Last year I gave a guy CPR after he had a heart attack while driving. He ended up surviving but we couldn’t meet because of his condition and covid. We finally got to meet up Covid-19
We need more of this Wholesome Moments
2 years ago I flew back to the US to surprise my dad who I hadn't seen in 1.5 years. His reaction brings me immeasurable joy. Wholesome Moments
A wise mother Wholesome Moments
When your human is taking you home for the first time from the shelter and the Love is instantly there to see... Favorite People
Hi y'all! It has been officially 1 year since I stopped cutting! xoxo Small Success
She knew I was planning to propose so I had to sneak up on her. Family & Friends
I never considered myself artistic in any way. In October, I quit drinking, and in December I started experimenting with woodburning as an activity to support my sobriety. Here's about two months of progress between one of my first pieces and one I completed in mid-February. Small Success
Dressing up in a dress and make-up made me smile Small Success
This Marriage Loophole
Received a random message from an old schoolmate about my dad, who was the janitor when we were all in elementary to middle school. My dad passed away in 2009, so stories like these mean the world to me. Wholesome Moments
Lost 200 pounds in a year. Just did the 20:4 fast and walked ~5km every day. (360lbs➡️160lbs) Personal Win
1st picture was the peak of my depression. 2nd is a recent one after almost an year of medication and self care. Personal Win
What a great idea. Favorite People
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A moment that will live with the kid forever. Awesome! Wholesome Moments
2 months- I've been fighting this war for so long now that I often forget what I'm even fighting for. Maybe this time around, I will win once and for all. Never accept defeat!
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I wasn't sure what I should sign it as, the people asked for grandma I shall be the best grandma I can be.

Edit: plugging r/NanaJosh not sure what the plan is but head over there for wholesome nananess

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You know what is even more impressive about this? You did a year of March 2020 to March 2021. A year when you couldn't go anywhere, therapy was almost all virtual if at all, and most people had an almost 0 support system. You are amazing.

u/jacoma89 6 points · 8 hours ago 🔗

What is it with these karma warriors lately?! Why do you even give a fuck about the reasoning behind this post? If it makes OP feel better then why on earth would you come here to make them feel worse instead. It says alot more about you as a person if you ask me.

Almost everything anyone has ever shared on Reddit is shared to get some kind of reaction from the outside world. If OP gets to pull even a little bit of strength from the supportive messages here (unlike yours), then that would be a wonderful thing right?!

I remember when my mother passed, reading the many many condolence cards we received, really helped me alot. Reading what people wrote about her, despite barely even knowing her, helped me deal with the loss so much better. We all seek solace in different ways. Don't be a dick about it and respect other people's process.

Edit: Wow, thanks for the Gold reward OP! You really shouldn't have but thank you. I hope my words helped you a bit!

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Sorry if you’ve already seen it this morning: it was previously removed from a popular subreddit devoted to things that might be considered “next level” for “not fitting the sub.” Hope this fits better here.

Also, 160lbs is about 72.6 kg, for my euro friends

11 stone 6 lbs, if you’re Bri’ish

Edit: Thanks for all the nice things! I would like to answer some questions I’ve been getting:

  • I’m 5’8” (~173 cm)

  • “20:4” means you fast for 20 hours and you eat your meal(s) for the day during a four-hour window. You can choose any four-hour period that works best for you - for me, it is between 4pm and 8pm.

  • for foods, I would just make sure you are eating foods rich in protein and good carbohydrates, especially if you are still trying to retain muscle.

  • for calories, find a TDEE calculator online to figure out how many calories your body burns just by existing. To put it very simply: to lose a pound, a week without exercising, you need to subtract 500 calories from your daily caloric intake (your TDEE).

  • I could barely walk a mile at the beginning. I started with walking 30 minutes or a mile (whichever came first) every day. Then I worked up to an hour. I found a small lake near my house that was about 2.5 miles around that I really enjoyed (and it started and ended in the same place), but it was always really crowded. So I looked on Google maps for another lake/reservoir in the area that wasn’t as crowded. Found one that was almost exactly 5km (3.2 miles), and decided to continue walking that course until it got easier. Then when it got easier, I tried to go faster. Then started challenging myself to jog this part here or there. But I try to take it all on a day-to-day basis.

Never too old for a little fun! Good Vibes
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I know what you're thinking: "Why do I need a post about this guy when he spams this subreddit everyday?" Well this is a different kind of post. I know it may be long but bear with me and I will show you the truth about Joshua "the motivation man" Savanh - an overweight 26 year old pilipino who has no job and lives with his parents. u/Callusedthenics

After dropping out of the army because he realized that it was too hard and there are only 3 meals per day which are portioned, he decided to come back to mom and dad and eat himself to 325lbs.Then he decided to lose the weight, but he didn't want to get a job ( or couldn't ) and started a YT channel so he can get money from there while doing push ups from his parents' basement and so he started posting his "Fitness Journey".

Upon realizing that nobody is watching he decided to buy a reddit account with 100K positive karma to promote it, spam every fitness subreddit everyday and make 10 other reddit accounts so he can upvote and comment as other people to create "hype", deceiving others into thinking he's more popular than he actually is. Some of us noticed immediately but that didn't stop him at all.Here's a list of all of his alternate accounts:

u/Calusedthenics, u/Motivation-Man , u/Flame_Flower, u/inspire_and_motivate, u/conquer_your_mind, u/dragonsdoexist, u/belly_food, u/shadowboxing_club, u/aclrksn9, u/alex210saa, u/BuckLoudKnee920, u/Preskata6 Yes, he made an account with almost the same name as me after I commented what a fraud he is constantly ( the last one on the list)

Look out for these in the comments bellow because they'll will appear defending him - it's all him switching accounts in desperation. You don't need to be a brain surgeon to figure it out, he's not that smart to begin with.

But yesterday after his usual 7 course post work out meal he posted this out of his 2nd main account: https://www.reddit.com/r/Shower/comments/fb1qoy/showering_and_forgot_my_soap/fj1r10m/?context=3This is the link to the post and this is the picture which he deleted immediately after realizing how much he fucked up: https://imgur.com/0nFmSLg [ NSFW ]

And before you ask - YES. Joshua SHAT in the shower, STEPPED on it and decided to TAKE A PHOTO and UPLOAD IT reddit.

And this is why I decided to make this post. I don't want any karma, it's to warn YOU and tell you that NO MATTER how out of shape you are, no matter how unmottivated you feel, YOU are 100 times better than the person who SHITS in the SHOWER and POSTS it to Reddit and you will never need ANY of his advice or cliche motivational posts to reach your GOALS.And in the end he isn't doing it for anyone but himself and his selfish reasons. I KNOW YOU DESERVE BETTER !

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My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and was physically able to get around and, when she wanted the food, she had a healthy appetite. Sometimes my grandmother would become restless and I was usually able to convince her to go to the grocery store with me. We live in Florida and she loved Publix. We would also go to a cuban restaurant in the plaza and had pastelitos and cafe together. Her favorite treat. If you didn’t know she was sick and saw her at Publix or that restaurant, you’d never guess she wasn’t herself and needed constant care and supervision. Some of the worst diseases are silent.

u/SamIamGreenEggsNoHam 981 points · 1 day ago 🔗

Hey man, sorry for this but...just a kind warning to definitely cut that pot-a-day down. My father drank the same amount of coffee every day and he eventually developed enough ulcers and damage to his esophagus for him to need a surgery that involves wrapping excess stomach skin around itself...It involved him having a camera in his stomach for 24 hrs before the surgery (draped down his nasal cavity and taped to his nose) and about 2 months of a liquid diet.

His Doctor told him if he had laid off the coffee and other super acidic foods, he wouldn't have needed to do all that. His brother had the same thing happen to him only he didn't get the surgery...He later died from esophageal cancer.

I'm only typing this because you mentioned you have 2 small kids and it made me think about the kids my Uncle left behind.

Edit: For all you "but it wasn't the coffee lawl" people...a lower than normal PH (more acidic) in your stomach allows bacteria called H. pylori to thrive...https://health.ucdavis.edu/welcome/features/2016-2017/03/20170308_H_Pylori.html

Edit2: out of time to reply to people so if you post something I can't argue, you're probably right. I just hope people watch what they eat even if I've been talking about something I'm not an expert in. Consult with your doctors, hug your coffee, raise your beans right.