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Clarification on upgrading PS4 version to PS5

Credits to u/JakeMullerRE for the original write-up. Hop into the thread for more possible information in the comments

Since it can be a little confusing to find out how exactly the free upgrade will work and what you need to do, I decided to clarify.

  • You are eligible for a free upgrade if you bought a digital or physical copy of the PS4 version of VII Remake.
  • Every time you want to play or download Intergrade on your PS5, and when you did the Upgrade via a PS4 Disc, you need to insert the PS4 disc into the PS5 in order to play the digital version of Intergrade.
  • If you do the free upgrade, Yuffie DLC must be bought separately from the PS Store.
  • The DLC is included when you buy Intergrade for PS5.
  • VII Intergrade as well as the latest updates must be installed in order to play the Yuffie DLC.
  • Those who downloaded the free PS Plus version are not eligible for the free upgrade.
  • You can carry over your PS4 save data to the PS5 version. They will release an update that adds the option to do so in the main title screen.

To sum it up, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Don't download the PS Plus version of VII Remake if you already own it because PS Plus version isn't eligible for free Upgrade. As of now, it is unclear if adding the PS Plus version to your library locks you out of the free upgrade. I say don't do it when you already bought it.
  • Own a PS5 with a disc-drive when you own a PS4 Disc version of VII Remake.
  • Insert the disc of the PS4 version into your PS5 or download the digital PS4 version to your PS5 to upgrade it.
  • Keep the disc inside if you want to play it and when you did the upgrade from the PS4 Disc.
  • Buy Yuffie DLC from the PS Store.
  • Keep your game up to date in order to play this DLC.
  • If you bought the digital PS4 version, you do not need a PS5 with a disc drive.



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[NO SPOILERS] [OC] Painted Aerith on the hill by the sea of cactuars Photos/Memes
[OG + REMAKE SPOILERS] Posting an interesting fact every day until Intergrade is released. Day 41. PSA

OG Yuffie came with the Throw command materia equipped when she joins the party. Command materia is yellow and in the below image we can see Yuffie's equipped materia in Intergrade.

Screenshot from Intergrade trailer shows a Command, Independent and Magic materia.
Throw as Yuffie's Triangle ability as seen in Intergrade trailer.

In this post I am going to speculate on what Materia Yuffie will carry in Intergrade based on the materia slotted in her Shuriken that we see in the trailer. If you wish to avoid spoilers on what new materia we might get then stop reading here. Only one of the materia guesses is evidence-based, the other two are speculation based on OG materia that have not yet been seen in Remake.

Command (Yellow) - Yuffie joins the party in OG with Throw materia already equipped. We can see that her Triangle command in the trailer is Throw (and Retrieve), so perhaps that disproves this theory. Alternatively, it might be Steal or Mug (upgraded Steal).

Independent (Purple) - Also known as Complete materia in Remake. There's no evidence for what this might be so I'm going to speculate Speed Up since we didn't get it already in Remake and it fits Yuffie's 'class fantasy'. Alternatively, it could be Long Range although it's unclear how that would work in Remake since the original function allowed characters to do front-row damage from the back-row.

Magic (Green) - The only OG magic materia that we haven't already got that fits Yuffie's theme is the Exit materia which ends combat without rewards, essentially flee. In Remake you can just flee most non-boss battles by running far enough away, so perhaps this will be something more like Remove which removes an enemy from battle and flags them as dead.

Previous post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFVIIRemake/comments/moxyuw/remake_spoilers_posting_an_interesting_fact_every/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

[NO SPOILERS] 59 days until Integrate and my body is ready! Photos/Memes
[NO SPOILER]Just finished the game,great story and game Discussion

Was a major surprise for me this game. The story,game overall was amazing since it's my second FF i play,the first being more than 10 years ago on ps2,FFX. Congratulations to all who get platinum because looks a really difficult task

[No Spoiler] Sephiroth's Strength Showcase Discussion

So in every FF7 title featuring Sephiroth we never truly see him going all out. He's always depicted as toying with Cloud and crew. In the Remake, I would like to see how powerful he is when he's actually serious. He is the legendary Soldier for a reason, so it would be interesting to see what he can do when displaying his full potential. This mostly pertains to his human form, because it's pretty much a given that his Safer form is going to be insane. Personally, I think it would be neat to see him face off against one of the Weapons. What do you think, would you like to see Sephiroth go all out? If so, how do you picture him displaying his might?

[REMAKE SPOILERS] 11 hours in, Chapter 7 complete and I adore this game! Discussion

(tagged as spoiler because I talked about the Airbuster and I wasn't sure if that was a spoiler or not)

So I started this game last week and on Sunday night I beat the Airbuster, somehow. I'm in love with this game. The music is phenomenal, the world is beautiful and incredibly interesting and the characters... Oh the characters. Tifa and Jessie are just adorable, Cloud is amazing with his learning to be social across the game, and while I wasn't a fan of Barret at first, he's really grown on me!

I've never played a FF game before, and frankly haven't played many JRPGs before this (Blue Dragon, Pokemon series, Persona 5, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Three Houses) but so far this game has just been a blast. As for the gameplay, it's growing on me. When I faced the Airbuster, I died once in it's final phase (not being able to dodge those sweeping uni-beam lasers sucked) but man, the adrenaline rush I got from that was incredible. I think at the moment I prefer playing as Barret, keeping distance from the enemy while healing and buffing everyone and commanding Tifa and Cloud with ATB. Specifically with the Airbuster, it was incredibly hard to manage everything, managing all the abilities of everyone + spells, making sure everyone has enough ATB to heal as well, etc.

I'm really looking forward to playing more of this masterpiece, and I'm actually really excited to try out other big JRPGs afterwards! (I've got my eyes on FFXII, Octopath and Xenoblade Chronicles DE)

By the way, if you have any tips/advice for the combat, weapons, materia, upgrade priorities, etc, please comment them! Some help for understanding the combat better, what materia to give who, what summons to give whom, etc.

[REMAKE SPOILERS] Just finished “The Kids Are Alright” with a new appreciation foe Kyrie & Leslie Discussion

Nojima’s book is pretty good - better than “On The Way To A Smile” in my opinion. Recommended reading for anyone that enjoyed the Remake.

Anyway, it really enhances and strengthens the sewer side quest and Leslies attempt to kill the Don. Book spoiler The girl that disappeared is named Merle, he has reconnected with her, and she is pregnant

As for Kyrie, her role in Remake and voice actress do not really do her character in the book justice. She’s more wily and authoritative than portrayed.

Also making appearances - Mirielle, Kadaj, Red, Cloud, Tifa, Rufus, Rude, Reno, Tseng, Elaina, Denzel, Jenova, Marlene, Don Corneo in a wheelchair, and maybe Yuffie

Oh, and we learn that President Shinra was horny as hell

[NO SPOILERS] Question about Intergrade for PS4 owners upgrading to PS5 Help

So my understanding is that progress will carry over from our PS4 playthrough, right? does this mean we won't have to play the game on normal mode to unlock Hard mode again? Or will it come with that difficulty already unlocked

Also, what about trophies? Do we have to re-earn all the trophies again for the PS5 version? Or do those carry over as well

[NO SPOILERS] From Twitter user DKHF: New FFVIIR Intergrade info confirmed for this week by Famitsu. Probably new renders (characters like Weiss), screenshots and info. News
[OG SPOILERS] Is it worth playing the original after getting spoiled (a bit) and playing the remake? Help

Is it worth playing the original after being spoiled a bit and playing the remake?

I know that the remake is only about 30% of the original, but I was spoiled that aerith dies. Still, I was wondering if it was worth playing the original or not. Thanks!

[REMAKE SPOILERS] Posting an interesting fact every day until Intergrade is released. Day 40. PSA

Sephiroth Clones 2 and 49 have this new and unusual symbol on their backs:

#2 and #49 seen in Chapters 3, 8 and 17.

At first I thought it might be a wing like on Sephiroth's belt:

Sephiroth's belt as seen in Chapter 18 with a wing in the centre.

But it didn't seem quite right.

After more research, I found this gif:

Symbol overlaid onto Jenova in her tank

It might also be related to the Sefirot, but I haven't finished researching that yet.

I guess that doesn't really count as a fact so here's a bonus one:

The concept art for Safer Sephiroth has it originally noted as Master Sephiroth.

Previous post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFVIIRemake/comments/mocpnu/no_spoilers_posting_an_interesting_fact_every_day/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Gif source: https://thelifestream.net/lifestream-projects/analysis/42083/life-death-the-sefirot-ffviis-history-remakes-future-in-a-new-symbol-of-reunion/6/

If you're a nerd and you've got time on your hands, the full article is interesting and I would recommend it.

[REMAKE SPOILERS]Interesting discussion from a "newcomer" Discussion

I checked a streamer a couple of days ago, and she had a very interesting discussion about the Remake's story choices and future.

The most interesting part is that she has played CC(and loved it) and only played the Og 20 years ago(and didn't like it) and she barely remembers anything about the Og(except THE 2 big spoilers). So she's kinda like a "newcomer" who read some spoiler and played the prequel.

For context, she's loving the Remake, she's not very skilled at playing and digresses a lot, so if you are annoyed by any of those things, her playthrough might not be for you, but she has some very interesting thoughts about the game in general. She's currently moments before the party faces the whispers in chapter 18.

Her interesting discussion starts at 3:07:40 :


3:07:40-3:11:40, a realization about the whispers and the Og timeline (the metagame), and how cyberpunk stories tend to go.

3:11:45-3:11::55, is a SPOILER for a death (an important one) in CC.

3:14:00- end of the video, excitement about the possibilities of an experience like the Remake, adaptations in gaming and creativity.

I think this is even a great video for people who didn't like what they did at the end, and I hope maybe it helps those people to have a little more faith or to enjoy the rest of the Remake experience more(which I think everyone wants).

[REMAKE SPOILERS] Do those new ghost creatures play an important role in the game? Help


I recently started playing the FF7 remake for the first time. Even before starting to play it I knew that those ghost looking creatures appear towards the end of the game (which was one of the main reasons why I didn't pick up the game until now), but what I didn't know is that they are seen from the beginning of the story. I started playing this game mostly for the nostalgia. The original FF7 is one of my all time favourite games and I really dislike that addition of ghosts in the remake. They seem very much out of place for me and are really ruining the otherwise fun game :).

I'm at the point in the game where they appear after the skydiving chapter. Will they keep reappearing all throughout the game? or only for a few brief moments? Not to sound overly dramatic, but if they are a big part of the game, I don't think I will continue playing it.

Also I have to say that the graphics are very pretty and I am enjoying a new battle system much more than I expected!

thanks :)

[NO SPOILERS] Can you get more than two elemental affinity materia? Help


I know you can get 1 elemental affinity materia in Sektion H-7 in chapter 6 and one at the end of chapter 14. Is there no way to get more of them?

[NO SPOILERS] Even if he didn't want to be.. Photos/Memes
[OG+rEMAKE SPOILERS] can someone explain this event in chapter 4? Discussion

So, the chapter is Mad Chase, Cloud gets Jessie's rewards, heads home and goes to bed. before that a short chat with TIFA. Upon waking up the Whispers are in an all out assault of the slums.

But why? The whispers stop diveregencies of the original timeline, what was the divergence that resulted in such a drastic attack? I didn't see any, could someone please explain that to me?

[NO SPOILERS] Who said the combat particles were not realistic? Photos/Memes
This explosion of sparks
[NO SPOILERS] Seven seconds til the end, y’all! Let’s goooooo! News
[NO SPOILERS] Bosses or Enemies-promoted-to-bosses you’d like to see in the next part? Discussion

I would love to see the Death-Dealer, Dragon Zombie, Dragon Rider, Elfadunk, Ghirofelgo, and Ghost Ship be upgraded to bosses in some way.

What’s on your wishlist?

[NO SPOILERS] Do not get your hopes up for a Remake release on other platforms. Discussion

Since it's been a year since FF7R was released, I've seen lots of people talking about a release for Xbox and PC. And I'm writing this post to warn you guys not to get your hopes up, because it doesn't seem likely to happen as of now.

The only indicators of a year exclusivity is the Box Art (which depending on which store you go to either has a different date or is gone as shown on the SE Store), the "Play it First on Playstation 4" tag which only appears in the E3 2015 Trailer and PSX 2015 Trailer, and the final time we see it is in this Press Release by SE on June 9, 2019. After this, "Play it First on Playstation 4" is never seen again.

On June 10, IGN confirmed that SE has no plans to release the game on any console aside from PS4. The "Play it First" tag line disappears from all new FF7R trailers starting with the Teaser Trailer from May 9, 2019. And as i stated before, the sticker on the Box Art is no longer present on serveral stores including the SE official store, and is also missing from the actual physical copies. Lastly, one year exclusivity is a deal that would be heavily stated and SE would have been stating this for a long time to build hype for the game's release on other platforms.

My theory is the game was originally planned as a timed exclusive but at some point became a full exclusive, which would explain the sticker and tag line in trailers and press releases. I'm not saying that it's certain that the game is a full on exclusive now, but there's no evidence to suggest timed exlcusivity.

I just don't want you guys to get disappointed after all these articles and posts got your guy's hopes up.

[NO SPOILERS] The KupoCon event featuring many of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake cast, you can watch it on facebook! (BTW the cast recreated some iconic scenes form the Remake) Photos/Memes
[REMAKE SPOILERS] Sephirot was terrible Discussion

If you disagree please don’t kill me, first try to listen. Don’t know how many agree with me but his character was dealt awfully in the Remake.

What he does for the whole game is appearing and disappearing for no apparent reason and without saying anything significant. I hoped things would be explained in the ending but no. After the mission in the Shinra HQ all of a sudden everyone knows him and his name when they never met him before. Adding to that Aerith knows “he is wrong” and Barret knows “he wants to destroy the planet” while we still have no clue on who he is and what he wants.

It got to to ridiculous peaks on the highway where him and Cloud just aggressively stared for a long time without saying anything. Without mentioning the end of the ending on the “borders of reality” where confusion is just added to confusion.

I think overall his whole character his just very bad written (in the remake) because we are supposed to know he is bad because yes and also he is the end boss for no discernible reason (seriously what was that fight about? What did our protagonists even achieved? Sephirot didn’t even have intention to kill Cloud to begin with if I understood correctly)

I just hope they will fix the remake aligning it to the OG game and continue from there now that I’ve understood Nomura is out of the project because overall I liked the game

To be clear I only played Crisis Core but you shouldn’t be required to have played a game that released more than 20 years ago to understand the REMAKE

End of the rant

[OG+REMAKE SPOILERS] Do you think square enix will bother having a narrative Reason for why the characters get all their levels/materia/Equipment reset in part 2 Discussion

Or Will They Say Its Just Purely A Gameplay Thing With No Narrative Justification

[NO SPOILER] 🎉Happy 1st Anniversary to FF7R🎉 I’m happy it has become real and I’m looking forward to more adventures soon! ❤️❤️❤️ Photos/Memes
[OG+REMAKE SPOILERS] Are the Characters Actually killing human enemies or just knocking them out? Discussion

Just something that I started thinking about as I was replaying the game to get 100% this week.