u/Beneficial_Shine_352 326 points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

He was against the impeachment because it sounds like it has fruit in it.

u/themizattNO1 332 points 路 16 hours ago 馃敆

Easiest roast ever!

...since Hiroshima?

u/beaver6783 148 points 路 3 days ago 馃敆

Your writing is worse than Anne Frank's when the Germans were opening the attic hatch.

u/toothscrew Platinum Roaster 8.39K points 路 5 days ago 馃敆

If you swallowed things as well as your pyjamas then you would not be single.

u/GhostMan74 Golden Roaster 42 points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

I thought that was Dennis Quaid wearing a wig

Just 2,5 years between both pictures .. what happend to me .. roast me!
u/TheShadedBandit http://redd.it/ato5l5 11.6K points 路 4 days ago 馃敆

No thanks

u/WeathershieldByLasko 2.55K points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

You look like the kind of girl who becomes a therapist just to tell her clients to 鈥渇ind Jesus鈥

u/clearly_cunning 7.89K points 路 2 weeks ago 馃敆

This is fucking sad.

21 years old and 161 cm tall. Looking forward to studying my bachelor and probably failing. Make me regret it
u/GeezerEbaneezer 1.12K points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

What does God and your love life have in common? Neither one exists

u/niafall7 1.51K points 路 4 weeks ago 馃敆

You've got the silhouette of a bottle of ketchup.

u/lucissjustiss 7.67K points 路 1 week ago 馃敆

Single isn鈥檛 a personality trait

u/chato706 728 points 路 5 days ago 馃敆

Your skin looks like a gas station toilet after it's been sprayed with diarrhea.

u/ClayAntony 92 points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

For the guys who don鈥檛 shop at Walmart this is what you are missing....take it or leave it. Anyways it鈥檚 cheap

u/BreamKingg 237 points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

Im from Australia and this is how we imagine what florida is like

u/kid-17 57 points 路 1 day ago 馃敆

What's the old account with the nudes? So I can block it..

21 year old 3rd year Med student from India who just vaccinated 68 kids against polio. Feeling kinda good about myself. Do your worst reddit.
u/Shoddy_Whereas_8202 1.42K points 路 3 days ago 馃敆

Is this another one of those Steve Buscemi deepfakes?

u/harpsm 3.01K points 路 1 week ago 馃敆

Let me answer your question with a question. Can a toddler live on boner pills and secondhand vape fumes?

u/SnooApples7238 131 points 路 1 week ago 馃敆

I鈥檇 need an industrial sized oven to even consider roasting you

26 Year old factory worker here. Roast me! :)
u/Martin1234Rulez gay mod 1 points 路 10 months ago 馃敆

I鈥檝e marked NSFW so less unsuspecting people have to bleach their eyes after seeing this

u/Eidsel 18.9K points 路 11 months ago 馃敆

Wish.com ebola.

u/CherryJulie-b 12.3K points 路 5 days ago 馃敆

You look like morning breath