At the age of 14, my daughter attempted to take her life. But through years of therapy and hard work she found her self worth. Today she graduated a year early, on the Dean’s List, with a double major. You bet your ass I’m smiling. Family & Friends
My wife is challenging me to do a “Friday dance” every week to improve my dancing and prosthetics skills. I do hope I get better, dancing is difficult even if you have your original parts! Family & Friends
September 1993: Michael Jackson visits a hospital for disadvantaged children in Moscow, Russia. There he pays for one child to be flown to America for specialist care and treatment. Michael spends hours meeting the children, hugging some, comforting and chatting with them. Helping Others
My Grandma used to paint amazing lifelike scenes until her stroke. This is her only post-stroke artwork, that she swears no one will appreciate. I told her I'd ask my friends what they think. Helping Others
So proud of my daughter for making it this far. I want to encourage her as much as possible. Good Vibes
Me in October of 2018 at 340 pounds and me today at 230 pounds. Battled depression and obesity my whole life, found joy in life after meeting my wife and focusing on my mental and physical health.
It took me very long but I can finally say that I love my body and that I beat anorexia's ass. I moved on from toxic people and poor mental and pretty mean comments on my weight. I am happy now Personal Win
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Just so everyone knows, I am his daughter and I have given him the OK to share my story! I’m very open about my journey

And who says the internet doesnt bring people together Meme
Put things back where you found them Small Success
You deserve a long life!
I have a delivery route that takes me by this house pretty frequently. I regularly stop to pet the dog even if I don’t have a package to drop off. Doggo
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Please let her know that dick nipples from the internet loves her work

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Well, for the ones blaming God for her getting cancer twice and still being grateful to him, well, God puts obstacles in our life (John 16:33), and they’re just to make us strengthen and test our faith on him. Everything has it’s purpose, and we as christians see no value here in this material world (maybe for other religions that also believe in God too), that’s why it doesn’t matter for us, and we’d like to be respected like everyone else from all religions are.

Woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise with my cat in celebration of 1 year since my last overdose
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good moves! i love seeing happy couples where the wife is taller than the husband

Love Yourself. Favorite People
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This reminds me of Matisse’s journey. His painted works he did earlier in his life are masterpieces. Later in life he wasn’t able to paint bc he didn’t have the same dexterity & mobility. So he started “painting with scissors” which led to his cut paper collages. Those pieces are by far my favorite Matisse works. Not only are they gorgeous but they speak to the artist’s innate desire/need to create (which I identify w as a creative myself). To me, that makes works such as those & your grandma’s even more beautiful.

Please encourage grandma to check out Matisse’s artistic journey & to definitely check out his cut paper works. Grandma should feel proud of her work & maybe seeing his works & history will help her see the value of hers as well.

Matisse biography

Matisse cut paper

Just watched the shining for the first time ever while there was a real snowstorm outside! Cat and dog on lap and in the morning I can open presents because it's my birthday!! I have been suffering from depression for a really long time and this is the first time in so long I've actually felt happy. Good Vibes
This is my son Charlie. We just got the news that HE BEAT CANCER! Way to go Charlie! Good News
Me (14) and My Dad (50) played through the entirety of Night In The Woods together. Looking forward to Disco Elysium! (Picture taken by my little Sister) Family & Friends
It’s the little things
I strive for this level of self confidence Good Vibes
I love the policy they have
This divorced dad is raising his kids right! Helping Others