(Assuming the sequel for Jedi Fallen Order will have the same cast and follow the story). These are some questions i have and i’d love to hear your theories and speculations.

  1. Will we start the game a full Jedi (with all the skills we acquired) and learn new ones?

I hope so! Cal still has a lot to learn to be more masterful

  1. Who’ll be the villain?

I don’t think it’ll be the empire again (?). And, honestly, i think it would be cool to see a rescue mission or maybe the Mantis Crew being bounty hunters, or maybe... guardians of the galaxy? Hehe

  1. Will it begin right after or some years later?

In my opinion i would still like to play with young Cal than an older version, but maybe 2/3 years later?

  1. Since we uncovered some of Cal’s past and it was a big deal for the game story, what will be his struggles?

This one i have no theories or thoughts. I just want the main character to have an internal struggle

  1. Merrin and Cal relationship?

I freaking hope so!