Before posting a photo, you should read this.

So you found a photo that you think has a spirit or ghost on it, before you post it and get upset about 30 people saying it’s a piece of dust or a bug, you may want to read this!


Do read the posts




As these really do have useful information on how to spot particle orbs, lens flare and insects crawling over lenses which do make up most of the post in this Reddit community channel.

It is common for people who believe they are haunted to take lots of photos and assume that any “orbs” must be related to this. In fact, it’s quite easy to photograph orbs. If you can’t see the orb then it’s not there. People might say that cameras can pick up ‘orb’ energy but a lot of them just don’t understand why digital cameras tend to easily pick up particles (dust, dander, hair, insects).

If you have read the above and are sure (or not quite sure) then read on.


Make sure you have the original photo downloaded or posted from the same device the picture was taken from. Having a photo shared from a social media site, screen grabbed on a phone, photographed from a screen or been email shared will likely to be low resolution and suffer from further compression which destroys any fine detail and will generally be useless.

If the photo is just a photo then scan the photo in at least 300 DPI and save it as a “.PNG” image. If you don’t have access to a scanner then you can take a photo of it but take it in a brightly lit room and don’t use a flash to reduce reflections on the photo.

Use the original resolution of the photo, do not rescale, resize, brighten the image to make posting easier.

If you have to edit the photo to remove people then draw the smallest black filled box you can to hide their face or them. Don’t crop the picture or remove large chunks of the picture. Keep the picture the same same size. Once edited, save / export the image as a “.PNG” image as this will keep the JPEG image as it is (if you resave it as a JPEG it recompresses the image in a lossy way so that fine detail tends to get lost) if the paint program has it then make sure that “Save resolution” is checked and that you save “EXIF information”.

If you must highlight anything in the picture then use a bright colour that can be seen easily, use a transparent box with thin lines and draw it in the general area of what you want us to see, do not cover anything nearby. Save it as a “.PNG” as above. If you do this then make sure you post the original too.

If you want to change the contrast or brightness of a photo then again do so but save as a “.PNG” as above and post the original for comparison. If you have other pictures from the same area that were taken at the same time then post these too as comparison photos.

If the photo is from a place you can visit again easily then take more pictures of the same area using the same camera, try to take it at different times of the day and try to take a picture at the same time of day the original was at. Also, take pictures of the surrounding area and close up images of the original location.

It is important to note that even “taking the picture in the same place” is going to mean that you will be taking the picture at different angles, heights and places which will cause images to change.


Post as an image within the Reddit post so people can see it, you can also post any comparison posts at the same time.

If the photo is too large then rescale it and save as a “.PNG” to post on Reddit but upload the original it to a file-sharing site like Google Drive or Dropbox, as this will not rescale the image.

Don’t just upload them to Imgur as most photo sharing websites will recompress the image and destroy fine detail in the picture.

Make sure the title is short but informative. “Possible ghost image from a cell in Alcatraz” is a good title, “GHOST!!?!?!?” is not.


After you have posted the images. Make a comment in the post you have just created and put in as much context as possible!!! Too many photos tend to have the photo and some poor description and we have zero ideas of what we should be looking at.

Examples of what to include are…

  • Where the photo was taken. You don’t have to give the address but a location or rough area (if a private address) helps.

  • When the photo was taken, give the date and time if possible, if not known or you can’t remember then give what information you can (I.e In the winter in the early evening).

  • Who took the photo. It should be you or someone you know. Something like ‘Taken by A friend of a girlfriend that is friends with a baker, that my 2nd cousins' hairdresser visits every 3 months is not good’ means it is hard to ask follow up questions.

  • What you were trying to take. (I.e Ghosts, a high school prom or of your granny on her 97th Birthday)

  • If you (or they) were with other people. Also mention strangers.

  • What the weather was like. Was it sunny, cloudy, raining, hot, cold, warm?

  • Description of the location. If in a home, details about the place, I.e, If it is a house, apartment, cabin located 200 miles from civilizational, etc as well as if you are near a road or other places like a pub or bar, major flight path, etc. Else just whatever you can describe the place.

  • What did you feel at the time? I.e cold, scared, fearful, happy, sad, etc.

  • Why do you think it is paranormal? Describe this as best as you can.

  • Anything spooky that happen before or after. Within the same time frame, something that happens 3 months before is probably not related.

So good examples would be…

“This photo was taken at the Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. It is a picture of Cell 13 of cell block D in the cell house. It was taken on Sunday the 13th of May 2018 at around 2pm. It was mostly sunny but there were thick clouds, it was reasonably warm at around 65f and there were strong breezes every so often.

The photo was taken by myself, although I was with my girlfriend at the time. It was quite busy but no one was nearby when I took the photo. I was trying to take a picture of my girlfriend as she stood at the door but I noticed a strange white figure behind her. There was no one in the cell as we had waited for another couple to finish taking their picture before we took ours. I took 3 photos and you can see that the figure is in 2 of the pictures but is not in the third picture.

My girlfriend did say she felt cold in the cell, we had taken a picture in another cell (134 in Cell Block C) and she did not feel anything. The rest of the day was fine though and we enjoyed our trip.”

“A photo of a chair my grandmother used to sit on, in our house in Stirling, Scotland. It was taken on the 1st June 2015, in the wee hours of the morning at 6.30am. I remember it was very cold and it was dark grey and cold outside like a typical morning in Scotland. I had the lights on as although it was morning outside, it was dark in the room.

I took the photo as I felt a presence and I was drawn to the chair. I took 2 photos and you can see a grey mist around the chair. I would have taken more but my phone just drained of power and switched off, not sure why this happens as I am pretty sure I charged it overnight. I don’t smoke, didn’t have any hot drinks. I was in the room all alone as my parents and sister were still in bed and my dog was still on the sofa sleeping peacefully.

Once I charged my phone and saw the pictures, I was filled with deep happiness, I tried to take more photos but the mist never came back. What do you think it is.”

Bad examples are…


I took this photo whilst in an abandoned building, do you think it is a ghost?”

“Whilst trying to contact my dead aunt to ask where she left her cash, I took lots of photos and all of them had orbs and I heard some moans, screams and creaking coming from my cousins' bedroom but her door was locked!!! Is the house haunted?”

Taken on the grounds of Palace House, Beaulieu located in the New Forest, England.
I keep waking up every hour staring at my doorway. I'm not necessarily a sceptic but I'm at a loss to put logic to my situation, More info in comments.
Saw a ghost in my kitchen on my Amazon camera
Someone explain the 3 things first dark shadow. Then lighter shadow. What bothers me was I was in my chair right behind the window looking out as soon as the notification went off I was gathering my things to go to bed there was no traffic nothing yeah bugs for the Shadows but what is that light
I am curious

I have not really seen or experienced anything out of the ordinary in my life when it comes to supernatural stuff like ghosts. Personally I think that there is nothing out there, but thats mainly because I never had some kind of proof. Some of my friends say they believe in ghost, but when asked why only give answers like, I've dreamed that there was something there or I saw a glimpse of a Person and so on. No real answers more like dodging the question. One day we talked about a ouija board. I said I wanted to try it but a friend, that supposedly had already tried it, said its not a good idea because a lot of things can go wrong. When asked when he did it, the age he gave me was 12.. so yeah I call bullshit. But thats not my point. My actual questions is if someone can explain me why they believe in ghosts. I do not want this to sound like I am shaming the people that believe in such, I am just curious. I mean you must have seen something? A fever dream is not gonna cut it that you really wholeheartedly think that something like a ghost is real. So.. mind telling me why?

Not really sure what to say about this one. You can even see through it. Your guys thoughts? Same building as last
Friends Security System, another sighting.
Image I took at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in WV while on a tour. I see a close up woman’s face and a smaller, fainter image of a woman in a gown. ???
Weird experiences at my parents home

As a preface, I don't really believe in ghosts, my wife does but I don't. But it's still fun to think about.

I'm pretty sure these experiences were sleep paralysis episodes. Someone else posted about waking up in the middle of the night and it reminded me of a few episodes I had while living at my parents house before I was married.

I've had a few sleep related episodes, one time years ago, I "woke up" and my entire mattress was covered in centipedes/bugs, I was convinced I freaked out I turned the lights on and I couldn't find a single bug.

Another time I woke up to a terrible feeling of dread and I thought there was a woman in white standing in the corner of my room staring at me. I was so scared I just laid in bed with the covers over my head, I was a grown ass man.

I'm pretty sceptical but the woman in white scared the shit out of me. It's also strange that My wife's Korean shaman said that my dad's house is haunted.

I also talk in my sleep a lot and as a child I would sleep walk around the house. One time I slept walked out the door. My mom found me out side because she couldn't sleep and had a bad feeling.

My brother slept in the room next to mine and he would sleep talk so loud I thought he was trying to talk to me.

Orb? My mom thinks it’s an orb she caught, something supernatural. I think it’s just a reflection of light from the ‘Bean.’
The Neighbors House

This weekend I spoke to my mom about some of the occurrences and experiences she had. She had told me this story years ago but I forgot about it. Luckily she was able to tell me again with pretty good detail. So here we go.

After the incident with the little boy in my house my mom went to our neighbor across the street. My mom talked with the wife and the husband listened in. The wife was shocked and was in total disbelief. She said that strange things happened around the neighborhood and that it was weird, but the husband wasn't having it. He was a nonbeliever. He told them to get over it and that it was a bunch of BS. He never had an experience happen before and he didn't believe because it just sounded dumb. The wife told him to be careful what he says because it can come back and bite him in the butt.

A little while later, my mom was over and they decided to watch some TV. They had a crazy big TV for back in the early 2000's. I'm not sure how big it was but I just remember it being MASSIVE. Well, there they sad. My mom on the end of the couch and the wife on the other end. The husband had his own recliner that he liked to sit on that was too the left of the couch. They start to watch TV. Soon after my mom says there's a short, black apparition that appears to the left of the TV. It walks a few feet and ends up right in front of it and turns around. It stares the husband in the face and then it just disappears without a trace. The husband jumped from his chair and said "Did anyone else see that!?" My mom and the wife are startled but start to laugh because of what his wife had told him not too long ago. He freaked out and it was hilarious. My mom said it was truly frightening but the reaction of the husband had her rolling in laughter. "We told you not to say anything bad." He said it looked right at him and he could feel it upset with him. After that he never talked bad about the dead.

From what my mom said, that whole community was built on Indian land and it could have been a burial ground. The crazy part is, that little boy that showed up in my house only did so when we were having our pool built. Not once did we have problems before that. She said we might have disturbed the graves or that something was there and we just didn't know. Creepy stuff if you ask me. Anyways, thats about all the stories I have from my mom. If you want to read any stories that involve me let me know. I hope you all have a good day or night. Stay safe.

Please normalise circles

I’m tired of having to go to the comments and scroll through jokes and stuff to actually find the ghost please guys

A little help

I've just gotten a new bed for a room that was empty for a good 5 months. I was able to sleep peacefully for about a week but now I can't. Every night I get in bed ready to sleep there's tapping at the foot of my bed. I've moved it from it's previous position (feet facing my closet) and it seemed to make them angry cause that night it was clawing at the foot of my bed. What should I do?

Something weird is happening

Let me start by saying this is not some dumb creepy pasta we've been in the same house for almost 5 years with no problems. But that all changed about 6 months ago. It all started with the sound of something in the bathroom falling down which we hear every night now at exactly 3am. However when we check nothing has fallen. About 2 months go by and we've ignored it mostly. We'd chuckle about having a ghost.

But then something else started happening. My 4 year old daughter would wake up and come out of her room looking confused and scared. I talked with a doctor and they said it's normal for children to have night terrors so we ignored it and just helped her get back in bed when it happens.

She doesn't do this when she stays with grandparents. Only at home and it's every night at 2am no matter what time she goes to bed. Lately things have gotten worse. Today I was picking up my daughter's from my mom's house when my 2 room mates thought I was already home because they heard my voice in the house while I was about 15 miles from home. They assumed I was trying to prank them. They told me they heard my voice while they were in mid conversation in the kitchen and immediately fell quiet in order to audibly locate where I was in the house. But when they didn't find me they were just as stumped as I am now. Is this a poltergeist?

It seems strange things are happening more often. In January when we got about a foot of snow there were footprints in the snow that started in the middle of our yard and led up to one of my room mates window. There were no other tracks this was fresh snow. We were stupified. How can something start walking in the middle of the yard and just stop at the window and disappear? The footprints were bigger than any of our feet. Maybe it was aliens (insert georgio tsoukalos meme here). But seriously any idea what we're dealing with here?

So I took a picture of this car parked on my way home yesterday, and today I've found this strange figure. I don't think there was anyone else on the street because was past 22 and we are not allowed outside, can that be a real ghost on the left? https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mpk4bl
I took this picture back in 2019 and when I was leaving to go to work around 5 in the morning I looked back and saw this looking at me. Its in the left window in the door. I did not photoshop or anything to alter the photo to make it seem like there is something there. Tell me what you think it is.
Tesla Ghost Detector

i all,

I thought I would post here and ask if someone can identify a part or a few parts for me.

I have seen a few videos where the front sensor of the Tesla seems to detect ghosts or some kind of human form or something that is interpreted by the sensor has a human form on several occasions

I am hoping somebody can identify which sensor or sensors are performing this action with the hopes of me being able to build a handheld version.

Any info would be helpful. Yes I understand this is probably far-fetched but I still think it would be kind of cool if it did work.

Light flashes

There have been a few nights lately where my fiance and I have seen weird flashes of light in the middle of the night. It has happened twice in our bedroom and once in a bedroom at our friend's house.

It is almost as if someone is taking an extremely bright photo inside the room. It always happens when we are going to sleep and we have both seen it happen at the same time. One time it was so bright that my fiance saw it through her closed eyes. It is just a really quick, bright flash of light. The light is a blue shade of white, rather than a yellow shade of white. It is not coming from outside, as blinds have been shut every time and it is not coming from our phones. It is similar to someone flicking a light switch on and off really quickly, but the ceiling light in the room has never been the source of this mysterious flash.

The most recent time we encountered the flash, I was able to actually see the source of the light. I saw an odd shape on the wall that seemed as though it was lighting up the room, making it the source of this flash. I was only able to see it for a fraction of a second as it flashed, but it looked similar to when you stare at a light bulb and then you look away and you can still see that light somewhere else. But this light source was somehow in an odd formation or shape. It was made up of a rectangle, a square and some thin lines joining them. It's an odd shape, it could even be described as a symbol.

Does anyone know what these weird flashes of light are?

I have found that there's a few people on the internet who have had the same experience, but I haven't been able to find an answer.

We get a lot of weird things on our security cam, but this has to be the strangest
One evening, on my way home, I saw a strange object in the sky that was changing shape before speeding off. Here are the photos. So, what do you think ?
Stanley Hotel staircase landing. Someone said having mirrors face each other creates a portal for spirits & that this is considered a vortex. The mirrors reflect perfectly the first 3-4 times & then distorts wildly. Normally w/ infinity mirrors it just reflects the same image indefinitely. Thoughts? https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mocnz0
Pls provide feedback on what we can see on My husband's Oma's room cam. His aunt goes down and touches her brothers urn on bottom right.
I think we have a spirit of some kind in our Apartment

I hope this is where I should be posting this but please let me know if that's not the case. My husband and I have been having some issues with a presence in our place and I'm not sure what to do about it. At first, I was the only one who thought there was something wrong but having mental health problems, I dismissed seeing the shadows, hearing the whispers and feeling the tapping on my shoulder, thinking it was just psychosis. Over time, things got more intense. I was sleeping on the couch one night and saw this white, demonic figure creeping over. I closed my eyes and pretended it wasn't there but panicked when I could feel it shaking the couch. I managed to ignore it and get to sleep after a few hours but woke up covered in gigantic black bruises all over my hips, thighs and butt. Something definitely touched me. After that, things started to escalate. Objects would completely disappear, we suddenly started having spiders everywhere, electronics constantly glitch out, there are strange smells we can't identify, randomly extreme temperature changes, leaking plumbing, strange sounds coming from empty rooms, we get the urge to talk out loud when we think we're alone, we randomly wake up too early some mornings and my husband gets huge waves of sadness when he changes rooms sometimes. While I was staying with family, he called me and he hates making phone calls, so I knew it was something serious. He had gotten home from work to find an inexplicable scene in our apartment. The doors and windows were locked and the apartment complex said that no one had been to our place but there was clearly someone in our home while he was gone. The smoke detector was missing, the was a huge wet spot in the middle of our bedroom floor and some liquid dripping off the tv. Nothing else was wet, including the book that was under the dripping TV or the ceiling above the floor and TV. My husband spent an hour cleaning it up and was convinced that he must've imagined all of it. That is, until he went to fix the TV 2 days ago. He opened up the back and found more moisture and water damage on the inside but just in one small space, so we know that it definitely happened. We're not sure what we're dealing with here or what to do about it.

Please help me I don’t know what to do

Hello I don’t really know what it is but, I’m assuming it’s a shadow person I’m currently being followed by something it first happen when I was laying in bed and I saw it standing in a corner then told it to go away but now it will creep in the hallway or when I try to sleep it’ll get closer I’m currently on a trip with my family to a different state and we had stayed in a hotel and I noticed something moving around in the dark I didn’t think much of it since I’ve always been naturally sensitive to this stuff but, then I saw the same thing in a different hotel and realized it was the same thing in my home I’m making this post to ask for help if anyone knows anything please respond to this post I currently don’t know I got get rid of it. Thank you.

I don’t really believe in ghosts but if they do exist I’d like to see one someday.

I don’t really believe in ghosts but it might be cool if I was cool with one. I’ve heard some convincing stories, but anyone have any tips on how to see one if they do exist or what’s it like?