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Hi Everyone, I'm the Community Manager for Lucid Games and Destruction AllStars!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to you all! What a fabulous subreddit you've all created here!

I'm the community manager for Lucid Games working on Destruction AllStars. It's been one hell of a rollercoaster these past few days, but we've been absolutely amazed by all the wrecks, takeovers and catastrophe you've all been causing in the arena!

On behalf of the team at Lucid, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who's played the game so far, or joined in the discussions on this subreddit or elsewhere online! The team is loving what they're seeing in the community, the love, support and questions about where the game is heading. A big thank you as well for all the feedback you've been providing us, we'll be doing our best to respond as and when we see it!

To get a head start and answer some of those questions:

  • We're keeping an eye on the game's balance and plan to make regular balance passes of all 16 AllStars. It's a new game and everyone's still learning the ropes, but I'm seeing a lot of Bluefang out there!
  • On the whole, we're seeing matchmaking progressing smoothly across the board. The servers were kind to us and didn't catch fire (too much... we suspect Lupita was involved!).
    • We are seeing isolated reports of players continuing to experience issues here and there. We're monitoring and working on fixes as soon as we spot them on our side.
      • In the meantime, if in doubt, rebooting the game is your best bet.
    • We've already been pushing minor fixes to the servers to help stability. Hopefully you've felt some minor improvements along the way!
  • We hear you loud and clear on the issues surrounding voice comms and party chat in the game. We're working on a fix for these issues ASAP!
    • In the meantime, if you press the PlayStation button, then Square on the party chat card, you can mute the voice chat when you join a game. You can also create a private party chat.
    • We hope to give an update (maybe tomorrow or Friday) on a timeline on this fix asap.
  • Oceania players, we're seeing your comments about the choice of servers and we'll be talking through some options internally.
  • When playing a match, we've heard that some of you would like some epic music to wreck to.
    • Whilst the lack of music during a match is intended (it's not a bug!), we'll certainly be reviewing this feedback!
  • This is only the beginning! As we mentioned in some of our early blog posts, we'll be supporting Destruction AllStars throughout 2021 with:
    • New game modes
    • Game mode remixes
    • New AllStars
    • And much more!

That's just a snapshot of what we've been seeing, there's plenty more feedback that we're working through in the (virtual) office.

Again, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all of you! Keep the feedback coming and keep the highlight reels rolling!

See you in the arena!


Game just came out, can't play it? Region broken


I've been waiting to try the game it looks really fun and came with ps online. I do the tutorial, sweet, try to play a game. 10 minutes, no game. For some reason it's locked to Europe region. I can't change it to US. How can a game just come out, be free, region lock broken. With no fix, information or anything from devs for 2+ days? Anything can be done?

Can anyone help me boost instant service trophy please? That trophy is bugged 😕
Does anyone else can’t change his region? Help/Support

I tried everything and I can’t change my region

Suddenly can't change region?

Jumped onto the game just now, it's midnight in the UK. Thought I'd jump over to the North America servers for more activity, but the region won't change? Never had an issue before, just stays on 'Europe'. Any ideas?

The servers are so dead why don't we set up a time and date for the reddit where the majority of us are able to hop on and play?

Think about it. We could say something like a weekend day at a reasonable time? I don't I want to play this game so bad but I only was able to find one match so far.

Does the little number next to the listed region at the top of the screen when matchmaking indicate how many players there are online in the region?

If so, does that mean there are literally zero people in the entire world playing this game right now except for me? I changed to all the different regions and the number was always zero.

Anyone struggling with Instant Service trophy? let's join and boost it - Please Instant service only

hi Guys, anyone interested please write your PSN and I'll add you - if we get 10 people that would be fine

Downloaded this game and can't find a match? Question

So the day the free ps5 game on ps plus was ending I downloaded it. First day found matches instantly. Today I've come to play and over an hour no matches found? What gives

Hidden Boxtop Challenge Series available

Keep moving right on the select screen

You can't buy the Digital Deluxe edition if you claimed the game on PS Plus News

Bit of an oversight - plus claimers are locked out from the extras if they wanted to purchase it.

I heard Sony support is able to remove your Plus license from games, but I don't know why Lucid didn't think of at least including a digital upgrade add-on.

Looking to Boost Trophys!

Looking for a group to help / Get help for getting the last of the trophys. Please comment your PSN ID ill add you I game all the time!

PSN: MaxBlazer

Done in 3 days its sad that game is dying Discussion
What does this game need? Question

I’m sure someone posted this before but besides more players lol what would legit keep your attention and make you want to continuously play the game?

I honestly can’t think of anything I mean a game pass would keep you there but I feel like the issue is somewhere in the gameplay itself.

When I play the game I feel like the maps may be a little too big when I’m playing the game it’s more downtime than action.

Can anyone help me get a few trophies?

Hi everyone! I'm trying to get Ratu's No Escape trophy and Boxtop's Instant Service trophy for the platinum, however, I'm finding those increasingly difficult to get.

Would anyone be able to help me achieve these by boosting them with me? I need three players to help with Boxtop's trophy!

Thanks in advance :)

There is no saving this game. Discussion

I'm aware that it's Easter Sunday and several hours away from prime time hours in US, but I just played three games in a row with 12, then 10, then only 6 (3 left during it) in Mayhem matches, with all the other modes unable to find players. The playercount is literally in the lower end of the double digits, and all of the players I came across were less than level 50, some were brand new. NO ONE is playing this game and I highly doubt an incoming content update will solve things if no one is still around playing to say "hey guys, this game has content now!". It's hopeless.

Edit: would like to mention this was also a double xp weekend, which clearly doesn't entice anyone to play.

Anyone wanna boost each other on gridfall for trophy?
This game looks DoA?

Just got this game on the last day of it on PS+. However, I see that it looks dead on arrival with balance issues and horrid matchmaking time. What a shame, looked fun..

Anyone approaching level 200? Discussion
What's the point?

Had my PS5 for a week, played this game for 3 days. I've bought new costumes for the 3 players I use, now what?..... There's absolutely 0 content to keep me playing this game. Sitting with a multitude of coins and absolutely nothing to spend them on. Finding a game with over 12 people is pot-luck. PS5 all but eliminates loading screens, so you've got everyone stuck looking at ridiculously long 'XP Gain' screens and level up screens and count-down screens. You couldn't even steal ideas from Rocket League? Add some toppers or flame trails or just SOMETHING to aim towards. You wonder why the player base is so low? It's not the number of consoles in players hands, it's the complete lack of content.

Loved this game but stopped playing because of balancing issues. Have they been patched yet?

I played this game a lot when it came out but deleted it after a couple of weeks. It seemed really imbalanced particularly with the tiger fang guy (forget his name) and his special car. Has this been patched yet? Wondering if I should redownload it.

Some great scores on the board... Meme

...but held by the opposition!

I really enjoy the game... But it could really do with some tweaks to team balancing... Discussion
Private lobbies/ bots with friends/ solo mayhem with friends PLEASE

I really wish they'd have private lobbies so me and my friends could play mayhem with bots and fun modifiers (like smash bros or something)

Or just let me and my friends play solo mayhem

If the reason why we don't get all these fun modes because they're scared of people doing EXP boosting; Then I dunno; I really don't care about playing with other people or being high rank or anything.

I just wanna play with my friends; all 6 of my friends left this game as soon as we found out we couldn't wreck each other and that we were forced to be on teams.

I'm sorry if you've heard me say this too many times before, but I love and care for this game a lot, that's why I'm passionate about it.

I just want this game to be not so restrictive and open up more.

Rome Crashosseum [Arena Concept] Art
Finally secured my 100th win🏆probably not a lot but shoutout to all the players that helped me secure these Ws how many wins and wrecks does everyone else have compared to me ⁉️ Question