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These boots to buy in Australia Found!
Was told this video of the way I lace up my boots might be appreciated here!
Hmf a name or collection of this art style Open
I'm stuck quarantining and hoping for some interaction. Here's my newest art piece. Arts/Crafts
Fan art of a character Open

My significant other and their close friend have been looking desperately for years now of a drawing of the character Obito from Naruto wearing a bunnygirl-maid costume. They lost it at some point and I want to find it for them to make them happy.

Help me the source or artist for this comic panel of a cold crying banana? Found!
HMF: This Cat Toy! I want a backup in case the original gets lost. Open
Has anyone seen this logo on pottery before? Open
HMF the name of this crab (bonus for the hat too) Found
Theory blue suede slide sandals, only saw on the real real and I’ve tried probably close to 50 different search engine variations to no avail. I found a similar shoe by the same brand like both leather and suede but never this color scheme. I also reached out to Theory and they were no help at all. Open
Site diffing app or extension Open

Hopefully this is the right place to post, I came here from here.

Given that the way-back machine exists, I was wondering if there might be an application that allows you to diff a website with itself from the last time you visited. I've found https://visualping.io/ and https://changetower.com/ which are almost that, except that you have to tell it what to track and I'm not really interested in complete change history (just changes from my last visit)

Old can of something. Can you tell me what it is and how old (approximately) the can is? Open https://www.reddit.com/gallery/msxbja
Does anyone know what this font is called? Or something similar? Found
My compressor is losing air like crazy, please help me find this part for it! Open https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mswklo
Anyone recognize? Found https://www.reddit.com/gallery/msxgbv
Help me find my mom a bed frame (SEE COMMENTS FOR INFO) Open https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mt3bu4
There's a gif or video out there of a cat that pouts and makes a sad meow sound after it's owner tells it it can't have more food. I saw it recently, but failed to save it. Now I can't find it! Help please?! Open
What is this logo on the front of a local YMCA? Open
Looking for a funny interview (probably in text form) with Leonardo DiCaprio, where he talks about working with Margot Robbie on The Wolf of Wall Street. Open

DiCaprio is told by the interviewer that Robbie had mentioned that she found some of their scenes awkward to record, especially since he is the major Hollywood actor DiCaprio. DiCaprio himself then laughs it off saying something like “How could it be awkward? She’s bloody Margot Robbie!”

This is the best cookie I’ve ever had, but it was years ago. This cookie shop doesn’t have this cookie anymore locally it seems. Pleade HMF this cookie dough. Open
Help me find a video of my dad on TV in 1971 in a bob hope telethon Open

My dad was supposedly on tv in 1971 on a Bob Hope telethon, I believe he mentioned it was for arthritis. He always tells this story of him and a few other marines (he was an instructor after coming back from Vietnam) taking up a collection from base, and driving the jar of money to the telethon in Los Angeles (I think) to deliver it.

When they got there they were asked to stay and be on the show and to present it to Bob Hope. Afterwards they were treated to dinner by Bob and had some of the Miss America contestants as dates.

I've looked around but haven't really been able to find anything. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the whole thing was embellished a bit. Would appreciate any help :)

A screenshot from some sort of FFVII Parody or fan game? Open

I've seen clips or screenshots throughout the years, but what it's from it's always been a big personal mystery. Is anyone familiar with what it's called, or where I can watch the whole thing?
Please help me find this meme! ($5 reward) Open

I can’t remember exactly if it was a meme or shitpost or what, but it involved using rap lyrics from various rappers (possibly including 2chainz) to calculate the exchange rate between time, money and women. Will give a $5 (US) itunes giftcard to whoever finds it!

Help? I'm thinking of a book series Open

Can someone help me? There's an entire book series about demi gods and gods. In one of the books it talks about a demi got locked up but his pregnant sister is killed and he finds someone to love. But the other books cover other characters. Please help

This light blue/black flannel Open
Help me find a digital image of this physical picture Open
Can somebody help me find this afterlife scenario? Open

I once had this scenario saved, but now I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It was a list of around 10 different fun ways to spend the afterlife, and you had to choose which sounded best to you.

I seem to remember each scenario having a corresponding image and title. For example:

The Creator

You are given an infinite realm where you are all powerful. You can conjure and morph reality as you see fit. You control all aspects of your universe and are free to break and create rules at will. You may never leave your creation, but you will be able to design your perfect afterlife for all eternity.

The Nostalgic

You are given the ability to replay your life like a record player. Spend eternity replaying your favorite moments in life. You will feel as you felt in those moments, but you can choose to act however you please to rewrite your life and see how things could’ve been.

Things like that. The ones I’m thinking of were very detailed and well written. I think they were saved as an image and passed around social media.