LPT: If someone asks you an easily Googleable question, it's possible they just want to talk to someone about it. Social
LPT: Be a patient advocate for yourself or your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to demand explanation of procedures, care, or if necessary a change in medical providers. Miscellaneous

You are the best medical advocate for yourself and the people you care about. Throughout any medical event, emergency or not, you should feel informed and comfortable. Ask questions until you feel you have the answers to move forward.

This doesn’t mean you have to argue with the medical providers, but you should stand firm and make sure you or your loved ones get the best care possible. I gave the same advice to my mom and she always thanks me for it.

LPT: don't lie about emotions to your kids, this could help them trust in their judgement Social

I'm a father of two (3y and 1y), and i noticed that when i was stressed from work and in a bad mood, my daughter asked me "are you angry dad?" to which, almost by reflex, i answered "no honey i'm just tired" (you know? the usual answer you gave your parents when you were a teen and they asked you if everything was ok and you just wanted to be left alone :-p ).

that had an unusual effect: when i was stressed or mad about something, my daughter started to ask me if i was tired...

i understood that, even though her guts were right, and she had a good empathy, i messed with that by lying to her and she now associated my being stressed with being tired...

I don't want her, as an adult, to not trust her guts so from that point, i started being honest with her and answering "yes honey i'm a bit angry, and stressed but only because of work, that has nothing to do with you don't you worry, i love you with all my heart" :)

just thought i'd share this small tip :)

LPT: If you get a career in something like hairdressing or aesthetics, absolutely do NOT set any precedent with friends or family that you will do services for them for free, not even once. Careers & Work

Not even once. It will backfire on you. You think it won't but it 100% will.

An example: your friend has a wedding coming, so she asks you to do her hair or give her acrylic nails. What the hell, you think, it's her wedding, I'll do it this once.

Stop yourself RIGHT there.

Because I guarantee you in 4-6 weeks she's gonna come back asking for more stuff. She's going to ask you to do give do her hair in a more casual way, or to give her less fancy nails. In her mind, there shoudn't be a problem with this as you once did much more for free, so this shouldn't be a problem.

So you agree. And suddenly you have set a precedent with your friend, that you will do their hair/nails for free, on the regular. Or you refuse and risk fracturing the friendship. There's no good answer here, except to roll back time and not even do it the first time.

Family is even worse. You cut your mothers hair, then suddenly she's expecting it every 4-6 weeks. But whatever, it takes 20 minutes of your time and she's your mother, so it's cool right? Until she starts volunteering you to do OTHER family members hair and NOT just cuts, but color and highlights and the like. And the moment you refuse because You Worked Hard For Your License And Deserve Compensation, or because they are eating into your scarce days off, you are made out to be a selfish monster.

The biggest thing they taught me in both my hair and aesthetics courses is this exact point; Do NOT give free services away, not even once, not even to family. They will come to expect it all the time, and if you live in a place where you spent 1500 hours and untold amounts of money training for a license, you deserve compensation.

God, learn from my mistakes. Don't give free services to friends and family. Don't do it, not even once. No matter how humble you think they are, they think you doing their hair or nails or feet is as relaxing for you as it is for them, and will NOT understanding the idea that you should expect compensation for your trade.

**EDIT, since a lot of people seem to think I'm being greedy with this post?**

Essentially I made this post because I was warned in hair school, day ONE, about this shit. And now, after months of doing my moms hair (and not griping, im glad to help) she's suddenly trying to volunteer my days off to do expensive and several-hours-long services for others in the family and friends, for free, and refusing her has caused a huge argument in my family which would have been avoided had I kept boundaries up in the first place

There, y'all can stop calling me a fucking shill or someone who hates her family, now.

LPT: Don't say "sorry IF I hurt you", say "sorry THAT I hurt you" when apologizing. Even if you didn't mean to hurt anyone, saying "if" diminishes their feelings. Social
LPT: The right way to play a game is the way you have the most fun. If that means playing on easy, playing only single-player, or modding the game into a whole new game, that’s okay. Social

You don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying the game differently than someone else.

LPT: Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, you will always look more attractive if you stand, and walk around with your chin up, chest out, and shoulders back. Social

Posture is more important than people want to give it credit for. It isn’t just important for avoiding back pain or neck pain. You will always look like the most attractive version of your current self if you have your chin up, chest out, and shoulders back. It gives off confidence, and slouching gives off a lack of confidence. Try to catch yourself when you’re slouching at home, or when you’re in public and make it a point to have good posture. It will go a long way in increasing your confidence.

Edit: what I really mean by chin up, is don’t walk around with your head down.

LPT: Negotiate with yourself when you don’t feel like doing something. Figure out what is the most that you ARE willing to do, and do that. It’s better than doing nothing at all.

Take exercise , for example. If you’ve decided to run 30 minutes three times a week but you really don’t feel like running today, ask yourself what you would be willing to do. Run for 20 minutes? No? Walk/jog for 20 minutes? Five minutes? Even if you only do 1/10th of the task you set out to do initially, you’re better off than you will be if you do nothing at all and demotivate yourself. It’s okay not to do everything at 100% all the time.

LPT: don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from
LPT: Don’t make a purchasing decision on Amazon based off the reviews.

Do your research beyond the reviews! Many products on Amazon are delivered with a rebate card that says if you leave a 5-star review for the product you will receive something from the company in return, typically cash back. Although this is against Amazon’s policy, the company has not been able to enforce it, and it leads to review inflation.

This is one of the many issues with purchasing products on Amazon.

LA Times Article

LPT: Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of stroke because the time for effective treatment is only about an hour Social
  • Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body.

  • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty understanding speech.

  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.

  • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance, or lack of coordination.

  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause.

A stroke is a blood clot or a bleed in the brain. Victims only have 3 hours max, but more likely an hour to get effective treatment. Call 911 if you see any of these symptoms and note the time.

LPT: NEVER agree to pay documentation fees when buying a car from a dealer. Miscellaneous

the dealer will tell you any lie to get you to pay it. They will say it’s for the state or the title or something. In reality that fee goes 100% to the dealer. It is for their finance guy to print out the forms with your information. This can costs thousands of dollars. You don’t have to pay it. And once they know you know you caught them in a lie they won’t make you pay it. Source my dad was the head of GM finance and told me this and i have never paid a doc fee. I ask them what it’s for. They lie then tell them I know what it’s really for. They won’t lose a sale over that fee.

LPT: if you wear eyeglasses and worry about what would happen if they were lost or broken, consider buying a cheap back up pair of glasses from an online retailer. It's usually around $25. And, your optometrist will send your prescription to you on request.
LPT: If you've graduated from somewhere, get a few official transcripts (sealed) and keep them for future use. You'll thank yourself when you don't have to rush to get them when needed. School & College

Also have a digital copy (which will probably be considered unofficial) that you can attach to anywhere that might need them.

Also congrats on graduating. :)

LPT: If your car's heater only blows hot air while driving and not while idling, check your engine coolant level. Miscellaneous

I casually mentioned to a coworker that my car wasn't warming up in the morning and would start blowing cold air when I was at stoplights. He told me my coolant was probably low. Sure enough it was and after topping it off it fixed the problem.

LPT: If you have an alt on reddit, make the account theme the opposite of what you have set for your main. Miscellaneous

If you have your main reddit account set as dark mode, make sure that your alt is light mode, so you know for sure that you are in your alt. I've nearly posted some stuff on my main, when the joke would have only made since on my alt(because of my username, and context) so having a noticeable difference can help considerably.

LPT: For Social Security card holders, take your paper card and put it in a plastic baseball card case. They are cheap and very protective and will save your card from damage, rips and creases. Miscellaneous
LPT: If you always carry 3 quarters, 1 dime, 2 nickels, and 4 pennies, you will always have exact change. Miscellaneous

I came up with this as a broke student wanting to use up my change jar rather than keep adding to it. It also works with 2 dimes / 1 nickel. (A higher overall value but it takes up less space.)

LPT: Instead of saying "Don't worry everything is going to be ok". Say "I know you're worried for the worst, just know I'm here for you no matter what " Social

Sometimes worrying and preparing for the worst can prevent a difficult situation from becoming a nightmare.

LPT: Leaving positive written comments at a business about good service you get can have lasting impacts on the professional success of the people who help you. Mention them by name, be specific about how they improve your view of the company. Social

Those comments are archived at every single business, and when it comes time to sit down with an employee to do an annual review or the like, they can translate into much higher raises, bonuses, or promotions for the people you like to do business with.

Good people literally compete with sociopaths for professional positions, and these kinds of testimonials from customers are the most effective counter to their sneaky ways.

If a cashier or the person at the counter or the support tech really tries to make your day, leave a note for their boss. Next time you need help, they might be the boss, and that makes everyone's life better.

LPT: Take time and choose the correct lighting for each room in your house Productivity

Many people live in horribly mislighted houses, and if you just do a sanity check on each of your lightbulbs, you can increase Quality of Life immensely.

Underlighting a room, except if done deliberately, can make spending the evening in it uncomfortable, and overlighting easily leads to a subtle sensory overload.

I've just found out, for example, that I had a 30 Watts lightbulb installed as the only lighting in my living room. Just changing it out for a 60 Watt one lifted the mood of that room so much, especially at night.

LPT: Bypass any news article paywall using outline.com or printfriendly.com Computers
LPT: when you get a new cell phone, get a phone number whose area code is one with which you have no personal connection. Social

All the spam numbers will have this area code, and most people/businesses pertinent to you will have the area code of your home. Easy-peasy screening.

LPT : If someone posts something ridiculously inaccurate, like "practice 40 hours a day" consider that it may be a meme or pop culture reference you are missing before you soberly correct them. Chances are you're the one who will look foolish and out of touch, not the person you are "correcting" Social
LPT: Make cooking from scratch easier by pre-prepping basic ingredients in bulk and freezing them. Food & Drink

In many cuisines, there’s a set of ingredients that form a standard base for cooking a wide variety of dishes.

For example:


Holy Trinity


The initial prep and cooking of these ingredients takes a while to do properly. Onions in particular need to cook slowly over a low heat in order to soften without burning. If you rush this step, you often end up with a sour flavour from the undercooked onions.

Instead of spending 45 minutes getting this basic step done every time you want to cook, you can prepare a big pot of any of these bases in advance, then freeze in portions to use later. (Same goes for making stock Suddenly, making a really delicious pasta sauce from scratch is something you can do in twenty minutes maximum, with almost no food prep.

I keep my freezer stocked with portions of mirepoix and sofrito in particular, as well as bases for Indian curries. It makes cooking from scratch much quicker and less effortful, and therefore means I’m more likely to do it!

The article on sofrito linked above details many regional variants on this kind of base. Or just read through your favourite recipe books to work out what the recipes you enjoy have in common.