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Lots of Appts available now for Delavan Grider Community Center !! PSA

The main NYS “Am I Eligible” page says No Appointments Available at that location but there are. Fill out your info (to see if you’re eligible) and then it will still say “No Appointments Available” on that venue listing, but if you click the “schedule your appointment” above that.......boom. Dates from March 12 for a good week. About 85-100 per day just opened. They are filling fast but we just got another for family. For Erie County residents only. Good luck! Tell anyone who has been trying to get an appt and is eligible. [UPDATE: as of 12:40 am there are still a bunch at Delavan and also a handful at UB]

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East Amherst/Williamsville House Foundation Question

My partner and I are looking to purchase our first home sometime this year. We really like the East Amherst/Williamsville location due to the school district so that's where we've been looking mostly. However, after touring a few homes we noticed that almost all of them had significant cracking on the basement walls and floors. All the homes were build in the 60s - 80s.

I'm aware that foundation settlement is normal but in a few of the cases we've been told there is known foundation damage. This got me curious so I started to do some research and it turns out most of East Amherst was built on a lake bed with mostly clay soil which is terrible for foundations because it expands when it gets wet and pushes in on basement walls. I'm looking for some reassurance from any home owners in the area. Have you had any foundation problems and if so were they expensive fixes?

Covid Vaccination Current Events

How does someone in Erie County go about getting a Covid vaccination if they are 80 years old and homebound? Who do they contact?

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west herr chevrolet orchard park COVID-19 Outbreak PSA

Just a warning to those who plan on going West Herr Chevrolet in Orchard Park. Buddy of mine works there, and there's a dozen+ people who tested positive for COVID-19, including the owner and several sales people.

They haven't closed down for some reason, so just be cautious.

Verizon wireless service - opinions? Question

That time of life again - switching wireless providers. Anyone have an opinion on Verizon service in the city and greater metro area?

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Donating Plasma Question

New to Buffalo area - and I would like to donate plasma. Which places/centers did you guys have the best or worse experiences in donating plasma? I would like to go to a good place with friendly staff. Thank you!

Delavan Grider Community Center vaccine site to open to all zipcodes at 8am Wednesday morning Duplicate/Repost

Per Marky P: https://twitter.com/markpoloncarz/status/1366719944335892486

Anyone in phase 1a and 1b can make an appointment at the Delavan center for vaccine starting at 8am tomorrow morning.

You can check if you qualify and get a link to the sign up here: https://am-i-eligible.covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/

There are currently over 7000 open slots between March 14th and March 23rd.

This is the Pfizer vaccine and will require a 2nd shot 21 days after the first shot.

If you know anyone who is older that still needs a shot, give them a call and help them get an appointment at 8am tomorrow!

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Why are the fully vaccinated still restricted from traveling? Current Events

Kind of crazy now that transmission rates have been proven to be extremely low for fully vaccinated people.

And I'm not saying remove the mask polices on planes or anything, just the restrictions like requiring quarantine to reenter the state

Looking to cook meals as a volunteer Question

What organizations in Buffalo would be good to reach out to for volunteering opportunities involving cooking?

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Furniture Relocation

I'm moving to Buffalo this summer as a college grad, so I am coming with absolutely no furniture and only the clothes that I own. Where are the best places to get furniture from? I would probably need most furniture delivered as my car is only so big and can't fit a couch in it. I came to the rough realization recently that couches cost like $1,000 and I'm not looking to pay that much for a couch, but I'm also hoping to get somewhat decent stuff. Is Amazon my best option or are there some good local places? I'm hoping to end up in the Elmwood area for location reference. Any advice on this is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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