Critique, Help, and Feedback Requests - April 2021

Hi! Welcome to the monthly critique request thread. When you post asking for a critique remember there's certain rules you must follow:

You must come with at least one specific question. No "I just opened my shop, what should I fix?" If that is your question you probably want to ask how you can improve your tags, or photos, or titles, or descriptions.

Let us know how long you've been open and if you're using Promoted Listings.

If you are possibly infringing on another parties intellectual property it will likely be addressed in the critique. Requests that devolve into discussions or arguments about infringement will be removed. We don't support the unlicensed use of other's intellectual property.

If you are found to be reselling non-handmade products your posts will be removed. We don't support resellers.

Before you ask for help, especially if you're new to selling, give yourself a quick shop critique with the high points most new sellers miss:

  • Am I using phrases that apply to your item instead of single word tags?

  • Am I using all 13 tag spaces?

  • Am I using all 10 image slots?

  • Are my pictures correctly white balanced? Do they look good next to other pictures in search results?

  • Am I using most of the characters they give me for my title, stuffing it full of my tags and keywords?

  • Do I have policies and my about page filled out? Do I have a banner, a shop icon, and my user pic in the about section?

  • Am I infringing on anyone's copyright, trademark, or right to publicity? Is my artwork original?


Share Your Stuff - April 12th thru 18th, 2021
Finally 100 sales!! 100/1,000/10,000/100,000 Sales

I have had an Etsy since 2013 but I only started using it in 2019. It’s been tricky because I sell super intricate nature inspired upscale fashion to fine jewelry. Each design I make takes ages! But it’s a passion and I just stop! Anyway it feels so good to finally make 100 sales. My one piece of advice is get a good light box sooner than later I am still updating my photos 🙃my Etsy shop

Does anyone else feel bad after leaving a bad review? Discussion

I'm an Etsy seller myself, I actually have two Etsy shops, and I would hate for anyone to leave a bad review on my either of my shops.

Today I had to leave a bad review on a shop (like 1 star bad) and now I feel bad ☹.

Am I the only one? I hate to make other people feel bad but it was rightfully deserved in my opinion!

Trolls rummaging the sub Discussion

Beware of the trolls rummaging this sub putting out disinformation. I’ve already reported the accounts

100th Sale, all from self advertising


I sell gift tags, gift wrap, stationery, stickers. Started my shop in 2019, but only really focused on it since end of last year. Last week, I was on 74 sales, one sale a week if I was lucky. Today I have 175 sales!

That sudden boost was from a viral tiktok I made, it currently has 250k views. I recommend tiktok the most as a social media for small businesses! The support you get from it is incredible. That's not always sales, but encouragement and follows which have all ultimately let me "advertise" to people who have bought from me!

I would also recommend the Later app/website for scheduling instagram posts, I have used it the past month and have gone from 80 followers to 220, which again has helped me get my small business seen!

Etsy PP option is greyed out, every time after I clicked, "Proceed to checkout"!!! Help

This happened to every single shop I tested (with only one item in cart), PP option was available before but right after I clicked , "Proceed to checkout" I get this message at the top. What is going on?

Does anyone else having this problem?

Etsy or PayPal? Advice Needed

Sooo, I think I may have been scammed. Seller hasn’t responded to any questions since payment was received last month. I’ve reached out 5-6 times at least. Item finally said it was shipped two weeks ago. I paid $30 for “expedited shipping” because seller claimed it would take 4-6 days instead of another 2 weeks. I want to make a claim so I can at least get that back and if my $500+ ring set isn’t as promised whenever it hopefully finally arrives then I’ll open a claim on it too. Seller didn’t have any reviews and only a couple sales when I purchased, now they have one 5 star review and 45 purchases!! If they are scammers, I feel awful I can’t leave a review yet other than for the expedited listing. But for now, should I open the shipping claim with Etsy or with PayPal? Please help!

Calculated shipping sucks. Is there a better way or is it just the way it's supposed to be?

My sister and I recently started a small business on Etsy. Most of the products that we started selling are made of glass, so we opted to use the double-box method in shipping, which is adding a lot of weight to our shipping costs. An example of this is a glass bottle we sell. The bottle alone weighs 1 lb 5.2 ounces and has dimensions that are 11.25x5x5. We put it in a 12x6x6 box with crinkle paper and bubble wrap. This particular order has 2 bottles, so we placed each into its own box. We then put both small boxes into one 12x12x12 box with peanuts. This brings the whole order up to 5 lb 1.2 oz and a shipping price of $25 and some cents. Now, the buyer paid $16 for shipping, which puts an extra cost on us. This is all based on Etsy's calculated shipping. What am I doing wrong here and is there a better way to go about shipping glass while making money rather than losing it?

I honestly and truly never thought I would make it this far 😭 I reached my 100th sale today ! 100/1,000/10,000/100,000 Sales

I started my shop almost a year ago and have just reached my 100th sale. It’s a really nice feeling and I hope all you smaller shops keep persevering so you can reach your goals too ! I really didn’t think I would make it. I had times when a whole month would go by without a sale.

How did I do it ?? Social media ! Etsy doesn’t help me get sales for shit. Seriously. I tried Etsy ads and everything and didn’t make one sale from them. All my sales have come from using social media and promoting myself. Be friendly, make friends with other small businesses, put your work out there, show the process and the work you put into it. Selling online is difficult because the market is beyond saturated. You have to bring your products to the people, the people will never find your products on their own !

My shop is Hope Made

Here is my Instagram :)

Good luck friends ! Never give up !!

International postage from AUS Shipping

Hi, I’m a new Etsy seller and recently I have been getting orders from the US. Let’s use one order as an example... this person ordered an acrylic keyring and a card print from me. As of now, I have been shipping them in a letter and paying economy air ($3.40) for it. It was not until my 4th letter postage that my one of my post office said that I am not allowed to do this. And I’m currently devastated and confused at the moment. Someone please help me out here.

I have a few questions regarding this, do you need a custom form for economy air letters (I haven’t been asked to fill any out and I’m stressed)? Can I simply assume that the orders I’ve mailed so far will actually go out? Is there a cheaper option for postage?

Thank you to anyone who can answer this. Also, PLEASE NOTE that I have yet to receive any review from my buyers so I don’t know whether what I am doing is right.

Addicted to E- Etsy!


Just wanted to say hello finally. I've been on Etsy for 5 months. But I have often come to Reddit Etsy community for advice and thought it's time to join!

And how addictive is that beautiful E when it pops up (even if it is just a favourite !)

Most of my customers appear to organically come from Etsy with minority off Instagram which I've been grinding off. Just joined Tic Tok which I can't seem to attract attention on for the life of me!

Thanks + see you around :)

1.25 button machine paper recommendations Advice Needed

I have a 1.25 button machine (tecre) I wanna buy this paper: (PPD Inkjet Brochure Paper Double Sided Glossy Finish 140gsm 37lb LTR 8.5 x 11") for the glossy effect will it fit for my machine?

Looking for custom painted/designed notebooks Want to Buy

Hi! I have been browsing etsy to get custom notebooks painted (specifically with landscape images of specific mountains). I was hoping I could find a seller that would paint the image onto the cover and perhaps even some text (not necessary). However, I did not find any sellers with completely custom-painted notebooks.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a seller that does this? On plain notebooks, not bibles or other books.

Thanks in advance!!

No acceptance scan after pick up by UPS driver? Shipping

Hi all,

We recently switch our carrier from USPS to UPS. We only ship 2nd Day Air Mail for now due to the high value of package ($500+). We handed one package to UPS driver for pickup on Friday, but it does not show a scan till now (Sat). Should I worried?

We lived in a rural area so drop-off to UPS store is not an option.

Thank you for everyone's help!

refused service Customer Service

etsy has refused me service, has not sent an email or any notification why, and will not talk to me when I try to contact customer service. i sold a bery sentimental vintage item, my one and only sell on etsy. i saw someone else had the same item listed so i figured it was okay to sell it on etsy. i guess not. now i've shipped away something that has emotional value to me and received absolutely nothing in return for it as etsy has kept the money i sold it for. idk what to do...im freaking out

International order has been 'Out For Delivery' for 2 weeks currently?

Hello, I have a customer who placed and order with me and I shipped it out the next day. It was going from US to UK and it made it over there smoothly it appears and then has been stuck in 'Out For Delivery' for a long time now, almost 2 weeks. I've never had this issue before and I'm not sure how to proceed or how the mail system works over in the UK. I'd assume I could just direct them to file a lost mail report with their UK usps? Thanks for any help

Thoughts on shipping labels? Advice Needed

I currently sell stickers and don’t put shipping labels on the envelopes. I don’t have a huge following and I’m worried that charging higher prices for the shipping label will deter people from purchasing, but (knock on wood) if I want to send a customer an order I’m worried that it might become lost. I haven’t had that problem yet though. Most of the popular sticker sellers on Etsy use shipping labels, I’m just not sure when I should start to implement them.

Compulsory 'buyer pays return postage' policy?

I've been selling things online for a fair while now but I am relatively new to Etsy (<70 sales). Things have been going really well, but today I received a message from a customer saying that I had sent them the wrong item. They sent a picture and it is absolutely my mistake, I must have mixed up two orders when I was packaging them at the same time. I immediately apologise and go to send them a return label so I can sort it out but there's no option to. I check my shop policy and it's 'buyer pays return postage' and from looking at forums (as far as I can tell) there's no way to change policy. This is obviously extremely frustrating as my customers will have to pay for something that's not their fault and already an inconvenience, and I'm having to go a real roundabout way to get them reimbursed for the postage. It's all well and good to say 'just send the right stuff' but genuine mistakes happen and now I look even worse for having to make my customers jump through hoops to get their orders sorted. Someone please tell me if I'm being dense and there's something I'm missing but it feels like a a pretty big oversight to no allow sellers to pay for returns in situations like these.

Getting products in actual shops Advice Needed

Has anyone got a good guide or good advice on how to get local shops or others to stock your products? Do you sell to them? Do they take commission? I have no idea how it works but I don't know what to Google tbh. However I know at least one shop in my town would take my Welsh stuff (I'm in the UK).


Etsy tern off my shop

Hi dear Etsy! Hope you will read it. Your relationship with sellers is shit! Your costumer service is shit! Because of unknown reason, 7 days ago Etsy turn off payment function, but! They dont say me about this, and my shop was on advertisement without possibility to buy. Thanks for girl, who write me about this. And i am stop all activities. Then 4 night i am sleep 3-4 hours, because spend all the time, to try solve my problem or contact with someone. But no results!

Now, i lost 7 month of hard work. I am selling vintage clothes. I was spend lot of money to advertise, to buy cool things for shop, wash all this thing, take cool pictures. But for no reason my shop need to close.

Etsy, its a big piece of (you know)

Thanks for you awful work!

Open a case against the seller or leave a bad review? Advice Needed

So I ordered an item from etsy 2 1/2 weeks ago and paid immediately. It said shipping out the item would take 3-6 business days. It was supposed to ship on the 7th but it never shipped out.

I contacted them on the 9th after the expected shipping date and they got back with me that weekend saying it would be shipped out this week, they would let me know, and apologized for any inconvenience.

Still nothing so I then contacted them this past Thursday to ask if they could give me an idea of when they expect to ship it and there has been no answer since then.

So should I open a case or give it till Monday of next week?

I've read that giving a one star review forces them to all of the sudden have your package out but I feel like that is a Dick move. I'd rather open a case to be honest.

It's really disappointing as this is an item I really wanted (rare coffee cup) but if they're just jerking me around then I want my money back.

Etsy purchasing not working

Is anyone else having trouble purchasing on Etsy. It wasn’t working yesterday and it’s not working today. I’ve tried logging out And then logging getting back in and that doesn’t work. If your Etsy purchasing is working do you have any advice on how to get mine working again?

So I made an Etsy now what Newbie

I draw digital stuff, I can't even call it art but my friends said I should sell digital downloads of it on Etsy so I set up a page, but I don't know what to do now to promote it, I have an Instagram page for my art.

Any advice from experiences seller would be appreciated

Got my first review and it’s 5 Stars!!! Soo happy! Rave

Had three sales last week, and the first ones review cam in today! Just waiting on the other two reviews! Hopefully all will be 5 stars!

Is it ok for me to ask for a refund? Advice Needed

I’m pretty new to Etsy and ended up buying a case for my Nintendo Switch.

It just arrived today but my switch couldn’t actually fit inside the case, so I ended up contacting the seller asking whether it’s be ok if I sent it back to her for a refund.

She was really kind and helpful and offered to send me a new one at her own expense, but in all honesty, I’d much rather a refund.

Would it be ok for me to ask for a refund, I don’t want to end up hurting her business?

Ironically, creativity isn’t my strong suit. Discussion

Also if anyone wants to do some art in exchange for money, let me know!

Edit: I’m a terrible graphic designer, if you are a designer or know one, please send me a message so I can finally have a banner.