20 y/o makes fun of kid at an anime convention
Terry Pratchett calmly, politely and methodically takes apart the "Fantasy isn't *proper* literature" argument.
Jonah Hill puts the Daily Rag in its place
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Yeah the fact that everyone just assumes that situation is real is kinda wild to me

That's just how it is though, isn't it?
Why do all vegans sound exactly the same?
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You’re not.

Ex vegan here. Veganism impacts the environment quite heavily. From encouraging a reduction in bee farming to destroying rainforest with soy products.

The best thing you can do is be an AWARE consumer- which is very doable, and even better as an omnivore.

Know where your products come from Get your eggs + meat from local farmers, not factory companies. But your fish sustainable and wild. Pay hunters. All of these will be kinder to the animals and better for the environment- much more than careless veganism.

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Australian: He's a right cunt.

He's a right cunt.

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The entire premise of Murdered By Words is a stinging counterpoint by one individual to an ignorant, egotistical, self-righteous, and/or hypocritical statement made by another individual.

No, it's not. This sub original premise is lengthy and detailed rebuttals which essentially "murder" the opponent's argument, regardless how ignorant or whatever the original point was. An intellectual verbal K.O, so to say. Not low-hanging Twitter burns and bickering. Politics high-jacked this sub and turned it into orange man bad circlejerk, and now you are complaining that mods are trying to rein the sub back to its origin?

Your "going after" attitude is the prime example of what's wrong with the sub and why politics ban was needed. You value pushing your agenda against the evil orange man above all else, expecting everyone to provide you a platform for it for the greater good or something.

Make no mistake, Trump is an incompetent idiot at best, he sucks. But so does the constant whining about him, especially in unrelated subs and especially for non-americans. You remember there's a world outside of America, right? And as soon someone points it out, you deflect to "well it just doesn't fit your worldview". No, Trump being an idiot fits my worldview perfectly. But not in every damn sub 24/7.

Yes, there's too much politics, and no, it has nothing to do with it fitting anyone's worldview. Let's take a look at some of the top posts. This is a perfect example of a murder. That's what the sub is about. You know what it wasn't meant to be about, until you lot came along and high-jacked it? This kind of shit. It's not a murder. It's barely even a good comeback, just a low effort "no you". This is not a murder. Funny, but not a murder. This, this, this, this and this aren't murders either.

Mind you, the issue isn't limited to politics. As obvious from examples, there's lots of shitty non-murder non-political posts that are upvoted simply because people agree/think they're funny, not because they fit the sub. But politics sure drove nail in the coffin of this sub's quality spearheading the decline. While it'd be preferred if mods just banned Twitter screenshots all-together (since 120 character limit goes against whole point of the sub - detailed and lengthy rebuttals) and short comebacks/burns, banning politics covers a big chunk of problematic content and helps getting rid of users who value political agenda above all else.

They can even unfollow the sub.

Maybe you should follow your own advice and find a proper forum to drive your political agenda. Many are here just for laughs and couldn't care less about Trump and his incompetence, different subs exist for a reason, you know.

Edit: I love how some replies accuse me of being a Trump supporter and other things just because I don't think political slapfights fit the sub. You're just further proving my point.

babies are not a plaything
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More like "We can't outright mock his body, but we invite everyone else to do so."

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Aren’t the NY Post, The Sun, and DailyMail all Murdoch tabloids? Like, the guy finds 3 articles, and it just so happens that they are the big Murdoch tabloids? Are those the only outlets that reported it, or is does that reflect this guy’s reading habits? Regardless, that’s the facepalm here. Whether or not the story is true or relevant or anything, those are not valid sources of news and all 3 are in the pocket of the same guy, and that guy is notorious for spreading frequently fictional right-wing propaganda in all of his media properties. And apparently this person doesn’t realize it somehow, and thinks posting those links make him sound more credible?

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I would wear my boots out before I got tired of hoofing this utter spunkbucket right in his microscopic bollocks. To call this cunt a halfwit is to give him entirely too much credit.

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Mr. Potato Head Comes Out as Non-Frynary

This would have been the appropriate way to make this move entirely uncontroversial (because clearly PR should have anticipated that the gender of a plastic potato is a proxy battleground in the culture wars)

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Its assigned in the womb. Everything in your sack is the same gender.

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They’re not entirely wrong though. One is a human being. Capable of make beautiful and complex music that inspires many people for generations to come. The other is a painting of Mozart

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Have no idea what's going on between you two, and frankly don't have any interest in getting involved.

Can confirm I was being facetious with my comment, however. The guy in that thread was claiming he only made 15k a year as a tennis coach and didn't want to earn any more since he was lazy and he could easily earn more if he was so inclined; a worldview that is entirely based around the false narrative that everyone who isn't rich is lazy and/or stupid. That was what set me off.

Waddaya say, then?
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My husband never shames me if I am not in the mood, so i never have to lie. I just tell him I am not in the mood. I can say to him can you just rub my head or hold me and he does it. No guilt, no pressure. We talk about this because I tell him how grateful I am that he doesn't get offended or mad at me. He always looks at me confused and says he doesn't understand why anyone would get pissed. It is my body and of course I can say no. I married a very good man. I love him so much.

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Just can't let this go by without offering this gem:


All of a sudden “Law & Order” doesn’t apply?
U down to clown, big boy?
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Getting distracted by an attractive person is human. Making them uncomfortable is not.

Rule #2: Double Tap
Same case, two perspectives