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Top Comments on this thread, except with the word "gypsie" replaced by the word "Black" or "Muslim"

I welcome all European readers to imagine these exact words leaving the mouth of a White American, and then judge if its racist or not.

The quotes were ordered by upvote count when this comment was written, but I've updated them with their most recent upvote counts. You can really see which comments have grown.

+470 Upvotes (Mod Removed)

"The problem with Black people is that they don't get education and beg all day (and usually try to steal) ,smell like shit and are just annoying. There are many of them that act normal, and they're ok, people don't have any problems with them. But the thugs that steal and just start fights for nothing are the ones people complain about"

+468 Upvotes (User Deleted)

"You don’t know any Blacks do you. I haven’t met a single Black that lives a normal life besides that one boxer. All others literally just burn stuff, vandalise and take over private property"

+280 Upvotes (Mod Removed)

"100% I understand you shouldnt judge people and such. Asian,black,latino,gay,trans anything else are all welcome. But Muslims are my one exception. I have never once in my life met a good Muslim."

+628 Upvotes (Mod Removed)

"I try to judge people as individuals and not by a group but I fail over and over with the Muslims. I never had a pleasant encounter with a Muslim anywhere in the world."


"I would not like any culture that is saying "don't work and steal from others". Call me racist all you want, but I'm not going at night by the streets they live in, I don't want to get robbed or worse."


"If Europe had our Blacks maybe they would understand. Why don't the Blacks just emigrate to the Europe if you are so accepting then? Lmao"


"Most Americans don't categorize Mulsims based on appearance but based on actions. [...] Muslims survive from the unemployment tax and the 7 kids that they have who also get tax money for and steal food, clothes or money from houses/stores. I don't think you are racist if you hate someone based on their actions and not their appearance. At least where I live Musims don't have a set ethnicity or appearance."


"Blacks get all sorts off government welfare and they don't even work anywhere. They usually spend that money on alcohol and drugs. I live in a small agricultural based town, and most of the Blacks steal crops from farmers, and of course, they always get away with it because "they are oppressed minority". [...]

Our corrupt government basically uses Blacks for votes because there are so many of them and they are constantly breeding like mad. [...] Call me racist, but these are just facts. I don't hate them for their ethnicity because I'm Christian. I'm just disgusted by their "stealing-culture" and the fact that they are always portrayed as victims."

EDIT: To my repliers: Oh, so this is a "lifestyle" of people then?

A lifestyle that "emigrated in" from somewhere else? A lifestyle that includes "many who act normal" but are "breeding like crazy?" A lifestyle that's identifiable... how, exactly?

Do you think I don't recognize the language you're using? As a Chinese-American, I've heard it far too many times:

  • You are no different from White Supremacists who use thug/gangbanger "culture" as a dogwhistle for the whole Black Community.
  • You are no different from Americans who claim to hate Muslims because of their "culture," but then turn around and beat down Sikhs because they can't tell the difference between the two.
  • You are no different from White-Nationalists who think that all Asians, even American Born Chinese like me, can't assimilate to American values because of our "collectivist culture."

How on Earth you can read these comments and still not see the similarities is genuinely beyond me.

EDIT 2: Whether or not you believe that term "racism" is specifically approprate here, recognize that the language of bigotry on display is EXACTLY THE SAME.

"They don't talk the right way. They don't vote the right way. They'll abuse welfare and have more kids solely to abuse welfare, because surely these people are incapable of loving their own fucking children as anything other than a meal ticket.

As a group they're probably all thieves and pedophiles, but you can't call me a bigot because I said that one famous athlete was "one of the good ones." The two of them I've met personally were rude to me, which therefore means all of them are like that."

Forward any of your comments to any of the American POC, LGBT, or Religious Minorities you claim to have so much sympathy for. We've heard it all before - literally the exact same words.

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we were all hard to teach at some point in our lives tbh

It's how we develop

It just keeps playing on loop
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The most powerful nuclear device in active US service is the B83 bomb, with a maximum yield of 5000 TJ, or 1200 kilotonnes of TNT, or about 7.4 billion cans of Coke Classic.

Assuming that the energy is dispersed symmetrically during detonation (unlikely given the shape of the cloud, but we just want pizza so it’s good enough), the energy per square meter is going to drop off with distance squared.

Commercial pizza ovens apparently cook at about 750°F, or 430°C. At this temperature, the specific heat capacity of air is around 1.37. So to get a kilogram of air to this temperature from room temperature, you need

E = (1kg)*(1.37)*(430-20)

= 561.7 Joules

About 35% of a nuclear weapon’s energy is given out as heat, the rest being blast wave or radiation. So we’ll take our total thermal energy (1750 TJ) and divide it by the surface area of a hemisphere (2πr2). The surface area of a 12” pizza is 0.73m2. So

E = 561.7 J = (1750 TJ / 2πr2) * (0.73)

r = 601642.2 m = 601.64 km

= 373.8 miles

A lot of websites say that cooking pizza is a “delicate process”. But just set off a nuke about 350 miles away and that should do it :)

To be fair, what we can actually take from this is that a nuke probably doesn’t distribute its energy radially. You’d likely have to get a bit closer if you want your pizza to be cooked, since the damage range of a nuke this strong is probably “only” about 10-15 miles.

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