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Water pump. Glad I made it home.
2019 Ford F150 STX 4X4 5.0 https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n646m3
Ford F-150-2015 air vents stop working randomly.. anyone else experience this or know what could be wrong ?
Anyone in NC who can do a cam phaser shutout for me? If so what price?
2021 F150 XLT sport

My new F150 will be delivered in about a week. Question for the group..has anyone looked into after market wireless charging pads? I know this is a standard feature on high end F150s, but I checked with Ford and they aren’t aware. There’s a few on eBay, Amazon but looking for anyone that’s had luck with this customization.

The Right Spark Plugs?

l've got a 2014 Lariat with 70,000 miles. Runs perfect but l figure the stock coils will soon need replacing so l ordered MSD red coil pack as an upgrade. Question is what is the best spark plug? l bought stock Motorcraft iridium tip but should l return them and go for Cold Spark? l just use the truck a couple of times a week for drives of 30 miles each way to town and back. But l occasionally take longer trips of over 100 miles or more. lt's not intended as a high performance upgrade, just better than stock. lt's a 3.5 ecoboost with the twin turbos. l really dig this sweet running truck, best l ever drove and l want to improve the sweetness. What Plugs is my big question.

what is this sound???
2008 Ford F - 150 King Ranch, Anyone know what’s causing this weird sound?
New (to me) 1994 4x4 long bed. I've already been booked to help a friend move!
Exhaust system for my 2019 Ford F150 V8

I've been looking for an exhaust on my F150 for a couple months now but can't really find anything I like, I don't like the sounds that the new exhausts put out were they are raspy and have that poping noise, just doesn't fit a truck. Does anyone here know of an exhaust system that has a deep smooth tone?

Any ideas on the best way to fix this issue?. https://www.reddit.com/gallery/n16g4y
Cleaned my engine bay
Ford Sweeps Pickup Categories for Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Award, Ranger and F-150 Take Home Honors
Drop in bedliner retractable tonneau combo question 2021 Lariat

I just bought my first F150 and I’m looking to add some protection to the bed. I’ve done a lot of looking around at liners and covers. I really like the retractable cover like the one attached. I’m wondering if the part of the bedliner in the link attached that goes up behind the bed will get in the way of installing the cover.

I won’t be using the bed for much heavy duty use so I’d consider a mat as well but I do prefer the retractable cover. Any advise is appreciated.

Retractable Tonneau Cover

Bedliner for 5.5 bed

Replaced my nasty coolant reservoir
I bought my first f150 2018 short bed crew cab this past year used. Question is just how much bounce are these suppose to have? Not sure if I need need new shocks but they catch everything!??
2021 F150 Lariat Powerboost Lease Takeover?

Hey All - Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I figured it's worth a shot. Due to some unforeseen life changes, I'm having to get out of my new lease. I got the family discount on it, so it's a hell of a deal, but still realize it's too expensive for some. I know Ford Credit allows for lease takeovers assuming the new driver has great credit. Basic picture attached. If you're interested or know someone who is, pass this info on! Also, if there's a better place to post this, let me know! Thanks!

2021 F-150 Lariat Supercrew

3.5L Powerboost w/ 7.2kW inverter generator

Upgraded B&0 Unleashed 19 Speaker System

Full Moon / Sun Roof

Power Liftgate

3 Year Lease - 13,500 miles per year - Total Miles Allow 43,882. (Currently at 2975).

Additional Wear Care

Lease End - 5/15/2024

Total - $665/month



Bedliner Question

I have a 2010 Lariat. It has the tailgate with the step that pulls out, and the bar that folds up to hold onto when using the step. I'm wanting to get the spray in bedliner. My question is, has anyone here have a similar tailgate and spray in bedliner? Is it possible, how did they do it?

2016 ford f150 4inch screen white

Hey guys I have a 2016 f150 with 4inch screen recently the screen went white like the screen is dyeing. the radio it self still works fine i can uses all the hardwired buttons but cant see anything on the screen. any body have a idea of what could have gone wrong I've already checked fuses under hood they looked fine .

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2001 F150 King Ranch
Upgraded bumper
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Programming New key to replace Lost keys to 2004 Ford F-150 heritage

I need help programming a new key to a 2004 Ford F-150 heritage. I lost my original key and have scoured the house looking for it for nearly a month. I had a locksmith come out and cut four different keys and tried programming them but they had no luck.

Does anyone know a way to program a new key without the existing. If it comes to having to take it to a dealership it might as well be junked.