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Facebook Freebies!

Get free energy from the developers and occasionally some other free stuff! Generally, you can still claim freebies from a few days prior, in case you miss any.

Unlock Preview

Shows everything from the discovery book. Shows leveled up castles with rewards. Helps you to see what everything looks like.

Cheat Sheet

Mostly good tips. Crops do not convert to gems anymore. Instead, they convert to coins. Coins are fairly easy too save so mostly, I wouldn't bother with saving the crops. Crop Rotation

Also, there does seem to some kind of order to the chest, gnome, and creature events. Creature is always 3 days. Gnome and Chest events can be either and points required are adjusted to take that into account. Starting with Creature, the order seems to be creature > gnome > chest > gnome > creature > chest > gnome > chest. They are 3 days, then 4, then 3, and so on. *** But I might have some things mixed up ***

Event Schedule History

u/32vini2 manages this information. It is up-to-date with past events, and they even predict the next event for you. It's not perfect but has been pretty accurate so far.

This explains the points for the 3 and 4 day gnome rush event. This gives points for different builds and feeding the castle.

Creature Event Tips

This gives the best way to tackle creature events. If you follow this, you should be able to finish the event every time without using coins or gems; however, I find it is very stressful to do.

Evermerge Calculator

This is a great tool if you want to know exactly how many pieces you still need to finish a specific castle or character chain.

Blue Gnome Tips

This gives some good tips on how to use your gnomes. Recently posted and I definitely use them a little differently now.

Wand Requirements

If you want to know if you should grind for wands, the answer is yes. This tells you how many you will need to open the land at each level.

Seasonal Event Tips

This is very helpful when deciding how exactly to tackle a seasonal event. This tells us the clovers rewarded for each tier of seasonal pieces.

If you are inclined to learn more about the characters, this post has links to info about ALL current characters.

Edit: Added Facebook Freebie link.

Edit2: Due to a recent update (1.16.0) a lot of this info may be inaccurate. I will edit this as new info comes to light.

Edit3: Added Event Schedule History link

Edit4: Added Unlock Preview.

V1.20 players request Mod Post

For those on version 1.20,

Can you please confirm points for builds and stages completed in the comments so I can update the post in the menu.

Thank you.

Edit. When commenting please confirm whether it’s a seasonal piece

Finishing soon.
I am officially free!! So good to finally have some extra space on the map. Brag Post
The gnome rush prizes are terrible.

Only one animal chest at a time instead of 2 or 3. I can't stand the blue build chests, they are useless. The points are so low that I have pretty much built reds castle from scratch and am only in stage 8.

What is the point of this event, it's just frustrating.

Bosh!...... Another one down 🥳 Brag Post
Finally 🥲🥲 bless this build event
Time to start hoarding my carrots Level Up
Pixie videos/ 30 min energy videos? Question

My husband and I have this game I’ve been playing for a couple months longer than my husband has and I was under the impression that the higher the level you get the less often you receive the pixie videos and 30 energies however, that went out the window when I noticed my husband‘s now at a level where I had already stopped getting those things and he still gets them on the regular basis he’ll get several video pixies in a day and I get literally one in the morning and that’s all for 24 hours I only get one a day, so is this a problem with my game or are other factors involved? Are people like my husband getting them like they did when they started playing quite often or like me only once a day? Also my 30 minute videos in the beginning I would get them every single time I got a ticket I get them simultaneously now I’m lucky if I get them twice a day I don’t understand why again my husband‘s game seems to get them frequently as often as he gets tickets maybe even some in between he’s in his level 20s now I am level 26 but I stopped getting these things on a frequent basis probably around level 15 maybe it was 17 anyway I’m just curious if this is just me and my game or if other people are experiencing this too? 🤔

I was ready! 1 castle built, 1 on the way Brag Post
What do I do next??!
Builder Chests? Question

When I click on them I see it gives me pieces for the build I am currently working on. This doesn’t seem like a decent reward as we get chests from completing obstacles/pieces from mines.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

no i do NOT want to open the chest.
Early build for GR.
Castle goodies changes...Not impressed so far... 🤨 Update Related

I’m not sure I’ll give a few days and monitor it to see if maybe the items will fluctuate. But what I have noticed so far is that much less items in general are being given out period I received barely nothing from my 5 ⭐️ Beauty Castle😥which I was normally guaranteed about 4/5 wands daily & then fluctuations in mult coin dust, mult coins, 1/2 ruby dust, 3/4 big/little seed bags. If it doesn’t seem to improve its probably not worth 10x energy per castle a day. I’d be curious to know from others what they think about what they are getting particularly those who have had the new update awhile. I only updated yesterday after being forced & this was my first castle crop so I’ll give it a few days and if anyone can confirm it gets better please let me know. I have Beauty 5 ⭐️, Boots 2 1/3 ⭐️, Bunyan 1⭐️, and Mermaid 1⭐️. I usually got Wands in some # from each along w/ daily 4/5 from beauty. Almost always guaranteed a hammer or 2 from Boots (which I did actually get today 1 blue/1purple) Bunyan usually a few crystal shards. Which I actually got some of those from beauty which was strange? The Mermaid always gave at least ruby dust but often I also got a whole ruby (didn’t get any today of either?!?) anyways was pretty disappointing IMO 🤔 please chime in what your getting for your castles how many ⭐️‘S etc and how it differs from what you previously got especially if you’ve had the update a few days and can track if more wands/ rubies will be forthcoming or not 🥺 it’s not looking good so would hope for good news if there is any to be had? Thanks in advance for your help & feedback 😊

Me the last few weeks Just for fun / Meme 🤣
EverMerge changes

Is it me or did the amount of point you use to get for building stuff have been reduced i built a piece of a castle for 4hrs and its only 295 stars

Big day here, hit level 30 then double celebration when I hit the jackpot. Whoop!! Level Up https://www.reddit.com/gallery/mseyhm
Thoughts on the New Gnome Rush? Question

Let me hear your thoughts on the prizes for the new Gnome Rush including VIP.

If you can sum up in ONE word even better.

And what do you think about the event now that they have reduced the stage points?

castle upgrade points Update Related

anyone know how many points 5 star is for boots castle? seems like it changed after this update but i might be completely wrong

Should I stop merging majority of my pieces for now? 🤔 Since we got the GR back we’ll probably get the MR too and since they’ve changed the points I’m wary 😒 Question
Haha, jokes on me! Build/Chest Event
Do you max out each castle or unlock as many as you can first?
Success of yesterday with the worst timing ever ! Brag Post
Another useless response from big fish. I AM SO FRUSTRATED! The damn update is what CAUSED the issue! Bug / Issue