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Floyd is charged with domestic violence: aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon and simple battery. He remains in custody at the Volusia County Branch Jail on no bail allowed.


Edit: This was in 2018. He is in prison and is set to be released in 2023.

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This is the paradox of tolerance. The more we tolerate intolerance, the more we gradually approach, and eventually are destroyed by intolerance.

The intolerant man says meet me in the middle. The tolerant man takes a step forward. The intolerant man takes a step backwards and says meet me in the middle. The tolerant man takes a step forward. Etc until the tolerant man has far overstepped his original ideologies into where the intolerant man originally stood.

Therefore the only logical stance for a tolerant society is to be wholly intolerant of intolerance.

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I used to run alcohol studies at a university where the subjects were alcohol dependent. I had a woman come in with her boyfriend who was openly verbally abusing her in front of everyone. Mind you, these studies are confidential and its very uncommon to have someone show up with another person.

The boyfriend grabbed her arm aggressively and they sat down on the waiting chairs. I asked the woman if she was X and then asked her to join me so I could take her baseline measures (heart rate, BP, etc.) the guy immediately gets up to follow and I told him he needed to remain there. He got verbally aggressive with me and tried to grab his girlfriend again, but ended up complying.

When I had her in the other room I asked her if everything was alright and she said no. That her boyfriend has been abusing her and she doesn’t know what to do. We kept her in a separate room for about an hour until the police showed up. The whole time he was growing impatient and we told him to wait. Finally the police came and took him away.

Hong Kong protesters chanting “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time” around the court in support of the 47 democrats who were arrested for participating in the primary ✊Protest Freakout
Hispanic workers leave for the day after a couple were fired, shutting the whole place down Repost 😔
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That’s freaking wholesome. You’ve definitely made my morning. I hope you have a wonderful day and you’re awesome as well!

Please make this go viral. I am begging you. Police and National Guard patrolling neighborhood and shooting civilians on their own property. Make America see this, I beg you. [Minneapolis]
The lady wearing Black was being followed by a weirdo , she noticed a Twitch/Youtube streamer and pretended to be his friend , his reaction is quick Loose Fit 🤔
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Momma said knock you out....

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homie, racism is a right-wing ideology, it is part of right-wing positions like Fascism or white supremacy, that is why you generally won't find it on the left because the left is about progressivism, making progress and moving society forward, while conservatism is about conserving things as they are or advocating for going back to older times, which is why you will find the majority of racism on the right as it is what makes up right-wing ideologies

and even if you find examples of some racist people that consider themselves left, that is an anomaly and i guarantee you as a leftist, racists like nazbols and wokescolds are HEAVILY ostracized from online left discourse and if you look at left positions, none are pro racism.

however, a core belief in modern day American conservatism is being anti-BLM, how they focus on the very few riots that took place instead of the statistics and studies prove over and over how black people are discriminated against by the justice system while the left focuses on it to fix it, it really doesn't seem like right-wingers are the not racist ones

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There wont be justice. 99 out of 100 there is never justice. There are appeasements to slow down the public outrage, but once the public eye is fixated on the next issue, you learn years later that the lady of justice is blindfolded for a reason. And its not to judge the weight of the evidence. But to allow the system to control the scales themselves.

  • Tamir Rice NSFL VIDEO

    2014 - officer kills 12 year old Tamir Rice within seconds of arriving as Tamir is playing with a toy gun.

    2014 - Both Officer who shot and the officer driver are put in paid suspension. Driver got 5 days.

    2014 - FBI & Police State that the shooting was acceptable.

    2014 - Grand Jury Does Not Indict.

    2016 - 6M Settlement Suit

    2017 - Officer is Fired from Cleveland Police. Not for killing a 12 year old. For lying on his employment application.

    2018 - Officer is hired part time in new area but withdrew after public backlash.

  • Kelly Thomas NSFL VIDEO

    2011 - 3 Officers brutally beat mentally ill unarmed homeless man into a coma and death 5 days later.

    2012 - 3 officers charged with second-deg murder and involuntary manslaughter.

    2014 - 3 Officers acquitted and charges dropped.

    2017 - DOJ will not pursue federal charges.

  • Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino NSFL VIDEO

    2013 - Ricardo is out looking for his brothers bicycle that was stolen and reported to the police. Police shoot him after he found the bike, with both his hands in the air unarmed frustratingly complying to their commands.

    2013 - DA declines to press charges.

  • Eric Garner NSFL VIDEO

    2014 - Choked to death by police during arrest for alleged selling of loose cigarettes.

    2014 - Grand Jury Does Not indict.

    2015 - 6 Million Settlement.

    2019 - DOJ will not pursue federal charges.

    2019 - Officer is suing the city for wrongful termination.

  • Freddie Gray NSFL VIDEO

    2015 - Officers break the spine of Freddie Gray during an Arrest for having a knife. Officers make 4 stops away from public eyes in which Freddie Gray is killed from hitting an sharp edge in the back of the police van.

    2015 - Officers are indicted by grand jury.

    2016 - Officers are acquitted of all charges.

    2017 - DOJ announces it will not pursue federal charges.

  • Walter Scott NSFL VIDEO

    2015 - Officer shoots 50 year old Mr Scott in the back as he is "running" away. Officer feared for his life stating MR scott had stolen his stun gun. But bystander video shows officer planting stun gun next to the body of Mr Scott.

    2015 - Officers are indicted by grand jury.

    2016 - Court unable to reach verdict. Mistrial.

    2017 - Officer admits to guilt for leaner sentence. Judge sentences him to 20 years.

  • Sandra Bland NSFL VIDEO

    2015 - Officer pulls over ms Bland for a broken tail light and escalates it by brandishing stun gun grabbing and slamming Ms Bland on the side of the road. Ms Bland was found dead in her jail cell later.

    2015 - Grand jury decides to not indict.

    2016 - Officer is fired and promises to not work in Law Enforcement.

  • Samuel Dubose NSFL VIDEO

    2015 - Pulled over for missing tags. Officer tries to get Mr Dubose out of vehicle, Mr Dubose stops the officer from opening the car door and starts his car because he does not have a valid licence. Officer shoots mr Dubose in the head killing him instantly. Officer stated he was being dragged along by Mr Dubose driving away and feared for his life.

    2015 - Grand jury decides to not indict.

    2017 - Case was dropped after two mistrials.

  • Philando Castile NSFL VIDEO

    2016 - Pulled over for broken brake light. Mr Castile was a licensed concealed carry gun owner and informed the police that he had a gun on him when the police requested ID. As Mr Castile is slowly reaching for his ID, the Police officer shoots mr Castile several times with his girlfriend and a baby in the backseat.

    2016 - Officer is charged with 2nd Deg Manslaughter.

    2016 - DOJ states it will do an review.

    2017 - Officer declared not guilty.

  • Terence Crutcher NSFL VIDEO

    2016 - 4 Police officers attempt to arrest Crutcher who is suspected of being high on pharmaceuticals and parked in the middle of the road. 1 Officer shoots and kills Mr Crutcher as he is reaching inside his car causing her to fear for her life. He was unarmed and there was no gun.

    2016 - DOJ states it will do an investigation.

    2017 - Officer is acquitted but she willingly resigns.

    2017 - Officer joins the sheriffs dept and her records are expunged.

  • Charles Kinsey NSFL VIDEO

    2016 - Police hold Mr Kinsey and his autistic patient at gunpoint under the fear that the toy car that the patient has is a gun. Mr Kinsey repeatedly yells that he is a caretaker for the autistic patient and not to shoot. Police shoot Mr Kinsey as he is lying on the ground with his hands in the air.

    2016 - Officer was fired and charged.

    2019 - Mistrial.

    2019 - Officer is sentenced to 100 hour probation and community service and to write a 2,500 word essay....

  • Dejuan Hall NSFL VIDEO

    2017 - Officer is recorded beating 23 year old resisting a beating. He starts brandishing his gun at the public as he repeatedly continues to beat and hit mr Hall. Officer previously had 4 lawsuits regarding excessive force.

    2017 - Officer is fired from Local PD and hired by county sheriff.

  • Demetrius Bryan Hollins NSFL VIDEO

    2016 - Officer is recorded beating 21 year old during a traffic stop for failing to signal and lane switching. Partner is recorded arriving and trying to stomp on Mr Hollins head.

    2018 - Officers are charged.

    2018 - Sentenced to probation and at home confinement.

  • Daniel Shaver NSFL VIDEO

    2016 - Officers bodycam footage show officer giving confusing and contradicting commands. When Mr shaver tries to pull up his pants as he is commanded to crawl with his arms up, the police officer shoots mr Shaver killing him. Officer had "Youre Fucked" engraved on his police rifle.

    2018 - Officer is acquitted.

    2019 - Officer is rehired for a couple of days to be eligible for his 30k a year pension.

  • Stephon Clark NSFL VIDEO

    2018 - Officers chase 22 year old Clark at night through some backyards suspecting him of being responsible for report of a person breaking car windows. Officers then yell gun as Clark is walking towards them and shoot at and towards Mr Clark several times even after Mr Clark is lying on the floor not moving. The gun turned out to be a phone.

    2018 - DA decided not to press charges.

    2018 - FBI stated they had insufficient evidence.

    2019 - Officers are back on active duty.

Out of all these high profile cases over the last ten years, only one got time and that was ONLY because there was a bystander recording the event and he ADMITTED guilt. Can we be certain it would not be a second mistrial, or evidence ending up missing, or jury tamperings...source declaring him innocent or giving him a bullshit time served with home confinement?

How many cases can we assume exist of such events as above but there is no video recording of it.


PS: Did you know that some police unions have biannual automatic scrubbing of any misconduct, lawsuits and reports against police, that police have special provisions in state Law Enforcement Officers' Bills of Rights laws that:

  • allow officers to wait 48 hours or more before being interrogated after an incident

  • prevent investigators from pursuing other cases of misconduct revealed during an investigation

  • prohibit civilians from having the power to discipline, subpoena or interrogate police officers

  • state that the Police Chief has the sole authority to discipline police officers

  • enable officers to appeal a disciplinary decision to a hearing board of other police officers

  • enable officers to use the contract grievance process to have an outside arbitrator reverse disciplinary decisions and reinstate officers who have committed misconduct

  • prevent an officer from being investigated for an incident that happened 100 or more days prior

  • allow an officer to choose not to take a lie detector test, require the civilian who is accusing that officer of misconduct to pass a lie detector first, or prevent the officer's test results from being considered as evidence of misconduct

Make no mistake, the ONLY path forward for this unique case of USA Police Force that is systematically rooted in corruption, is not to demand they control their own. Its to defund them, and create a new force that will slowly replace the police. Because the police unions themselves will never give up any power, not an inch because it means loss of profit for them. It has to be taken away from them.

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“They called us terrorists” “let’s prove them right by terrorizing them” big brain moves

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Anti-intellectualism is how we've gotten to this point. The fact that they refer to colleges and universities as "liberal indoctrination centers" says it all. They know they're stupid, it's a point of pride and in their ideal world you'd be just as stupid.

Because in 2021's Trump-dominated Right wing political scene, only a stupid person willing to substitute evidence-based reality for whatever conspiratorial nonsense they find on YouTube is going to walk into that ballot booth and check the box for the rotating cast of morons the Right is trying to get elected.

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Deserves a shit more than that. There’s no way to really describe what effect it has on you to have a slur thrown at you. You can live your whole life ticking every box you were told to, having generally decent interactions with people, skirting around the bad ones so as not to make a scene, and that’s all reduced to nothing in a moment when someone calls you a ‘monkey’ ...

The poor guy is gonna be fucking rattled. Racially abused then banged in the head from behind. That’s the kind of shit that’ll make you tear up and have a breather in the bathroom.

I hope he get’s the help he deserves.

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Meh, say what you will but I wouldn't judge you for something in full if it was your mother. I for one had to deal with it, my mother being abused and I wasn't able to do anything about it being only 5yrs old. That's my mama, you get one and only one. It's easy to judge someone when you're watching them in such a different mindset than normally. Something like this, people see red and yeah, that's my mama. There are people out here that would have put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, I'd say he got off pretty lucky all things considered.

Baton Rouge Police Officer Chokes A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy That Was Playing BasketBall In A Case Of Mistaken Identity While Ignoring The Desperate Pleas From His Family
This guy went back to look over the burned wreckage of his house a week after it burned down. Little did he know that he would also find his cat who was lost during the fire.. Repost 😔
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You know you actually don't need to know how to read music to play guitar. Let's start lessons next week.

This woman from Myanmar was recording her aerobics class. Unbeknownst to her, she records the military Junta arriving to the parliament for a coup d'etat in the background 🏆 Mod's Choice 🏆
Screaming compliments at strangers from a car [wholesome]
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Never given Reddit gold before, never even spent money on this hellsite but that comment had me crying tears.

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In the US, it could be substituted for experience when applying for a job in law enforcement.

Ukranian protesters throwing corrupt politicians in garbage bins Misleading Title
Someone had to say it... Non-Freakout
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And then Kendall Jenner hands out pepsi