So you know all those annoying castle build days that take up 24hours of gnome time and you’re stuck with just one gnome to do everything? Well I think I found the workaround, drop a red gnome that only has minutes left on the clock to start the build. That way, the clock will run out on the gnome, but the build will continue and you’ll still have both blue gnomes available. I just tested it on the 8 hour Pan house and it worked, but have no castles to be built right now. Anyone able to test this theory on a castle build? Like if it will allow a red gnome to build the castle?

EDIT: so it seems I’m the only one who didn’t know this haha. Tbh I didn’t realise I could merge wands or chests until around level 8 either, so I’ll probably figure out a few more well known ‘gamechangers’ as I progress