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Grave Yard 👽 mostly legit carts 😈 Graveyard 💀
Real or fake taste so burnt Real or Fake Check
Holy fucking backdoor
Incredible how this man said both these things within minutes of each other
These are only a few cali plugs and "raw gardens" ive smoked in the past. I have now switched over too bud. Thank you to this sub for stopping this shit. Let's all laugh at how retarded I was... Graveyard 💀
not bad for $100w/tax Fresh Pick Up
Goof Off-Topic Cannabis
Is this legit?? My plug said $85 for both is that a good deal? https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n7f44i
Any thoughts or opinions on these?
Big chief liquid diamond live resin? Real or Fake Check
Lmk real or fake... I hit it once that’s why there’s a couple bubbles Real or Fake Check https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n7bfnb
Are these safe?
Just got banned from clean carts for no reason lol Delta-8 thc https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n7fgh8
real or fake? straight gas⛽️ Fresh Pick Up
So i just got these gummies in a sealed bag and they are 500mg i got them from the plug for $25 i’ve never done edibles and i’m a huge tweaker sometimes but i smoke carts pretty often like everyday but i tweak a lot as i’m just so dumb shit/ cant chill ig sometimes. how much should i do first trip? ¿Question?
Friend Smoked Fake carts Got Rat poison in blood, Rehab Twice. Off-Topic Cannabis

I was On xbox with A good friend of mine that i haven’t seen, however unfortunately heard he was going through addiction From His brother. We Talked And he told me the story i am bout to tell. About 2 years ago He started buying Carts From A plug in his high school. He said he started at TKO Carts, A Bm brand however he was uneducated in this subject. He smoked them and told me they smacked, He would get stoned for hours and play videogames in his room smacking on a tko. He Kept Buying For Months , 1 every few weeks became 1 a week . Eventually A “friend” from middle school, caught up with him and chatted him up eventually out of old “friendship” started buying carts off of him 40$ a pop, average price for a garbage cart in illegal state. The Carts were i think he said “Mario Carts” could’ve been something completely different but i definitely heard an M 😂. These carts Were more “potent”than the other carts, he smokes them and he feels what sounds to me Alot like euphoria, Full body high sensations relaxed like hes never been. He keeps buying week in week out, he told me he thought “these kinda boof but fuckit tho” They were fucking fire. Eventually after a few months i noticed he gained alot of weight eating bullshit snacks all day at home, he wouldnt leave his room He started talking completely different Slurred Words Even when he wasnt smoking atm He seemed very slow dumbed down like crazy, i would see him around and i would only have time to say whats up but i noticed something was wrong, He looked and was completely different a zombie quit his part time job everything. His brother later told me he was struggling w addiction to carts and i was like fuck. My friend told me one day he was in his room and he was chiefing his death vape He started having an extreme panic attack, his heart was racing like never before his mind was tripping his head hurting body shaking feeling chills and aches. He calls his sister Crying hes tweaking, she asks him if he smoked he did, she said it was probably fake Shes on her way. They rush him to the Er Still tweaking, his mother in distraught. he comes down eventually under doctor supervision and after running blood tests they detected Rat Poison, trace amounts of Fentanyl and synthetic cannabinoids. He was admitted to rehab after having intense withdrawls.After a few months he got out and went back to school. He still missed that feeling.. The first day back in school he found his dealer and came back for more, the power of addiction. Months passed he tried to hide it eventually it came back the panic attacks the headaches he kept chiefin he had an overdose. Thank god he pulled through he was readmitted to rehab and is now clean and lives to tell the story please

Smoke herb or real carts please

Zodiac Genetics

The Zodiac Genetics carts are really good in the chicagoland area. Tasted like bud too. Hits really hard.

Looking for feedback https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n7h40w
Real litto happy Friday !
just copped, straight fire 🔥 plug says it’s from the dispo, only 100$ a piece 🥵🥵🥵🥵 Meme
My achy, breaky cart... Graveyard 💀
What y’all think ? Real or Fake Check
Need smoking buddies that stay in ATL
Are Oakley Pharms carts safe or boof? ¿Question?
can anyone tell me if this is real or not i’m having a hard time telling... it’s sour diesel