Whoever created the tradition of not seeing the bride in the wedding dress beforehand saved countless husbands everywhere from hours of dress shopping and will forever be a hero to all men.

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Being able to tolerate the sound of your own voice in a video is probably the highest form of self acceptance.
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I mean your takes are questionable at best. ALL consumption is unethical? NO landlords provide positive benefit to the economy? While I agree that our system is messed up I think it’s the failure of the government to properly manage the system. Business job is to make money, governments job is to align money-making with the greater good. The US is really good at the former.

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But a hero would also sacrifice themselves to save you. A villain would sacrifice you to save themselves.

The amount of people older than you never goes up.

It’s impossible for someone to overtake you in age

Dads probably bond with dogs so much because, in our society, men don’t get shown a lot of affection but dogs give tons of affection regardless
On a galactic scale, amber and pearl are far rarer than gold and diamonds because they require life.
Somebody at google was just like "yea, just have someone drive down every road on fucking earth".

And you know what? They did it.

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I'm closer atleast

this could turn into a math question

Considering the divorce rate, it'd be better if people spent less money on weddings, and more money on marriage counseling.
Most men will receive their first bunch of flowers at their funeral.
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No they don't. The jingle is a warning to turn the sound off if you can hear it... or at least that is what my friend told me.

Edit: Thanks a lot guys. I thought this wouldn't get upvotes so I thought it would be safe to comment but now look whose most upvoted comment is about pornhub.

The kids growing up gaming on tablets are going to have all the internet addiction without any of the computer skills.
If drink gas you are car
Google earth is one of the most incredible things ever created by man but is taken for granted as if it were nothing.

Think about it

People who have a pee fetish must really like public pools.