really bad this time so they had to go deep. They warned us about hematomas and gave us a happy hood to help him, but it bothers him and he keeps shaking his head anyway, which makes the hood fall off and his ears fall back out. We really don't want to deal with hematomas, and who knows how long it'll take for the hair to grow back on his ears. Any advice?

New labradoodle momma! Need advice on food

Just picked up my mini labradoodle. she looks quite big at 8 weeks so she may just be full sized. Anyway..she was eating pro pac but Walmart, pet smart, and local shops don’t seem to have it by me. I picked up a bag of nutri source puppy food because that’s what the local shop is affiliated with but does anyone else have better advice as to what to feed her? Any suggestions are welcome

Spring time is the best time
Let Me Out Dad!
Opening is the best part! https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mor5ti
Starchy (adventure time fans yo haha) is the newest member of our family.
Find something you love as much as Kush likes red pepper 🐶🫑
What color is my dog’s eyes? They look brown/black in first, greenish in second? Third is close up https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mob8go
Happy weekend all. 4 weeks ago today Lux and I became a team in this crazy thing we call life She has doubled in size weighing in at 20 pounds at 11 weeks old today.
I love slippers!
Doodle pup Muck just turned 6 months last week!! https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mo1bmr
9mo doodle allergies?

Hey y’all! So we have a female 9mo doodle she’s the best, but she seems to be itching her paws, ears, and sometimes her butt! She’s been on the Hills Science Diet Large Breed puppy, I’ve been reading some negative things about it..Anyone ever do one of them at home allergy tests? We also notice that the itching becomes more and more frequent in the middle of the night/early morning any help would be awesome!

Before, during and now - Hennigan https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mnwq5n
My 12 year old Labradoodle Ruby 🐾 https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mnmh0n