Weekly Photomode Thread - April 12, 2021' ant

We know photomode is a huge part of the game. We know the game is pretty. And we even know you want to share your screenshots. So here is your weekly chance to show them off! Remember though, albums are your friend, and we encourage you to use Imgur or other photo sharing platforms to make viewing your pictures easy for everyone.

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Daily Legends LFG Thread - April 12, 2021 Announcement

Since people are REALLY into Legends right now, we have decided that we are going to try making this DAILY for the time being, and then see how things evolve.

So with that said, please use this thread for your Legends LFG needs!


PSN: (Put your PSN here)
Class: (Assassin, Hunter, Ronin, Samurai)
Difficulty: (Bronze, Silver, or Gold)
Gametype: (Story, Survival, or Raid)
Story Arc: (List the story arc you want to play.)
Side Objectives: (Do you want to do the side objectives? Yes or No)
Ki Level: (List your Ki level)
Mic: (Do you have a mic? Yes or No)


PSN: RandomName240xX

Class: Assassin

Difficulty: Silver

Gametype: Story

Story Arc: Caravan of Thieves

Side Objectives: Yes

Ki Level: 60

Mic: Yes

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Ghost of Tsushima - Anime Style Opening Media
Ghost of Tisushima with Gentle Blade Theme (Sekiro) Media
POV: You and your Mongol buddies are a day into invading Tsushima and you come across a fortress you want to loot! As you round the top of the hill, you come across the fabled "Ghost" ... What are you guys doing next? Media
Lethal+ Flawless Victory Media
GOT Gameplay Discussion

Ridiculous. This gameplay is the smoothest I've seen it. Plays like how assassin's creed should lol. An archery system that makes sense, intuitive, and unbroken?! I got celestial slash very early (playing on difficult level) in the game and now with water stance, I feel like Yoda controlling so much space as I fly between opponents with agility.

Speaking of Yoda, playing Got has really made me think of star wars and how they could have made a gameplay style just like this, with the 7 saber forms and other intricacies. Just like how ppl said horizon zero dawn looks like how Zelda should be made, I feel like the same thing can be said for star wars and GOT. At the very least, I'm happy that it's out now, because with a model like this, it will set the precedence for other similar titles and eventually, star wars will have something that mirrors this. Star wars hasn't felt the same since they nerfed Bossk, and refuse to give me air to space, among a bunch of other things (I won't go there). Wanted to hear some thoughts from other ppl about this and if they feel the same way.

Around and around Misc.
How to practice dodging? Question

I have been playing this game for couple of weeks now but still haven’t quite managed how to dodge. Every time I try dodge I get hit or end up doing a roll which pushes me far away from the enemy. Any tips or tricks on how I could dodge effectively? Also how I can practice dodge?

I know it’s been a while but I wrote a review and sum of my thoughts for Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends. Give it a read, it would mean the world! :) Discussion
Holy shit I love this game Discussion

I am currently playing the game for a 2nd time and I love it, the combat is so fun, the story is awesome, every single mission (except the mission where you save Taka) is really fun and exiting, the loading barely takes any time, and the setting is amazing. I have never gotten bored while playing this game even during just upgrading armor or preparing for a mission.

guards: understandable have a nice day Media
What's so good about this game? Question

I've sunk bout 15 or 20 hours in, and it doesn't have me yet. Yall got recommendations to keep me goin'?

Best chances of getting a legendary? (GOT Legends) Discussion

I looked up all the legendary equipment and saw that there was a long bow called the “Stone Skipping Bow” which has ricochet headshot arrows which is amazing, I’m wondering what is the best possible way to get legendaries and if I need to be playing as the hunter to get this seeing how it’s a long bow.

Ghost of Tsushima Episode 4 - Backstory Media
Jin Sakai painting I made this week after finishing the game- Art by me Fan Art
Samurai can teleport? Misc.
Just ordered the game Discussion

Just got the game off of Amazon after holding off for so long. I love open world games and was wondering how this is? I’m a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed open world style and was wondering how this compares. Any starter tips would be great to know as well! Thanks!

[Legends] Rank Impact on Character Discussion

Hi folks, I understand the Ki reflects the character “power” but what does the Rank mean? Do you get anything from it, such as more HP, damage output?

What is the difference from a character Rank 20 from 100, assuming they both have the same gear?


Ghost Of Tsushima Dynamic Theme Question

I don't know how we didn't realise but when I pre ordered Ghost Of Tsushima it was on my older brothers account, meaning he has the soundtrack, Jin's avatar and the dynamic theme you get by pre ordering it.

I wanted to know if there was any way I could just have it on my account as I'm the only one that actually plays the game. I really don't think there is a way but just to be I wanna see if anyone knows.

My Legends Samurai Builds Discussion

I think I've just found my definitive samurai builds for the weekly challenges as they are now.

The first one is for facing the hordes of onis on nightmare survival. With this technique setting and gear, my samurai has 5 resolve slots and fills it a lot by taking damage. I can switch to all sword stances to face different enemies. I usually approach a group with flamable dirt throw to stun them, turn on explosive blade and way of the flame and hack away. When they fight back, I take the damage to fill my resolve quickly, then I finish with one or two Hachiman's Fury in a row (when the five slots are filled, I have one to go and one 2/3 filled, making it fast to strike twice in a row). I figured since you're bound to take a beating at nightmare mode, I could at least take something from it. Cannot win in a group without at least one ronin (then again, who can?).

The strenght of this build is how all around consistent I could craft the gear's buffs to be, so that almost everything is stacking. I have two +25% Injured Resolve Gain stacked, but I don't really know how the game processes it. Does it become a +50% bonus or is it 25% and then 25% over that? The result was good, anyway. Crow lancers power me up really fast!

This is Beat-Me-Up Samurai:

Techniques: Explosive Blade, Defender, Resolve Increase and Legendary

Gear: Master's Katana L, 110 ki (all four instances, Melee resolve gain +10%, Perfect Parry Window +12%, Way of the Flame), Half Bow E, 110 ki (Ranged resolve gain +10%, Draw Speed+12%, Headshot Refund), Last Breath L, 106 ki (Instead of taking fatal damage, heal for 50 life --this can happen once every 5 minutes, Injured resolve gain +25%, Resolve gain +10%, Resolve increase), Dirt Throw E, 110 ki (Perfect Parry Window +10%, Cooldown Reduction +14%, Fired Up), Healing Gourd E, 110 ki (Damage Reduction -9,7%, Injured Resolve Gain +25%, Strong Brew).

For the Tale of Iyo Chapter III, in which you have to face her in a one on one duel, I made a different build, focusing on Perfect Parry Window. This one worked perfectly, I could easily parry and open Iyo's guard every time she made a regular or blue shine attack (which is all the time, so if anyone was having difficulty with her, this is one way to have better odds at the duel).

This is Suck-It-Iyo Samurai:

Techniques: Explosive Blade, Defender, Critical Defense, Legendary

Gear: Stone Striker L, 105 Ki (Heavenly Strike, Perfect Parry Window +12%, Counter Damage +20%, Stone Master), Half Bow E, 110 ki (same), Samurai Charm E, 110 ki (Perfect Parry Window +12%, Counter Damage +20%), Lady Sanjo's Surprise L, 110 ki (Dirt Throw has 15% chance to cause enemies to allucinate, Perfect Parry Window +12%, Damage Increase +20%, Fired Up), Caltrops E, 110 ki (Damage Increase +20%, Melee Stagger Damage +12%).

Fashion of Tsushima Discussion

Name a more iconic look than Jin in Fundoshi with Tengai hat, I'll wait...

after finishing the game can i find yuna on the map? Question

i finished the game the last day and i'm wondering if there is a way to find yuna on the map, can someone help me?

How to better relate to Jin? Question

Moreover, how do I enjoy the story better?

The gameplay was great, the environment gorgeous, the exploration was immersive, and further such praises. The story, however, never really gripped me. More specifically, I felt more at odds with the story than anything.

Just for some background, I really like the Samurai way (even though I understand it was not always the chivalrous, heroic way of life it's been romanticized to be) and agree with the belief in honor, so I was immediately at odds with Jin and attempted to save the island while retaining as much honor as the game would permit me.

So as the game progressed and Jin continues to abandon his samurai teachings to adopt more adaptive beliefs, this divide only grew stronger.

This feeling reached its pinnacle when Jin discovered poisons. As someone who won't even use poison mouse traps as I feel they cause too much unnecessary suffering, I was screaming at Jin "NOOOO!!" as he demanded Yuriko teach him about poisons. Now, kudos to the dev team for properly assigning the weight and morality required for such a tactic, especially considering my lack of concern as I poisoned guards in Assassin's Creed 2 left-and-right.

So from this mission on, Jin basically became a case of Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. When I controlled Jin, he was an honorable Samurai that would make his Uncle proud (even at the end, where he chose the honorable path). But when the game controlled Jin, he was the Ghost who utilized poisons and fear to overcome the enemy. The best example of this was when Jin opened the retaking of Castle Shimura by poisoning two Mongolians and beheading their captain. Shimura was shocked and appalled by the brazen brutality on display, as was I.

So, any tips or advice for a better mindset to approach the story of Ghost of Tsushima with?

Quick time of day question Question

Did they ever patch in a way to change the time of day in this?

Swipe function for legends mode. Question

Hi guys, I'm brand new to this game and have recently discovered 'Legends Mode'. I am trying to progress through the tutorial but I can't get past the point where it shows you how to use emotes and such.

I have a cheap ass controller that acts as a ps4 controller but without the swipe function on the touchpad, and I don't really plan to get a new one; anyone else suffered with this issue? If so, how do I progress?

“The perfect picture is a rare thing. You could spend your entire life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” Media