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Israel is currently ethnic cleansing yet another occupied Palestinian town, Sheikh Jarrah. Sheikh Jarrah residents are understandably protesting this and are met with violence. It's shocking that almost nobody is talking about it.

A Domestic Abuse Survivor Takes A Stand When A Las Vegas Hotel Does Little To Nothing To Protect A Guest That Was Being Assaulted
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As a former fraternity president having been in similar situations many times...I can almost guarantee you the couple was in the wrong here. Not that there aren't plenty of dbag frat boys but this exact situation is too familiar. On the weekends much of the job of the president consists of ensuring nobody destroys the house, gets arrested or ends up in the hospital.

College kids are stupid, drunk college kids are even more stupid. So Frat president pretty much means you're designated babysitter of 100+ kids (that number could balloon to the several hundreds during parties) who are just learning how life and respect works, plus protector of a large house where dozens of students lived.

Most problems we had were caused by unaffiliated guests who came in and disrespected the house (destruction, theft, vandalizm, etc), and/or refused to abide by house safety rules. Those rules are typically mandatory, put in place by the college or national fraternity. Party guests often forget they're having fun in a place where people actually live. If guests aren't following the rules, then the fraternity as a whole can get suspended...or even worse, the president himself can be held criminally liable. A single incident is enough to get the entire house put on probation.

In this case he brings up that she's a minor. A lot of colleges are cracking down on frats right now and putting in pretty strict policies on asking for IDs. So he likely had good reason to be kicking her out.

Not to stereotype but at least in my school 10 years ago, it was usually good-looking girls (probably an underclassman) like this one who were especially bad. They would come in and acted like they owned the place because they're used to guys worshiping them all over campus and nobody has ever told them no before. When you ask them to leave they would go full Karen on you. Then you have to become the asshole yelling at some drunk 19 year old girl to get out.

Obviously not a lot of context here but my guess is this couple was causing shit or was breaking some rule, they refused to leave when asked, so the president had to escalate and get aggressive.

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As a former fraternity president

I'm not scared of you. Put your dick in my mouth.

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(3:32) Man this bitch needs (3:33) to really be given the benefit of the doubt of this obvious misunderstanding.

Disney employee posts videos breaking rules at Disneyworld, is promptly fired and banned from Disneyworld
Disney employee posts videos breaking rules at Disneyworld, is promptly fired and banned from Disneyworld
Israeli military terrorizing Palestinian civilians with weapons in Jerusalem market and throwing flash bangs at women and children.
Cop starts to give the guy a drinking ticket, so everybody starts giving him money to pay it off Repost 😔
T-Pain gets harassed and called the n-word by group of racists on ‘Call Of Duty.’ Wipes out their entire team and wins next round. Justified Freakout
Colombian Orchestra joins the protest in Medellin ✊Protest Freakout
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Slam your boobies down and wind ‘em all around.

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Yes, but its a relic that isn't enforced with an actual draft. It's easier to convince poor rural kids to catch bullets than to force potentially rich and connected people to do the same, and adjudicating all the mess it creates is more time and effort than it is worth. That money is better spent on flyovers at football games and commercials that make war look like a cool videogame.

Palestine just want to perform prayer in Mosque Al-Aqsa and look what these israel did
Israeli Forces raiding and gassing hospitals in Jerusalem who are treating the injured Palestinians from the recent Israeli campaign to evict Arabs from their homes
Part if the IOF attack on Prayers on Al-Aqsa mosque tonight. Knowing that today is the night of the 26th of Ramadan and a Friday, so the Aqsa mosque was filled with people praying.
Israeli soldier throws sound bomb into a crowd of children and women in order to disperse them from an old alleyway
Israeli forces storm The Dome of The Rock Plaza - during one of the holiest nights in Islam
Israeli forces locked in Palestinian worshippers in “Bab Al-Rahma” prayer hall in Al Aqsa mosque and started firing stun grades inside at them
Big Spice Girls fan 😀 Happy Freakout 😀
Kid walks into Hulk Hogan's beach store and owns him 😀 Happy Freakout 😀
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This guy is an idiot, everyone knows the vaccine has a tracker in it so he’ll lead the cops to them easily

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I like how we have this fucking subreddit that’s 100% all about filming people at their absolute worst to mock them on the internet. Sometimes it’s just a positive video of random people that didn’t consent. People fighting and a tit pops out? Awesome! Guy high on drugs freaking out? Top post. Someone pissed of having a bad day telling you to stop filming them? Fuck off. No privacy expected in public. But as soon as some creep start taking pictures of random women, you all act like you’re so innocent. I’m not here to say what the guy is doing is legal. I’m not here to say the girl freaking out is in the wrong. I’m here to say you clowns need to look where you are and what kind of videos you get excited to see here and get off your high horse.

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Sigh. I'll take the down votes to let you know he's a great comedian

With a staggering total of zero stand-up specials, albums, films or television shows.

and often has very well rounded arguments and discussions

By bringing a binder of prepared talking points to college campuses to "own" unexpected students that are half his age.

Or he just calls the police when he's losing

...but since he's conservative and this is Reddit, let the senseless circle jerk begin 😏

Looks like you're already off to a good start, you guys want me to pull out the cross y'all like to hang yourselves on or are you taking it easy since it's Friday?

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If you’re justifying this, fuck you.

5G Karen harasses land surveyor (OC)