u/Quetzalcoatl490 -9 points Β· 5 days ago πŸ”—

Why do you belive Cuomo due to lack of proof? Why not believe the accuser? The one in power always has the resources to sue, silence, or force the other party to drop their claims due to their access to high powered legal firms. In other words, she's risking everything to make these claims. Do you really think she would make these claims up out of the blue just to, what, hurt Cuomo's career?

No. While there have been very few false claims like these to get money or notoriety, the overwhelming amount of sexual harassment cases have been the victims losing everything just to make their voices heard. We don't know all of the facts yet, just his word against hers, but whenever a privileged man in power gets accused of these claims by someone who is risking everything to make them, I stand with the accuser until THEY are proven guilty.

u/poobatooba 7 points Β· 6 days ago πŸ”—

I referred you to someone on your last post.

u/dan_blather 1 points Β· 6 years ago πŸ”—

So may downvotes. Sorry for updating this.

FYI- Erie County Soil & Water and the NYS DEC tree and shrub seedling programs are accepting orders! Supplies are limited and orders are due sometime in March. Help re-tree WNY! PSA
COVID-19- 1a and 1b Vaccine POD @ ECC SOUTH appointment sign ups PSA


Link above. Should work now. I’m glad I was able to help people out. Be safe out there, comrades.

List of 300+ NYS Department of health Vaccination sites PSA

I've compiled a list of vaccination sites, their availability, and distance from Buffalo.

Please read the restrictions for each site, call them if you are unsure.

EDIT: This List is now out of date. The NYS DoH site has largely changed how results are returned and I am unable to refresh the list. Removing the out of date list to prevent people from signing up at incorrect sites

u/KarlMarxIsntDead red machine 3 points Β· 1 month ago πŸ”—
u/44problems Elmwood 19 points Β· 1 month ago πŸ”—

1.43% of cases are tied back to bars and restaurants. Roughly the same figure applied to gyms and barbershops

Restaurant: 1.43%
Hair and Personal: 0.14%
Gyms: 0.06%

These are not roughly the same. They are at least ten times smaller. And these two are businesses which can do much better contact tracing due to appointments and memberships.

u/whirlpool138 23 points Β· 2 months ago πŸ”—

Nah man, this shit needs to stop. You put out false information and then made the same BS claim that both sides are the same, when they are clearly not.

Democrats and Pelosi passed another stimulus relief bill back during the summer, it took Republicans months (literally into a whole other season and Congressional session) to come up with some kind of counter or compromise, then when they did, it included even more tax breaks for the rich and wealthy. Trump publicly came out and said that there would not be another stimulus till after the election, when he knew that Americans were suffering and a major economic crisis was looming at the end of the year. He tried to use it as a political pawn, literally playing with people's lives and welfare, so he could try to win re-election. Then after the election, instead of rallying his party and getting his/their ass moving, he spent weeks whining about how he lost the election and put all his energy into trying to get the result over turned. That and playing golf every week. The worst part is that if he even put a little bit of real effort or concern into preventing the coronavirus from spreading here, providing PPE equipment/testing, getting another stimulus out or any kind of real action, he probably would have won handily in the election. It was such a colossus blunder that's going to be analyzed as part of his legacy by historians for decades into the future.

Finally, the Democrats and Republicans reached a compromise agreement on a new stimulus, but it wasn't good enough for Trump. He held up signing the new stimulus bill so he could get another $2,000-4,000 added in stimulus checks (but only after nearly every working class person in this country called out the bullshit behind the $600 stimulus). The extra money in the stimulus checks was something Democrats wanted from the beginning and tried pushing back in June! So then after Trump refuses to sign the bill, he delays getting aid to the Americans who needed it by another week, just so he can grandstand and play politics. You know what happened next? The Republican party refused to amend the current stimulus bill to include to increase the amount of stimulus money. Democrats than attempted to pass another bill for $2,000 extra in stimulus money, this time with nothing attached, the bill was dedicated to just the stimulus money. Mitch McConnell refused to let the bill go to the Senate floor so it can be voted on, even though he is the Senate Majority leader of the Republican's and it's something that President Trump directly said that he wanted (and again, held up the signing the stimulus bill to play politics). Is this supposed to be the Art of the Deal? The work of a master deal maker or a political party that has the best interests of the American people behind it? Him and McConnell wasted the precious time of the American people, did not even seriously attempt to get included or passed the very thing that Trump was holding up signing the new stimulus and then ended up getting nothing accomplished.

I am saying all this because it's at the point straight up where enough is enough. Both parties are not the same, their voting records and attempts to pass stimulus bills clearly shows that. Like President Truman said, the buck stops at the President's desk, but that hasn't even been close to the case with the current President. It's sickening how little the Republican party cares about the welfare of the American people, even when the majority their own constituents wanted it. You can't just make claims like that and be like "because they suck, calm down". It's spreading misinformation and making the situation worse.

Edit: I want to thank who ever gave me gold for this comment, but I want to also urge whoever it was out there that the money would have been better spent on a local charity group. Josh Norman from the Buffalo Bills has started a new charity that is in partnership with the city of Buffalo to help local businesses. This is only one of the many charities currently going to help our local region get through this pandemic. I only bring up Josh Norman's because it directly helps local businesses and after all the relief/fun that the Bills have given us this year, I figured it's one of the ways we can pay our support back to them.

Josh Norman's charity.


Banning news topics Shitpost

Since the mods locked the comments on their post, I had to make one to discuss this. I find this ridiculous that we are going to ban discussion of an entire news topic that is the headline on all three networks right now due to a request from someone claiming to be a family member. There are many tragedies that happen on the news and we should be able to discuss them.

u/KarlMarxIsntDead red machine 12 points Β· 2 months ago πŸ”—

Listen, you are on a thread about COVID-19 in a subreddit for a city that is located inside of the largest COVID shitshow on the whole entire planet trying to razz me about socialism. It's apparent that you know nothing about it. I appreciate your concern, but I know you haven't read a book in the last ten years and don't plan on actually learning about the subject.

You also completely glossed over the fact that rich people have access to better healthcare than a majority of people do and you try to flex with some bullshit you read on r/Libertarian or r/Conservative. Maybe r/conspiracy.

Just remember, I am here posting the daily COVID-19 numbers to contribute to my community. You're here trying to flex with some propaganda. Capitalism is literally failing right now.

This all means one thing- you just got Marxed.

u/cheekymouseclick 17 points Β· 2 months ago πŸ”—

I do not agree with you.

I'm going to guess that anyone who ended up hospitalized and having to think about putting their final affairs in order isn't going to agree with you.

Same as the family who lost anyone to covid, regardless of your weird "compromised" cutter.

I also imagine the healthcare workers pulling 3 weeks of 12 hour continuous shifts simultaneously comforting people as they die and praying they don't get sick themselves might also not agree with your sentiment.

Or maybe perhaps the folks who lost or left their jobs because the almighty "economic impact" decided their particular brand of widget was worth more than your life.

But yeah you know you might have something there with taxes. /S

Grow up look around.

Sunset pic I grabbed down in the silo district Things To Do
For context, this is the organizer of the COVID-19 restrictions protest in Orchard Park / owner of Athletes Unleashed Photo https://www.reddit.com/gallery/k0036q
u/day_coyote 42 points Β· 3 months ago πŸ”—

Bald dude is Pete Harding :

Who are the Watchmen of New York?

They are the New York chapter of a multi-state network called the Watchmen, also known as the Watchmen Guard. This branch of a larger network of militant rightwing extremists is based in Western New York, styling themselves as a peacekeeping force. The New York branch was founded in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. The members of the Watchmen are opposed to many things, including Black Lives Matter protests and the Women's March, antifa (which they describe as an organization), "political correctness", and leftism generally. Additionally, they are opposed to many government offices and functions, such as road maintenance, tax collection, and sometimes law enforcement as well. As of mid-November, they claimed to have roughly 220 members, though their true numbers are unknown.

What is their ideology?

The Watchmen are not monolithic, though they have many commonly held beliefs. They believe in limited government, and some are in favor of most or all government positions being immediately recallable with all decisions made while holding that position summarily voided. Most, though not all members, are opposed to public wearing of masks and other COVID regulations, and many other forms of governmental regulation besides. They are pro-military, but their relationship to the police is complicated. They describe themselves as pro-police, but also criticize the police for not going far enough in their treatment of protestors. They threaten to do law enforcement's job for them if police don't perform according to their wishes. While Second Amendment enthusiasts, they believe in an unusual interpretation that allows for private, unregulated militias to operate parallel to the government, able to stand on behalf of their members and against any other people or bodies the Watchmen oppose. The man who claims to be the founder of the first Watchmen group, in North Carolina, states they are a militia on his YouTube channel. Local leaders insist, however, that they are not. They also claim they are non-violent, yet members undergo firearms training, and their leadership endorsed the violent assault on Washington, D.C., by the Proud Boys and Three Percenters on the night of Saturday, November 14th. They have expressed a desire to avoid being publicly associated with the confederate flag, fearing the media will use that to paint them as white nationalists; but they support what the flag stands for and believe that white nationalism isn't a domestic terror concern. In short, while they are clearly far to the right, their exact beliefs are not always easy to pin down, and are sometimes contradictory.

What are their practices?

The Watchmen are training their members to act to enforce their interpretation of law and order, which they refer to as civic defense; what exactly this training includes is not known. They have publicly mentioned firearms training, self-defense training of an unknown type, and education about legal issues. They are also interested in political lobbying, and have attended some community events around Western New York, as well as the Million MAGA March on November 14, 2020. They can often be found at parades organized by the Marching Patriots; many members of one group are members of the other, and their events are used as recruitment drives for the Watchmen and other rightwing organizations. Additionally, they have begun showing up as counter-protestors to other political events. Notably, they followed a Black Lives Matter march in Tonawanda. During the course of that evening, the police repeatedly tried to de-escalate the Watchmen, who argued with them and hindered them while those officers worked to detain two unrelated vehicles that attempted to drive through the march.

Who are their leaders?

While several people have important roles within the Watchmen, few have come out to publicly declare their affiliation with the group. Three notable exceptions are Michael Caputo, Charles Pellien, and Peter Harding.

Michael Caputo: Until recently, Caputo was employed by the Trump administration, and is a long-time Republican operative. He has not declared himself a leader of the group, and Pellien has denied Caputo is even a member. However, in a Facebook livestream that advised his viewers to buy ammunition in case of a leftist uprising, Caputo introduced the New York Watchmen to the public, wearing a Watchmen t-shirt, and urged people to connect with the group's founder, Charles Pellien.

Charles Pellien: Pellien is a retired police officer and long-time friend of Caputo's who founded the New York Watchmen in response to the Black Lives Matter protests that spread across the nation after the murder of George Floyd. He feels the police aren't doing enough to stop them, and is preparing to have the Watchmen step in to do law enforcement's jobs for them.

Peter Harding: Harding, occupation unknown, is the Watchmen's most vocal spokesman. He makes daily live videos on Facebook, where he alternates between offering life coach-like advice about mindfulness and delivering unhinged rants about George Soros paying BLM and antifa to terrorize suburban neighborhoods as part of a leftist-Marxist-communist plot to take over America. He's also referred to Black Lives Matter protestors and those opposed to fascism as mice, rats, or cockroaches to be sent scurrying. His exact leadership role is unclear - but his videos include frequent pleading with his audience to reach out to him specifically so he can direct them where to go, and he has claimed that he instructs the Watchmen on how to behave as a unit.

What can we expect from them in the future?

It is not clear what the Watchmen intend to do to make their ultraconservative vision of the U.S. a reality, aside from their current activities. It is likely that they will continue to show up as counter-protestors, attempt to lobby politicians in some fashion, and work with other far right groups to get specific politicians elected. They have recently been approached by someone claiming to be a representative of the Three Percenters, a far-right paramilitary organization. Members of the Watchmen have expressed support for and claim to have collaborated with the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist men's group that has advocated political violence. One of their leaders has managed to both deny that there was a kidnapping attempt, made by terrorists claiming to be militiamen, on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer; and suggest that if it were real, it would be justified. They have claimed that once they grow their membership to a sufficient size, they will be able to enforce their interpretation of the law if law enforcement won't; and have hinted that eventually, the same will apply to government offices. They are actively recruiting current and former military, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and intelligence professionals, and are part of a larger network of similar militant rightwing extremists spread across the country. Their ties to the Proud Boys appear to be developing rapidly. We can expect to see more of the Watchmen in the future. Any group organizing around racial or gender justice issues should factor their potential presence into planning for actions and events.

u/kittenembryo 17 points Β· 3 months ago πŸ”—

Nah I'm still angry that I was asked to leave the 1st time.

u/daddydabsalot 16 points Β· 3 months ago πŸ”—

Thank you for this important comment, had no idea

u/chardogrande 10 points Β· 3 months ago πŸ”—

To educate is better than to remove them, which will not prevent spread of misinformation.

This is what YOU said: its better to educate than to remove. Who, then, is supposed to do the educating? You? Me? The General public of reddit? How can we rely on the anonymous to explain anything to anyone?

Now, let's say you're among a group of people you like being around going out somewhere, if someone in that group suddenly said something like, "i dont even know why we need these masks to go have dinner, it's just a hoax" - per your comment, you would cast this person out, not even give them a chance to explain themselves and/or refute their claims with known, proven examples.

Wrong - false equivalency. I am out to dinner with these people, OBVIOUSLY i would engage with them. The whole reason you would censor the internet is exactly because its anonymous. People spreading information could literally be russian agents paid to spread the information, and we wouldnt have any way of knowing!! You're expecting me to try to change the mind of someone whose mind -99% of the time-cannot be changed, will not be changed, or who doesnt even believe what they are saying and are simply doing it to sow discord and distrust amongst Americans.

In this sub, there are already multiple filters in place to eliminate these individuals. Those that you do see, are very few. How many, can you recall, without looking back? Right now, what examples do you know of?

I'm not a mod of this sub, this isnt a discussion about examples its a discussion about setting rules to prevent examples from occuring. You dont wait until someone gets murdered to make it illegal to kill someone.

Do the votes not appropriately do the service their meant for?

No, they dont, because plenty of comments dont get any votes at all and sit at a score of 1 with misinformation.

Now, i would ask? Based on the behavior and overall climate of participants in the sub, do you really believe they are incapable of questioning another individual's bs?

Past results do not guarantee future outcomes. Again, you set rules to prevent bad things from happening, not retroactively after they've happened.

let's put this into a real perspective. the comments here are from anonymous sources. nobody knows who anyone else truly is, well unless of course there are people who make themselves known. yet, every handle here, doesn't possess any credibility. why would anyone take any chardogrande at their word? it's not like you have a history of being a reputable source of information like Tim Ruessert.

THIS IS MY ENTIRE POINT!!!! As information on reddit is ANONYMOUS, anyone, including provocateurs, trolls, foreign agents, white supremecists, liars, cheaters, anyone can post anything. Trying to "re-educate" these people is simply a waste of time. Would you allow posts on this subreddit that said the holocaust wasnt real? Prolly not right because its a fucking psycho thing to say? Same with saying masks dont work. 240,000 Americans are dead and you want to protect the trolls feelings.

Edit: if you think votes express BS, why dont you take a look at THIS THREAD and see who got more upvotes, me or you.

Problem cop still on Buffalo police force [Investigative Post] Current Events
u/Sgt_ThunderfistMD 149 points Β· 4 months ago πŸ”—

This is what I find insane: It should be abundantly clear that if electing your preferred candidate is dependent on suppressing voters, throwing out ballots, and intimidating campaigns, then that's a shitty candidate who doesn't represent the constituency. If voter turnout is high and my preferred candidate doesn't get elected, fine. That's the nature of voting.

This isn't run-of-the-mill policy disagreement. What we've seen from this administration and its dedicated followers is a direct attack on the integrity of our democracy. Vote blue.

u/TOMALTACH 95 points Β· 4 months ago πŸ”—

fuck that shit.

election day should be a holiday. the people should want to give the people the opportunity to cast their vote.

happily trade "columbus day" for election day, day off.

Last Night's Rainy Adventure - Looking for more Adventurers Things To Do
u/liamjonas 2 points Β· 4 months ago πŸ”—

I'm at work too, I only got to run out for a minute taking a pallet of cardboard out to the recycle.

Not related to your comment but, I'm assuming I'm getting downvoted to hell from half the forum because I'm wearing a mask....
My company requires it and if I take it off then the 10 people that work for me arent going to either, then i get fired for not doing my job because some Karen gets on facebook and complains she was in my store and no one was wearing a mask. Sorry I if all your feelings got hurt, I dont feel like losing my job.

Have a good day. Again GO OUTSIDE

u/sarahglory13 15 points Β· 4 months ago πŸ”—

This was beautiful. Take my poor person gold πŸ…

u/dixon_cider716 115 points Β· 4 months ago πŸ”—

I’m sure Wifey loves her β€œfreedom fighter” husband. I imagine a greasy ponytail, a mossy oak hoody, pajamas pants finishing her Seneca 100 in front of a dollar general before going in.


A nurses aide that’s been on disability for 6 years for unsubstantiated back and neck pain. Hobbies include selling pills, candy crush and posting too much personal information on FB