Nioh 2 PC Tech Support / Bug Discussion ⛩️ Megathread ⛩️

With the PC launch, many users have technical questions or may be encountering issues that may or may not be bugs. Please use this thread to help each other out.

I will update this post with questions and answers when found.

Low FPS / Camera stutter

  • Possible fix: turn off particle effects and restart the game

Crashes on Startup

  • Possible fix: Disable any and all overlays. (Steam, discord, afterburner, rivatruner, etc)

Crash after "Inner Shrine Key" gate

  • It's an Nvidia bug: Open nvidia control panel and set nioh2.exe "Antialiasing - Mode" to "OFF" and "Low Latency Mode" to Ultra

For OFFICIAL SUPPORT: https://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/support/

Character Creation + Photo Mode Megathread 3 - POST YOUR IMAGES HERE ⛩️ Megathread ⛩️

The community requested that we keep a megathread to avoid character creation posts and photo mode screenshots overtaking the sub.

This is such a thread!

  • Post your character creation images and codes!
  • Post your photos here!


We'll be removing chracter creation codes and photo mode posts so other questions can have the spotlight. If anyone has feedback on this please feel free to contact us via modmail

The previous character chreation codes can be found here and here.

"Ok, lets see if the depths are tough as it people mention". Walks in and sees this fuckin piece of a shiet as first boss, no thanks, i'll come back tomorrow.
Wheelmonk Cart (Abe Seimei vs Ashiya Doman)
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Boss HP spreadsheet (if anyone is interested) Misc - Nioh 2
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Scroll of the Damned

Where i can find the "Scroll of the Damned"

Elemental Damage and Elemental Weapon Damage: even more discussion/findings. Tips & Guides - Nioh 2


  • Elemental Weapon Damage ONLY affects the white damage (melee damage) of a weapon while you have a buff that shows up on your Stance Wheel . Confusingly, this has NO AFFECT on the elemental damage (colorful damage) of your buffed melee attacks.

  • Elemental Damage ONLY affects colorful damage numbers, but DOES NOT affect tick damage. Purity, Corruption, Paralysis, and Poison ARE NOT AFFECTED by this stat.

I spent about two hours in the dojo today whacking dwellers trying to figure out exactly how Elemental Damage and Elemental Weapon Damage special effect stats are different and what exactly they will affect.

Elemental Weapon Damage will affect the MELEE damage of a weapon that is under the affect of an elemental buff such as Fire Talisman, Purification Talisman, or Galnut Broth but WILL NOT affect the elemental damage of your melee attacks while buffed. Weapons with an Imbue [Element] stat won't be affected by Elemental Weapon Damage. As a general rule of thumb if you have a buff that shows up on your Stance Wheel your white damage from melee attacks will be increased by your Elemental Weapon Damage stat for the duration of the buff. Elemental Weapon Damage does not appear to affect white damage from any other source such as soul cores.

Elemental Damage has no affect on melee attack damage. This stat affects elemental damage jutsu like Fire Shot Talisman, Water Shot Talisman, Yarokoa Feathers, etc., explosive affects such as the fire damage from bombs and Fire Shuriken, and elemental damage dealt by Yokai Abilities such as Yasha, Nue, etc. As a general rule of thumb if you are dealing fire, water, or lightning damage regardless of the source of the damage the colorful damage numbers will be increased by your Elemental Damage stat EXCEPT for the tick damage dealt by the Scorched (fire) status affect. Purity, Corruption, Paralysis, and Poison are not affected by this stat.

Only the weapon with the stat on it is affected, so you need to have the weapon equipped and be using it to get the benefits of both of these bonuses (you won't get the benefits for equipping it in your offhand). Did some more testing and found that you will in fact get both stats from both weapons that are equipped regardless of whether you are using it at the time.

Hopefully this helps some people square away their gear for different builds/needs.

I took picture with him and he went bananas Image - Nioh 2 https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mp5l8y
DotW/DotN/endgame Tonfa Ninjutsu build Discussion - Nioh 2

Hello demon slayers!

After my first post about a Tonfa/Ninjutsu build post, I'd like to know if this kind of build ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf-L5hlxG4E ) could be enhanced and be viable for DotW/DotN/Endgame?

Xenoswarm has helped me through and through with his awesome vids but I'm still curious about this build specifically.

I'm using a claws/Ninjutsu build as of now but really miss the Tonfa.


Before any Nioh Boss fight
Need help? Question - Nioh 2

I’m just about finished with the regular game but I still feel super weak. I’m using lots of magic. Not sure what exactly to look for in gear. Does anyone have any tips? I’m about level 100.

Completed Nioh 2 last weeks, who’s everyone’s hardest boss? (Including DLCs) Discussion - Nioh 2

Shibata Katsuie

Ren Hayabusa

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Tate Eboshi

Nightmare Bringer

Someone Else

scroll with oyama

Would anyone happen to have an SotD with Oyama special? I have been trying to get some ranged with the appropriate grace and have come up with everything but what's needed (ofc).

edit: this is on playstation (haven't picked it up on PC yet due to how buggy the first game was for PC).

need help with "night falls again" and "the return of the gourd" missions (ps4) Nioh 1 - EVERYTHING

they are driving me crazy!!!! i beat every mission except those 2

This scroll of the damned is trolling me.

Imagine suffering for a strong attack + for hours after you got 3 ultimate stats on your scroll...

Looking for build advice- Dragon Ninja plus Dual Swords.

What’s a good way to spread out my points if I want to run a Dragon Ninja build with Dual Swords rather than Fists?

I prefer the sword skills that are kind of ‘flashy’ and involve jumping and flipping in addition to bombs and shuriken.

Questions regarding graces

Hi All,

I'm halfway through the underworld and I have a few questions regarding graces. I would really appreciate if I could get some help regarding my questions. So, the first thing that I was wondering is how exactly the "+" part of a set works? I'm trying to get an Izanagi set but so far, all the drops I had with this grace doesn't have the + part. For now, I have 6 pieces equipped, and I'm still trying to get a Pheonix wing with this grace (so far had none, thou I have the weapon drop on my accessories). However, would I need to have all the graces with the + to receive the cleansing prayer buff? My other question is that my general approach so far was that I always cleared everything on the floors where I could get Izanagi drops and just beat the boss on those where it's not a drop. Should I do it differently? I assume that the best way would be to just farm a floor where izanagi is in the grace pool but I wanna get done with the underworld and go to the depths so I was hoping I could finish my build the way I'm doing it now.

Thanks for all the help in advance:)

Tempering question

Hi whatsup guys, I just have a quick question here bout tempering. Can I have both melee damage vs Corrupted enemy and change to attack heart at a time or just 1 of them

Thank you folks