I have been struggling with severe depression for years now. At one point I even tried to kill myself. But today, I finally managed to get out of my bed and brush my teeth! Very Reddit
The law of physics says that a bumble bee cannot fly, but it knows nothing about physics and flies anyway. This is what we can all do. Fly and prevail in the face of any difficulty despite what they say. Let us be bumble bees, no matter the size of our wings, we fly and enjoy the pollen of life. Good Vibes
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I was driving to a movie theater and I saw a person holding a sing saying smile if your ugly or smile if you not ugly couldn't read the middle but I found it nice
Starting to see results! Personal Win

I don’t know where else to share this without it sounding awkward, but today I noticed for the first time that I am able to not touch my middle finger to my thumb when I wrap my hand around my biceps! I was always very very skinny and not good at bulking up, and it really took a toll on my self-image. I always thought I was too skinny for someone to think I was attractive. Recently though, I started rock climbing almost every weeknight at the climbing center on my campus because my friend asked me to go with her one night and I had a blast! Everyone at the facility was so kind and encouraging, it was just a very positive environment. Now, I can finally start seeing results in my strength/endurance/muscles! So yea just something that made me feel more proud and confident in my body!

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Homeless Man Buys My Family Food Family & Friends

This requires some backstory before we begin. I worked at McDonald’s for a couple of months and there was a homeless man that would come in from time to time. I worked cash register for the most part so I took his order. I treated him like any other person ordering and we made small talk every time he came in. Let’s call him Bob. Bob would pay in gift cards and would order small things and take his food to go. We were on a first name basis and greeted each other like friends. He was eventually banned from the restaurant for not using the bathroom correctly, to put it discreetly.

A month later or so, I had a day off so my mom, sister and myself went to Burger King to eat some dinner. Bob happened to come in and spot me, coming to my table. I introduce him to my family and have told them about him before. He’s smiling like a goof and saying how we are pretty. After some small talk, he goes to the line and orders food.

He then comes back to our table and to our shock, he gives us three to-go bags and says he bought us some food. Three separate orders of chicken fries for us! We were utterly shocked that he bought us food while we already had food, saying how we should be buying food for him, not the other way around. People were looking at us and the manager came over and asked if he was bothering us. We said no, he was not.

Mom opened up her wallet and handed him some of the gift cards she had as a thank you for the chicken fries and he didn’t accept at first. He threw his gift cards saying they were worthless. We collected his gift cards and said they were not and to use the gift cards he had and the ones we were giving him as a thank you. Ultimately, he took them but was kicked out of the restaurant for “bothering the customers” but we vouched saying he was not disturbing us at all.

That’s the time my family was bought dinner by a homeless man. Not sure if it fits here all too well, but I thought I would share. I don’t know how Bob is doing now since I quit working there but I hope the best for him.

My Dad Today :) Family & Friends

A personal story- not sure it fits here, but it made me smile so I thought it may.

We’ve just moved into a new place. And we’re getting a satellite installed. The person arrives to install it, and they are a female. Obviously that’s nothing crazy, but I thought it was pretty neat :) (context: I’m U18 F)

My dad encourages me to go and say hello. He’s a big fan of feminism, but is autistic so is usually very ‘to himself’ and is very much a ‘non talkative’ person, so this was unexpected but super sweet.

He mentions to me after I’ve said hello how he things it’s awesome how women can do jobs like this (but he said it in a genuine nice way). It was really sweet to see him make an effort to encourage me to take up jobs in more of a conventionally male-dominated job field.

Anyway, it made me smile so I thought I would share it here :)

TLDR: My dad sees a female satellite engineer and uses it to encourage me to take up a job in a male-dominant work field. :)

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